Oct 2

I have to be honest, I’m not much for this Twittering … but as people who are my friends on Facebook could account, my posts are generally not boring … so if you’re into things like this, you can follow me on Twitter at “unpubnotdead”  I just got a new iPad that publishes to both Facebook and Twitter … I’ll get better at posting, but right now it’s like MySpace and I have no friends!!!!  Not even Tom is my friend on Twitter!

Sep 22

Well we’re getting set for another Podcast here in the near future … a couple questions would be cool … and if you can include some Murder, Marry, Fuck’s for us … we’d appreciate it.  Jer and I also plan to play an on-air “I never” game … You want to contribute it, it’s all about you guys.

Sep 1

In my last podcast I bagged on Superman’s new costume, but yesterday I went online, and saw this picture … I won’t be bagging anymore, trust me.  Now I know that Henry Cavil would look good ANYTHING, but this costume ROCKS …

Superman's new costume


Aug 16
Aloha listeners! I hope to resume podcasting with Eric in the near future. The summer has been very full getting my daughter ready for college. My leg of this journey is almost over as I sit overlooking Waikiki Bay eating a Dawn Patrol omelette with Kai. I have much to share of the past few months. Can’t wait to get back to the mic with E. A hui ho and Aloha!


May 3

I wish I could tell you what happened, but after a week of no Joanna, we finally got together, recorded a podcast, and for some reason, the thing didn’t record!  I’m sorry, but as everyone knows, I only have access to my partner in crime once a week … so another week will have to go by before we can sit down again and chat away.  I’m sorry about all this, and if no one would have complained about the sound, everything would have been okay 🙂  I’ll work on it again tomorrow, and hopefully by Thursday we’ll have another one up … sorry for the delay.  Eric

May 3

What are you afraid of?  Why do you put down the keyboard and commit to living the life of the non-believers; the people who sit on subways or in BMWs driving along being bombarded by other people’s lives and not their own.  What is your fear?   Do you fear the eyes that stare at your words, not knowing where they came from, and taking them and creating their own images, and their own ideas.  Do you fear that they will not appreciate your efforts, or your engagement in the art?  Do you fear they will mock you or shun your thoughts, your metaphors … your mental pictures?  Do you fear the rabid emotions that you cannot control, or do you fear the enviable lack of emotions?  Do you fear control?  Do you fear your ability to sway or move or argue?  Do you fear the argument?  Do you fear the rigors of the constant questions regarding your labors?

Do you fear the work?  Do you fear the motion of your hands, or the ringing in your brain of nothing more than fingers hitting the keyboard in random patterns making sounds that are deafening in their synchronicity?  Do you fear the sentences that will need to merge, or the words which need to sing?  Do you fear the thoughts which will need to form other thoughts, and not just your own, but someone elses?  Do you fear the thoughts?  Do you fear the belly of your beast, or just your belly turning at the disgust in your condition?  Do you fear the condition?  Do you fear that we live in a conditional world where we are a victim of time and place?   Where you can’t express things people won’t hear, and you can’t hear things people don’t express?

Do you fear the story?  Do you fear the tears?  Do you fear you will write something so deep and so revaluating that it will tear up your soul just to exfoliate it from your mind?  Do you fear yourself?  Do you toil in a world where you find solace in not knowing who you are, who what you’re about?  What are you afraid of?




Apr 5

Renee brings up an interesting topic … She’s right about the lack of marketing on my part, and I shall endeavor to at least do something in the future, but she brings up the subject of having a new name for the podcast!  Right now it’s called Unpublishednotdead presents: Joanna and Eric … I really need suggestions!  If you have something brilliant, please let me us know!  I should probably set up a new website, but I must admit, I so love this site, and I love the cathartic aspect it has had on my life … but I’d be willing to change.

Feb 16

So a couple weeks ago someone I know said something so shattering to a girl he was dating that she summarily broke up with him.  It’s all good folks, don’t send out sympathy cards to either side of the aisle, because evidently she asked for it, like the queue of misery of so many before her who asked to get yelled at, hit, beat up, eyes blackened, or what have you.  It’s ultimately anyone fault for asking for honesty and getting in return any multitude of resulting fare depending on the recipient of the question.  With him it started a month Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 13

So the pen to paper action hasn’t been so great of late, and I was thinking of why, and I couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday while talking to one of my few writer friends … but let me back up a minute before I let you in on the conclusion, because this is a blog about writing, and I must tell you how I came to this point so that I could justify the domain name for at least another couple minutes.  I also want to warn my readers that this podcast / blog will not only be about me not writing, because I think that will get old after a while, but right now not writing for readers other than me is something worth writing about I think, so sorry about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 14

I’m working on it … The Reno Show is DEAD, but Joanna and I will continue to do Podcasts from time to time because our relationship demands expelling our demons, and some of my greatest memories of late have been sitting down with Joanna and doing them. The Unpublishednotdead podcast will continue as soon as possible, and I will work on the technology to hang out and talk with Renee’ or even Lip Stick Lady or the multitude of amazing friends I have … perhaps this is the beginning of something really interesting. Thanks for all the support, it’s been cool to have it.

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