May 16

The echoes of my youth sound in my head like screams that don’t calm as distance encroaches, but rather reverberates getting louder as it becomes fainter. I can hear everything all at once, and then nothing at all, and then suddenly I understand, and then as suddenly as the logic presents itself it vanishes. I have been having the same dream night after night, and my peers say it’s normal; that Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 12

Okay, I admit it 2009 has been a shitty year for me. After my last bout with this moral coil, it was suggested (and by suggested it I mean my doctor made it mandatory for me to see a therapist Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

Okay where the fuck are all the new posts I’ve been promising you? Well … Here’s the scoop folks … First I have an accident and go blind, which causes scaring on my eyes, which causes problems with dizziness and tripping, which causes me to fall off a ladder and off the side of a building, fucking up my hand, side (and probably my back, UGH!) … It’s very hard to type, which mean anything but my podcasts with Joanna are out (as you know I transcribe my podcasts, and Renee is waiting on me to do a podcast because she loves to disagree with me!), and Joanna is having some personal issues right now. So here’s what’s on tap … first off, new posts as soon as my hand gets good enough to type again (hunt and peck time now and it sucks), and second, new podcast at least by October 17th, this time back with Tacie (YAY!), and Joanna has promised me a podcast in the near future. I’m trying to set up SKYPE to I can do a podcast with Renee’, which is news for her (but it means she’ll need to get a high speed internet connection eventually!), and back to normal as soon as possible. My last podcast was about taking control, my next podcast is about LOSING control, so it’s pretty good (so far) … Please keep reading, and there are tons of material left on the blog in case you get bored. Thanks for your continuing support, Eric

Sep 2

Several times in the past couple weeks I’ve been motioned in some way to mention religion and how I feel about it. Now the problem with my telling you what my religious views are is that you might think I’m trying to tell you how, what, when, and who to believe in, and Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 1

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and you know something, it’s for no good reason. I could say that I had gotten a little sloppy and the time spent hitting the gym, and the treadmill had taken it’s course, and I might even be right. I could say that I had been emotionally drained for personal problems, but I don’t really have any. The truth is, quite frankly, I was just simply tired of looking at these words. The strange part of it all, was that I wasn’t tired of the truth I was writing, but of my truth. I’m working on a podcast as we speak, but one of the problems with my life had been I have been under the correct assumption, that if I wasn’t on, I should just go home. Which is to say, that I was always the life of the party; I was always the funny one, and as time rolled on, the pressure of being the funny one has gotten me into more trouble than it was worth. One of my problems, however, was that as I was feeling pressure to be the witty entertaining guy with the long blond hair and went out of my way to be the unassuming guy without topics, and without controversy, I realized very quickly that I hated that guy. I like the guy I am, I guess I don’t like the pressure, but it’s not that much pressure so I’ll deal. Soooo, with that said, I have tons of shit to write about, and tons of shit to say, just not tonight. I went out to dinner (on a Tuesday, which is when everyone wants to hang out), and I’m kind of tired. I’m sorry about the delay in blog entries, but they will return.

Aug 6

John Hughes died today, and not too much older than I am right now, oddly enough. I wrote or said in a podcast once that if you can bottle mediocrity then you can rule the world, and after I learned of Mr. Hughes’ passing today I understood something very important that I missed in that essay/podcast. While it’s still true that if you bottle mediocrity you can rule the world. If you make a Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 3

I’ve been reminded by Renee’ that today marks a vague (yet real) one year anniversary of my daunting yet eye-opening adventure to the Squaw Valley Writer’s Workshop. A week from now it will mark yet another anniversary, the birth of this podcast and blog, and the death of my ambitions of becoming an author, as many of my loyal unpublishednotdead-ers have become aware of already; this news isn’t news, but rather redundant information. You’ve probably Read the rest of this entry »

May 30

I guess setting a deadline for myself was a mistake … lets make it THIS wednesday for the new podcast!

May 25

I hate doing this, but I’ve been asked over and over again when my next Unpublishednotdead podcast would be up … well look forward to it on Friday, May 29th. I’m sorry it’s been so long in the making, but I have been working on the Reno Show lately, and although that’s no excuse, you’d be surprised how emotionally draining my regular podcast is … so here we go with another one, I hope you dig it, it’s about taking critiques, and as usual, I won’t give you the normal, writer accepted advice, so check it out … On Friday!

May 5

Often I wonder where the stuff in my head comes from, but I choose to accept it as my gift, not to the world, but rather the gift to myself, for in the end I will be the only one who understands me, and appreciates who I am. Today someone called me egotistical, and I’m not sure it was in jest, but I had to laugh, because I think that egotistical writer is an oxymoron (even one who hasn’t been writing lately). I think it’s possible to write and have an ego, but I don’t think it’s Read the rest of this entry »

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