Feb 27

Folks, it’s been a long time and the longest continual thing I’ve ever done, but here it is, this IS PODCAST 50!!!!!!  That may seem like a small number to you guys, but think about it from my vantage point.  It’s 50 hours of my life that are taped and documented … it’s a 50 hour time capsule of my life, and it’s important in so many ways I can’t describe to you because it’ll make me look like a pussy.

THIS IS PODCAST 50!!!  I think it’s fitting that it’s with Renee.  I love doing the Podcast with Joanna and Tacie, and Jeremy, but this is UnpublishedNotDead, and it started off as a podcast about writing, so it’s apropos that this huge podcast be done with Renee, my fellow writer and friend.  We really tried to disagree in this podcast, but I’m not sure we did.  At one point Renee references a YouTube video.  Those underlined words are obviously the link for it.  We actually did pick up where we left off with bullying.  We talk about Renee’s voice work, which if you look to the right of this message, you’ll see a link to her blog, which will link you to ALL of her work.  I suggest all of you check it out.  I also suggest you check out her book, Dreaming of Deliverance, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking the title link (you just read).

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Feb 11

Okay it’s been forever since I’ve been across the mic from Joanna … but YEAH WE’RE back!  We talk from everything from the double standard of the Courage to the Lech … please comment we’re insecure.