May 30

I guess setting a deadline for myself was a mistake … lets make it THIS wednesday for the new podcast!

May 25

I hate doing this, but I’ve been asked over and over again when my next Unpublishednotdead podcast would be up … well look forward to it on Friday, May 29th. I’m sorry it’s been so long in the making, but I have been working on the Reno Show lately, and although that’s no excuse, you’d be surprised how emotionally draining my regular podcast is … so here we go with another one, I hope you dig it, it’s about taking critiques, and as usual, I won’t give you the normal, writer accepted advice, so check it out … On Friday!

May 21

Yeah I know you were all expecting there to be this HUGE gap between podcasts, being that Joanna is on vacation and all, but evidently there was someone willing to put up with me long enough to guest host a Reno Show … Joanna was missed of course, but I think that Tacie stepped up and did a GREAT JOB. You know podcasting is weird, you can have all the chemistry in the world with people, and yet still the podcast can totally suck. Joanna and I have even done a podcast or two that we haven’t released because they sucked so bad … so I was a bit afraid of Tacie tonight. We have remarkable chemistry in person, in fact she’s one of my best friends, but would it work out? Well listen, she’s GREAT … For you Joanna fans rest assured you’ll get your fix … she called in from a bar in Georgetown! Again, click on the link below, or go to Itunes by clicking on my picture on the right … either way thanks a lot

May 18

Okay I wasn’t going to post this, because it was short and hurried, but it’s been soooo long since I’ve posted a Reno Show that WTF … Joanna sings on this one, and folks, if you’ve got any comments, please make them … if you think I sound gay, tell me (cause I totally think I do) … it’s short but fun, and when Joanna gets back, we’ll do another one … can’t get a guest host to save my life, so we’ll just have to wait.

May 5

Often I wonder where the stuff in my head comes from, but I choose to accept it as my gift, not to the world, but rather the gift to myself, for in the end I will be the only one who understands me, and appreciates who I am. Today someone called me egotistical, and I’m not sure it was in jest, but I had to laugh, because I think that egotistical writer is an oxymoron (even one who hasn’t been writing lately). I think it’s possible to write and have an ego, but I don’t think it’s Read the rest of this entry »

May 1

I know this was supposed to be a blog about writing, and my mutterings of things worldly and common might be considered an offense, but in a halfhearted apology for my ramblings, they are, oddly enough, the ramblings of a writer (lowercase w), and worthy of the same read as my creative endeavors. I hope in the end you will forgive me for sharing them. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll have already found that the short stories are lessening in their Read the rest of this entry »