okay, it’s been a while, but you guys remember the AMAZING Renee (the girl I don’t mind you cheating on me with!)  She’s got a new podcast up, and it’s worth a listen … She quietly posted it in a comment, but I think she’s worth a full-on write up … don’t ya think?!  Hit “I love Renee!” and listen to her …


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  1. Renee Says:

    You’re very nice, Eric, but this isn’t my podcast and I’m not in it much. I posted a comment on Podcast 39 ( that lists a story with a lot more Renee than this one. And for anyone who wants to check out the other things I’ve done, here’s a link to the voicework part of my site:

    Not to shabby, eh? And it’s all thanks to Eric!!

  2. Abby Drake Says:

    thank you for the links Renee! You are wonderful! I try and listen to your charming voice as much as I could, so again thank you! I wish your voice of reason could show up on Eric’s podcast from time to time, it would make him go down a bit easier, if you know what I mean! Love to you Renee, Abby

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