Jun 20

I for one missed Joanna … here’s another Reno Show as promised.

May 21

Yeah I know you were all expecting there to be this HUGE gap between podcasts, being that Joanna is on vacation and all, but evidently there was someone willing to put up with me long enough to guest host a Reno Show … Joanna was missed of course, but I think that Tacie stepped up and did a GREAT JOB. You know podcasting is weird, you can have all the chemistry in the world with people, and yet still the podcast can totally suck. Joanna and I have even done a podcast or two that we haven’t released because they sucked so bad … so I was a bit afraid of Tacie tonight. We have remarkable chemistry in person, in fact she’s one of my best friends, but would it work out? Well listen, she’s GREAT … For you Joanna fans rest assured you’ll get your fix … she called in from a bar in Georgetown! Again, click on the link below, or go to Itunes by clicking on my picture on the right … either way thanks a lot

Apr 16

Well Joanna and I are at it again … We talk about pretty much everything, and nothing. We talk about Bill Mander’s awful disrespectful interview with that worm Harry Reid. We weren’t able to figure out who we disliked more. Well just listen, it’s good. Again, if you want to hit the picture on the right, you’ll be taken to Itunes, but you can also hit one of the links below to listen … thanks.

Apr 3

One of these days we’re going to have to put up our own site … but for now, we’re at it again, and we talk about everything from our favorite local places, to the Reno Aces baseball … and just about everything else inbetween … enjoy

Mar 22

If you’re a fan of The Reno Show you’re probably wondering where Podcast Six is … well lets just say it wasn’t very good, but we felt it was good enough to post someday when we’re famous and people want to hear us be miserable and boo-hoo-y. Seven is good, so listen and enjoy and feel free to comment; we love comments. Again you can hit the link on this page, or hit the link on the right to download it off itunes. If you like me (eric), then feel free to download some unpublishednotdead podcasts, The Reno Show is gonna be rated PG-13 for the duration, but if you want something a little more NC-17 my podcast is the one that’s going to remain true to that … thanks again for everyone’s support.

Mar 1

This is the fifth Reno show, and without giving too much away, we talk about those annoying little construction paper clover whores at stores for MDA, the Reno City Council approving funds for Arttown.

Feb 19

Well it’s time for another addition of the reno show … same as before, if you click on my picture to the right you can get it on itunes, and if you hit either of the buttons below, you can do either of those things. In my opinion Joanna is on fire here, although I think I may have some work left to do. We talk about the Magnetic Train from Las Vegas to Anaheim, text messaging in your car in Reno, alternative energy, and all kinds of other local Reno stuff. Even if you don’t live in Reno it’s entertaining.

Feb 7

Well someone has actually said my site, and my podcasts are obscene … I think that’s lame … but I guess as long as they spell your name right, right? Click on the window to the right to download on itunes, or on the bottom to listen on this site … thanks a lot.

Jan 31

here is Joanna’s and my second attempt at this … thanks for everyone who has been listening … and give us any feedback, cause we’re new at this … OH , and you can of course hit the scary picture on the right to bring you to itunes to download it there … if you do that, leave a comment. thanks

Jan 24

Hey sorry it’s been forever since I’ve done anything, but I’ve been busy. This is not the last resting place for the reno show that my friend Joanna and I did, but it is the first home for it … if you like my podcast you’d probably like this one as well.