Sep 22

Well we’re getting set for another Podcast here in the near future … a couple questions would be cool … and if you can include some Murder, Marry, Fuck’s for us … we’d appreciate it.  Jer and I also plan to play an on-air “I never” game … You want to contribute it, it’s all about you guys.

Sep 16

Here's a picture of Jeremy and Me and Burning Man

ever wonder what Jer and I look like … here’s a picture we took at Burning Man … Enjoy!

Sep 1

Jer and I field your questions about kids … enjoy

Sep 1

In my last podcast I bagged on Superman’s new costume, but yesterday I went online, and saw this picture … I won’t be bagging anymore, trust me.  Now I know that Henry Cavil would look good ANYTHING, but this costume ROCKS …

Superman's new costume


Sep 1

okay, it’s been a while, but you guys remember the AMAZING Renee (the girl I don’t mind you cheating on me with!)  She’s got a new podcast up, and it’s worth a listen … She quietly posted it in a comment, but I think she’s worth a full-on write up … don’t ya think?!  Hit “I love Renee!” and listen to her …