Feb 23

I’ve got this really cool surprise for podcast eleven, but as for podcast ten, it’s about finding someone you respect to hear you … cheesy people who take advantage of writers, and keep writing when you feel like all is lost … and I feel that way a lot, so listen … click on the link to the left to hear it on itunes, or just download it from this site from one of the links below … thanks

Feb 19

Well it’s time for another addition of the reno show … same as before, if you click on my picture to the right you can get it on itunes, and if you hit either of the buttons below, you can do either of those things. In my opinion Joanna is on fire here, although I think I may have some work left to do. We talk about the Magnetic Train from Las Vegas to Anaheim, text messaging in your car in Reno, alternative energy, and all kinds of other local Reno stuff. Even if you don’t live in Reno it’s entertaining.

Feb 11

It’s strange to me that no one has noticed that I haven’t been posting to my blog, nor has there been an UnpublishedNotDead podcast in a long time (although the Reno Show rocks). Well folks, my creativity has been at a halt, and no one seemed to notice, and me with my undying belief that the world stops when I leave a room was left with a empty Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 7

Well someone has actually said my site, and my podcasts are obscene … I think that’s lame … but I guess as long as they spell your name right, right? Click on the window to the right to download on itunes, or on the bottom to listen on this site … thanks a lot.