Okay where the fuck are all the new posts I’ve been promising you? Well … Here’s the scoop folks … First I have an accident and go blind, which causes scaring on my eyes, which causes problems with dizziness and tripping, which causes me to fall off a ladder and off the side of a building, fucking up my hand, side (and probably my back, UGH!) … It’s very hard to type, which mean anything but my podcasts with Joanna are out (as you know I transcribe my podcasts, and Renee is waiting on me to do a podcast because she loves to disagree with me!), and Joanna is having some personal issues right now. So here’s what’s on tap … first off, new posts as soon as my hand gets good enough to type again (hunt and peck time now and it sucks), and second, new podcast at least by October 17th, this time back with Tacie (YAY!), and Joanna has promised me a podcast in the near future. I’m trying to set up SKYPE to I can do a podcast with Renee’, which is news for her (but it means she’ll need to get a high speed internet connection eventually!), and back to normal as soon as possible. My last podcast was about taking control, my next podcast is about LOSING control, so it’s pretty good (so far) … Please keep reading, and there are tons of material left on the blog in case you get bored. Thanks for your continuing support, Eric

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