May 31

Well Joanna is back, and she’s brought her daughter along for the ride.  Now I almost wasn’t going to publish this podcast, because to be frank, I always feel a little guilty that the sound is off, and this certainly is.  The mic that we use during the podast is a headset mic, so it works perfect if you’re wearing it, but Joanna and Kai were sharing it, and I think the sound is a bit off because of it.  I listened to this podcast, and I have to be honest, it’s rough, but it’s fresh, and fun to listen to.  We wanted to dive into what kids liked and didn’t like but in the end, we ended up with Joanna on the couch talking about why she hated Christmas and all holidays.  We find out if girls really like Zac Effron, and One Direction, and it’s just a good time.  If you want to comment please do.  Thanks for listening.

May 23

The “Mal-Cast” didn’t work out to well, but just for you guys, my loyal listeners … I have managed to get Renee to do another podcast (and by managed, she put it together, edited, and put the ENTIRE thing together).  We had a list of topics to talk about, and I’m talking MAJOR show prep.  Renee was bringing Health Care to the table, and I had a multitude of other topics on cue, but we ended up talking about gay marriage, education, teachers, and the 80’s.  This is by far the BEST podcast we’ve done.  I’m seriously thinking we’re getting into the groove of the podcast,.  Thanks for listening, and I hope I’ll get some links up soon of things we mentioned.

May 2

Well, as well as an impending Renee-Cast coming soon, my friend Mal and I have decided to do a podcast about being single.  We are both what you can call “professional singles” being that we have both been single FOREVER.  Listeners of this podcast know all about me, but Mal is one of my “old-school” friends who has been my friend for 25+ years, so you know that we know each-other’s … well lets just say we’re out of punches to pull; we’ve tired of them long ago.  If you have any questions about being single … post them below, and listen for the podcast early next week.  The Renee-cast … SOON I promise, and Joanna can kiss my ass, because she flaked on me last weekend (although I say that lovingly since I know the fan base she’s got out there will kill me).