Aug 6

John Hughes died today, and not too much older than I am right now, oddly enough. I wrote or said in a podcast once that if you can bottle mediocrity then you can rule the world, and after I learned of Mr. Hughes’ passing today I understood something very important that I missed in that essay/podcast. While it’s still true that if you bottle mediocrity you can rule the world. If you make a Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 3

I’ve been reminded by Renee’ that today marks a vague (yet real) one year anniversary of my daunting yet eye-opening adventure to the Squaw Valley Writer’s Workshop. A week from now it will mark yet another anniversary, the birth of this podcast and blog, and the death of my ambitions of becoming an author, as many of my loyal unpublishednotdead-ers have become aware of already; this news isn’t news, but rather redundant information. You’ve probably Read the rest of this entry »