Jun 3

Back in the original days of this podcast I used to have a lot of control over the comments for this podcast.  As it progressed, over the last four years, a lot of you have commented so much I no longer have the option of moderating them.  I used to edit out comments that were foul and awful so that my friends who do this podcast won’t be inhibited to do it.  I got a lot of shit from Renee for doing that, and so I have kept a hands-off approach.  I just want everyone to know, this is MY podcast, and if you want to say ANYTHING about me, please do so; I have a thick skin and I put myself out there for this very reason.  I have learned so much from the positive comments and even more from the negative ones.

Can I ask one favor, for which I won’t be able to do anything about?  When I podcast with a friend, can you please keep it to yourself things that don’t sit right with you?  I’m sure Renee comes on this site from time to time, and she will chime in with her views (which will probably be she’s fair game), but as for Jeremy, Joanna, and Tacie and anyone else who contributes to my podcast, can you please be kind?  I had to delete a comment the other day, and it killed me!

Now in summary, with me, shoot, aim, kill … I don’t care.  I’m here for the long haul and I want your feedback, but my friends, please just remember they’re just having a drink and talking into a mic for an hour with a friend!  Take that into account when making any comments please!

May 2

Well, as well as an impending Renee-Cast coming soon, my friend Mal and I have decided to do a podcast about being single.  We are both what you can call “professional singles” being that we have both been single FOREVER.  Listeners of this podcast know all about me, but Mal is one of my “old-school” friends who has been my friend for 25+ years, so you know that we know each-other’s … well lets just say we’re out of punches to pull; we’ve tired of them long ago.  If you have any questions about being single … post them below, and listen for the podcast early next week.  The Renee-cast … SOON I promise, and Joanna can kiss my ass, because she flaked on me last weekend (although I say that lovingly since I know the fan base she’s got out there will kill me).

Jan 16

Yes, you heard right!  Now this wasn’t easy to arrange, trust me.  Renee and I live in different areas, and my tech knowledge, being what it is, barely gets a podcast out there with Jeremy, Joanna, or Tacie sitting right across from me.  A lot of questions are probably being asked right now, first, WHAT WILL THE PODCAST BE ABOUT?  Well I’ll be about writing, of course!  To spice up the mix, I have also decided to field relationship problem questions, which Renee, with her ultimate wisdom, will chime in to see if we can’t solve some of your problems.  Now remember this disclaimer, the LAST person I would ask for help with relationship issues is myself, and I’m pretty sure Renee isn’t gonna say she’s any better, so please use our advice for entertainment purposes ONLY.  With that said, please comment below with your questions.  They can be about anything.  Remember Renee is a published writer, and a podcaster, so any questions you have about any of that will be fair game.  The second question you should be asking will we both be drinking the famous Coconut Vodka and Limeaid drink?  I’m not sure we can do a podcast without it, but I guess that’ll be up to Renee.  With that said folks, comment below all your writing and relationship questions, and Renee and I will do our best (which is pretty good) to answer them.  (Is it weird that I’m actually nervous about this podcast?!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, but Renee is an actual professional, and my podcast is about drinking and bullish*ting … I may end up turning Renee to the dark side!)

Oct 8
Henry Cavil sporting a beard

Yeah, Henry Cavil, Superman, Man of Steel, sporting a beard, but not the kind a gay gay wants to see

Yeah if only this were a picture of Henry Cavil with some awful Kardashian on his arm or something, but it’s actually Superman with a beard.  I got called on this whole rant last night how about I’m not attracted to straight guys, when my friend asked me about my obsession with Henry Cavil.  I’m not sure I have an answer for this, other than I don’t really know him.  I’ll think about it and write more later …

Oct 2

I have to be honest, I’m not much for this Twittering … but as people who are my friends on Facebook could account, my posts are generally not boring … so if you’re into things like this, you can follow me on Twitter at “unpubnotdead”  I just got a new iPad that publishes to both Facebook and Twitter … I’ll get better at posting, but right now it’s like MySpace and I have no friends!!!!  Not even Tom is my friend on Twitter!

Sep 1

okay, it’s been a while, but you guys remember the AMAZING Renee (the girl I don’t mind you cheating on me with!)  She’s got a new podcast up, and it’s worth a listen … She quietly posted it in a comment, but I think she’s worth a full-on write up … don’t ya think?!  Hit “I love Renee!” and listen to her …


Mar 14

I’ve been working on our podcast logo for a while now … so this is a work in progress, and the FIRST picture ever to be on this podcast (I feel like USAToday)

yay us!

Feb 16

So a couple weeks ago someone I know said something so shattering to a girl he was dating that she summarily broke up with him.  It’s all good folks, don’t send out sympathy cards to either side of the aisle, because evidently she asked for it, like the queue of misery of so many before her who asked to get yelled at, hit, beat up, eyes blackened, or what have you.  It’s ultimately anyone fault for asking for honesty and getting in return any multitude of resulting fare depending on the recipient of the question.  With him it started a month Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 13

So the pen to paper action hasn’t been so great of late, and I was thinking of why, and I couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday while talking to one of my few writer friends … but let me back up a minute before I let you in on the conclusion, because this is a blog about writing, and I must tell you how I came to this point so that I could justify the domain name for at least another couple minutes.  I also want to warn my readers that this podcast / blog will not only be about me not writing, because I think that will get old after a while, but right now not writing for readers other than me is something worth writing about I think, so sorry about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 11

Okay here’s what’s going on … My site CRASHED big time, and right now I’m picking up the pieces. I managed, before I took the site down, to save all the posts, but the comments are all gone. I’d love it if you like this site, if you could go back and repost, but I understand if you don’t … I too have no time. The podcast are still available on Itunes, but right now you’ll have to go to Itunes and search them out. Luckily the podcasts on this site were saved since they were uploaded to a third party site, BUT I haven’t had time to link the them up to this site.  I also have no links up, so as time rolls on I shall put up all the previous tags as well as a couple other sites I’ve been watching.  I’ve got tons to say, but to be honest, it sucks when your site is working so poorly that half the time you try to put anything up it loses the content.  It’s soooo discouraging.  So bare with me for a while, and in a little while this site will be up and running again. I love all the personal emails I’ve been getting asking about my health, and my drug status (lol), because I did mention my love of pain killers my last podcast, but the truth is I only had thirty, and they’re all gone now! I’m drug free, and could probably argue I was before as well.  I did slip and fall on the ice and hurt my leg and fractured my hand, which also had an affect on my posting (it sucks to type with a broken hand, trust me!)  The other good news is that now that the site has crashed, I uploaded a new homepage, and it is now able to be subscribed to … just hit the RSS button on the page, and it’s easily done.  I know you couldn’t do that before, and it was hard to fix being that I was in ongoing danger of the site crashing at all times.  Thanks for the support again, and keep reading I’ve got a couple stories I’m working on, and as always, my guts need somewhere to run and hide. … Eric

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