Apr 17

So let me say two things, first off, the new Unpublishnotdead Podcast is on it’s way … Second, this podcast rocks, again!  We talk about everything from parenting, to panhandling … from square cars to douche bag policemen.  From marketing to Whole Foods.  Enjoy.

Apr 7

Well as far as I could tell, we have a serious sound issue, but you can hear it fine … we talk about wine, politics, and Joanna’s insecurity.  Well worth a listen

Apr 5

Renee brings up an interesting topic … She’s right about the lack of marketing on my part, and I shall endeavor to at least do something in the future, but she brings up the subject of having a new name for the podcast!  Right now it’s called Unpublishednotdead presents: Joanna and Eric … I really need suggestions!  If you have something brilliant, please let me us know!  I should probably set up a new website, but I must admit, I so love this site, and I love the cathartic aspect it has had on my life … but I’d be willing to change.