Nov 23


He had a small fan on the shelf opposite his desk designed to blow the cigarette smoke towards the window (which was closed), and this vacuum ashtrays that theoretically sucked the smoke into a charcoal filter (which didn’t work well when the batteries were charged, and didn’t work at all when the batteries were dead; which they were). His house Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 21

Okay, I promised one of my “message” stories, so here it is … I quiver to the notion that this is downright insulting, but it proves a point. No matter how smart you think you are, it is kind of stupid to try and make a point … or maybe you’ll like it, a lot of people did.

Everyone Hates The Grays (Just not at Christmas) by Kael

Look, my life didn’t change the day I met Randy; it’s not quite that dramatic. My politics, and my religious views are the same today as they were yesterday. Honestly, I have to say if I were faced with the same situation again, I probably Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 21

I did a couple things differently on podcast eight … first I recorded it straight through instead of editing, and doing it in sections, and second I recorded it in a different place … hopefully there won’t be an echo .. it’s about my screenwriting class, which sucked, a little about self promotion, and a lot of other shit again, and of course I’ve been dying to talk about the election, GM assholes, and how big of idiots all you “yes we can” people look like (even Barrack is laughing at you, you mindless fools) you can download from this site, or hit the link with my picture on the right, and get it off itunes … enjoy … Kael

Nov 18

The past couple days I finally got in touch with an old friend of mine. We exchanged a couple emails, and I ended up writing her a light-hearted note that was designed to renew our old friendship, which I had recalled with some pretty fond memories. I asked her about her life, and how odd the current path of her life would have looked to her younger self (as would anyone’s I assume), and she threw me back a hostile bitter retort that could only be considered Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 10

My last post was about self-promotion, but what I failed to mention, and probably the most important part, is that self-promotion is pretty useless unless you know exactly what is great about you. In other words, it’s not enough to tell people how great your work is, Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 6

I keep forgetting this is a blog is about writing, publishing, and well … frankly not about my life (mostly, although a writer’s life is surely part of the total package and should be celebrated and not avoided). I’ve sat through endless lectures about how to begin a story; once upon a time the door opened and he walked in kind of shit. And truth be told there are several different ways to begin a story. I don’t think I can tell anyone how to begin a story, because Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 4

Lately I’ve been blogging a lot about being all dialogue and no story, and I’ve purposely left out why I dropped my screenwriting class, because it’s only half the reason I did (the rest is great). I’ve debated in my mind how that makes me who I am and what I’m about. I mean am I going to wake up one morning and realize that my life has been nothing but a string of conversations that I have all but forgotten, save the profound, and that’s it? Will I realize Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 2

I went to a Matt Nathanson concert last night in San Francisco. You know with Madonna going off on Sarah Palin at her concerts, it was a bright spot when Matt stopped his session for a second and said that he believed in the system, and that in this election too many of us are getting bullied into voting one way or another. He went on to say that the ballot box is, by definition, our strength, and the last place in the world that we should be scared or bullied into anything. (I knew there was a reason I dug Matt Nathanson. In case you’ve never heard of him, I urge you to check out his music. Even if you like his music a little, catch a show, because you’ll Read the rest of this entry »