Feb 21

Okay I wanna say that this is our best … well at least it’s Joanna’s best, I have a lot to work on, but I’m getting better.  I’m working on the “likes” and now the evidently the “by the ways,” and hopefully it’s enjoyable … please comment … thanks …

Feb 16

So a couple weeks ago someone I know said something so shattering to a girl he was dating that she summarily broke up with him.  It’s all good folks, don’t send out sympathy cards to either side of the aisle, because evidently she asked for it, like the queue of misery of so many before her who asked to get yelled at, hit, beat up, eyes blackened, or what have you.  It’s ultimately anyone fault for asking for honesty and getting in return any multitude of resulting fare depending on the recipient of the question.  With him it started a month Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 13

So the pen to paper action hasn’t been so great of late, and I was thinking of why, and I couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday while talking to one of my few writer friends … but let me back up a minute before I let you in on the conclusion, because this is a blog about writing, and I must tell you how I came to this point so that I could justify the domain name for at least another couple minutes.  I also want to warn my readers that this podcast / blog will not only be about me not writing, because I think that will get old after a while, but right now not writing for readers other than me is something worth writing about I think, so sorry about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 9

It hasn’t even been a week, and we’re back … take a deep breath and get used to the new Joanna and Eric who will probably be with you on a more regular basis, and if you listen, you’ll hear Joanna actually say she’s gonna blog as well!  As always you can listen on Itunes, or listen here … either way thanks!