Feb 11

Okay it’s been forever since I’ve been across the mic from Joanna … but YEAH WE’RE back!  We talk from everything from the double standard of the Courage to the Lech … please comment we’re insecure.

Feb 19

Well it had to happen eventually in this podcast, the occurrence of a “regular interval” podcast.  I know all you listeners out there are kind of pissed at me for getting these things out in the haphazard bullshit manner that I do, but thanks to the help of Renee, and her wild skills to pull this crap together using the magical wonder of garageband, we have managed to do another podcast!  They happen at 10:30, and without the aid of any real lubricating drinks of any kind, but … I love listening to them.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Renee mentions way too many links for me to input directly into this post, so I shall just list them at the end.  Please comment, and please enjoy.  Without comments we feel like we’re talking into nothing!  PS: All the links are from a rant Renee and I had at the end, and one I want to continue, but when that music starts, it starts and we end … I think it’s a great topic, and we shall revisit it!






Sep 16

Here's a picture of Jeremy and Me and Burning Man

ever wonder what Jer and I look like … here’s a picture we took at Burning Man … Enjoy!

Aug 28

Okay since it worked so well last time Jer and I are asking questions AGAIN for our next podcast.  Now mind you, the LAST people in the world I’d ever ask advice from is Jer and myself, but WTF … huh?  Ask us anything, but if you got kid questions or sci-fi questions you’ll go to the top of the list!  And by Sci-Fi I think we’re taking Star Trek or Star Wars or other such popular franchises, since I know nothing about Stargate, or anything else, although I am a big fan of Battlestar Galactica or Lord of the Rings … anything you want to ask is open game.

Jan 24

It looks as if all my links are up and running again.  You can listen to any podcast from this site by going to the podcast and hitting play, or you can download them from itunes, by hitting the link on the side.