Folks, it’s been a long time and the longest continual thing I’ve ever done, but here it is, this IS PODCAST 50!!!!!!  That may seem like a small number to you guys, but think about it from my vantage point.  It’s 50 hours of my life that are taped and documented … it’s a 50 hour time capsule of my life, and it’s important in so many ways I can’t describe to you because it’ll make me look like a pussy.

THIS IS PODCAST 50!!!  I think it’s fitting that it’s with Renee.  I love doing the Podcast with Joanna and Tacie, and Jeremy, but this is UnpublishedNotDead, and it started off as a podcast about writing, so it’s apropos that this huge podcast be done with Renee, my fellow writer and friend.  We really tried to disagree in this podcast, but I’m not sure we did.  At one point Renee references a YouTube video.  Those underlined words are obviously the link for it.  We actually did pick up where we left off with bullying.  We talk about Renee’s voice work, which if you look to the right of this message, you’ll see a link to her blog, which will link you to ALL of her work.  I suggest all of you check it out.  I also suggest you check out her book, Dreaming of Deliverance, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking the title link (you just read).

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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    I’m twenty minutes into this and I’m thinking to myself, how drunk IS Eric during this podcast? More to comment at a later time when I’m not pulled over the side of the road. I just had to get that in.

  2. Jake Says:

    Congratulations on #50! I’ve listened to the all! Couple things I was a little put off by Renee this time. I think the point she was trying to make is that bullying is a fad?! Something popular to talk about today, but it’s not an issue? I think Eric brought it home for me that although everyone may have had a rough go of it not too many try and off themselves! Teasing is not bullying. Teasing isn’t putting up a jake is a fat faggot Facebook page where everyone you know is friends with and comments all the time! Come on Renee! It all just seemed a bit sterile for a podcast that is usually dirty and unclean! Also form a thought! (Eric and Renne) there seemed to be a lot of incomplete thoughts here! I disagree no wait I only don’t love it! Way to take a stand! With that said I only commented cause it stirred me folks good job! I wanted to tell you I downloaded the song at the end!

  3. Dee Dee (Dallas) Says:

    Eric I’m taken back to the podcast where your friend kills himself with this episode, whereas I cried after I listened to it. Afterwards I read a comment where someone wrote you were fake crying. I felt this way about Renee in this podcast. I agree with the last commenter who wrote that there seemed to be no stand taken. Saying all that, you sound a bit more gay when you’re drunk. I know that sounds like an insult baby, but it’s more of a admission that I understand the kind of control you must be under with your everyday speaking voice. It saddened me. You were right to give high praise to Renee and her voice work. I’ve only ever heard her here, but I’ll be checking out her stuff; she has a wonderful voice. Please keep up the podcasts! Thank you Renee, I was unaware you were so instrumental in getting the podcasts back! Now how about a “Jer-cast?!”

  4. Renee Says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for listening. Here is a video representation of my stance:

    We all have a story that goes deeper than what you see on the surface. Impulsively putting people into categories will not solve our problems with each other.

    I’m glad you guys listen and comment and care!


  5. Victor Says:

    I loved the podcast as I always do. Keep them coming!

  6. Kay Yang Says:

    okay I had a list of things to comment on, of course, but I wanted to comment on going to the speech therapist to stop sounding like you were gay, and then there was a comment earlier how you sounded more gay when you’re a little buzzed. You know I never knew that about you, Eric. I’m not sure that makes you the more empowered person alive, or the most unfortunate. Renee. I thought you were great in this podcast. By far the best I’ve heard you. The difference between you and joanna and you has always been that joanna is more real than you. There I said, it! You always seemed to be holding back something, and to be honest girl, sometimes it does not make for interesting listening. I thought you broke down just enough in this podcast to be interesting. I totally disagree with other commenters that said the opposite. These topics suit you guys well, and I wanted to comment on if you guys agreed or not. I don’t think it’s interesting to try and disagree, but this go around I think you guys agreed more than you didn’t. good podcast, the best I’ve heard from the two of you so far. I’m glad you guys got this figured out, because I imagine it’s hard to do it over the phone.

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