Jer and I field your questions about kids … enjoy

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  1. Misty Says:

    Great job! Long-ass podcast! You guys are great! Can’t say enough about how much I enjoy you two!

  2. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    You’re gonna be a great dad, Jeremy. Eric you have great instincts! Great podcast, thanks for the listen (long listen!)

  3. Renee Says:

    I don’t have experience with guys _only_ wanting to get some! Sheesh! No need to feel sorry for me! But thanks for answering my question. I usually have my own ideas about how I want to handle things but in this case, I agree with you.

    So cool you listened to “Journey Into”. http://journeyintopodcast.blogspot.com/ It’s not my podcast, though. It’s Marshal Latham’s and I’ll tell him you guys mentioned it and that Jeremy is a new listener. There will be a new Journey Into episode, sometime this month, with a really cool Tim Pratt story that I narrated, so you’ll get to hear me lots there, if you want. I only mentioned “The Machine Stops” because you were talking about SciFi classics and I hadn’t read that one before and thought it was a great story.

    There are lots of really cool spec fiction podcasts. The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine is my favorite and the one I’m the most involved with. The first story I did for them was called “This Must be the Place” by Elliot Bangs. I narrated it so listen to it, if you want to hear me a lot, plus it’s a great story. http://dunesteef.com/2010/08/15/episode-79-this-must-be-the-place-by-elliot-bangs/

    The Drabblecast is also really good. Check out “The Last Question” for an amazing classic scifi story, in podcast form: http://web.me.com/normsherman/Site/Podcast/Entries/2011/3/25_Drabblecast_200-_The_Last_Question_by_Isaac_Asimov.html (You won’t hear me, thought, b/c I’ve never done voicework for the Drabblecast.)

    Keep up the great work! I thought the breast discussion was hilarious and anyone who doubts Eric’s orientation, should listen to that part of the podcast again and hear how unenthused he is.

  4. jake Says:

    YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AWESOME! I will take your advice to heart you guys, although I didn’t expect THAT advice!!!!!!! You’re right though, I was being an ass. I fucking love that I got to be involved with the podcast, so thanks you guys! LOL, I really do dig my brother, he’s a nice guy, and Jeremy I listen to this podcast pretty religiously, so I know who Josh is, and when I re-listened to the podcast I wanna let you know that you’re the MAN! You guys really altered how I think and will treat my brother in the future. I really mean it too, and I hope that you guys forgive me for bringing you to that place, I didn’t know. I know you guys just hang out and drink and bullshit into the mic, but there’s something about you guys (and Joanna, I know who she gets when she’s not mentioned), that’s engaging, so thanks. Your thoughts on Star Wars fucking awesome! You guys are right on the money there. Sorry you got suckered into the blu-ray SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m off, Monday BBQ at the ‘rents, I’m gonna be cooler to my bro, 4-sure! Thanks Jer!

  5. tammy B. Says:

    I keep getting beat up by you guys! Okay I have to thank you guys for the advice, I think I’ll take Eric’s version of it, and see how this plays out with my brother, but just so you guys know, he’s thinking of bowing out gracefully, so I think I shall do the same. I think you guys hilarious! I love this podcast so much I just wish you guys had one up EVERYDAY. Ask another question, my life is in shambles, I have plenty of them! keep’em coming!

  6. big Fan from Austin Says:

    I was going to mention how Eric reacted to the topic of women’s breasts too! Oh yeah, he’s gay! Hey this podcast was great! Are you out of Kenny Loggins songs yet? Great advice, I didn’t think you guys would answer the sports kid question the way you did, you always surprise me! I agree with everyone, I think Jeremy is going to make a great dad!

  7. cam Mitchell Says:

    great answers, I’m glad you guys got to my question. I liked the answer. Jeremy you are going to be a great dad. Jeremy was right, I was the 15 year old boy who came out, and my parents kicked me out and I spent the next three years in foster care. I think you guys are the greatest, and I liked Eric’s Uncle Tom Gay rant, I laughed so hard, because sometimes I feel like that. I don’t have any straight guy friends though, but I would like them. you guys are destined for greatness, mark my words!

  8. kay Yang Says:

    I know you’re dying to hear my opinion about this whole podcast. I was impressed! You guys are definitely funny. Funnier than most professionals. I think you guys were on your game this go around. Great advice, surprisingly, and good show, but LONG! You really should keep it down to an hour, but I listened all the way through.

  9. gordon Says:

    Sweet podcast! love you guys!

  10. vicky Says:

    WOW! you guys think I’m the problem?! I’m not sure how to think about this! Well I shouldn’t ask a question if I didn’t want an honest answer. I thought this podcast was very interesting, but then I had a bit part in it. I think you guys are funnier than hell! Love the show, I’ll continue to listen even if you guys think I”m a bad person!

  11. dylan (nyc) Says:

    been listening for a while, never knew where to comment before! Looks like I’m the only one, good jobs guys! I only listen to the Jeremy/Eric podcast, no offense Joanna, just not my cup of tea. I wanted to let you know that you guys are FUNNY! And you both sound reasonably intelligent. Lets get this show onto greater heights! I love the chemistry between the two of you. Both you guys seem to know when something funny is gonna happen, because both of you start laughing before it comes out, and then I realize I wish I were part of the joke! keep them coming!

  12. kay Yang Says:

    hey where’s the podcast this week?! get on it boys!!!!

  13. wyo Says:

    This first link is not at all suitable for work (needless to say, if you read the link, anyway), but I include it because I stumbled across it and it is the DEFINITIVE answer to the question you two have both posed, “Why Does George Lucas Keep Changing Stuff?” Behold, the answer: http://icanhascheezburgerafterdark.com/2011/09/13/funny-pictures-because-fck-you-thats-why/

    I think “Mrs.” and “Mr.” are more titles than salutations, but that’s just me. Using “Dr.” in the context in which Eric described is TOTALLY pretentious, title or not.

    Jeremy, thanks for filling me in on “son of a motherless goat!” I had no idea as to the origin. (Alas, I don’t get out much.)

    HEY. I totally ADMITTED I could be an idiot regarding Superman’s new costume. Obviously, I was. But, gosh darn it, NOBODY’S PERFECT! Umm. Except Eric. 😉 Anyway, I hereby officially apologize. But now that Eric has introduced me to the GLORY that is Henry Cavil, you may rest assured that I will be paying closer attention in the future.

    The tattoo issue. SIGH. I thought we were over that! And did I really say “Fuck you?” If I did, was it at least with sugar on top? I do have a HUGE tattoo on my shoulder. Long story, blah blah. I like it, so I really don’t care if anyone else does. I also have a medium-sized tat on my ankle. Ditto. 🙂 So are ya’ll going to be posting tattoo pics? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours …

    Here’s a link to the eight “Alpine states” (countries associated with the region of the Alps): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_states Apparently, not much of it falls into Germany, but it DOES snow there, at least as recently as last year: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8449906.stm

    This is my new favorite phrase from your podcast: “fucked-up threshold” I forget the context, but I believe it will have MANY applications!

    From “Common Errors in English Usage,” I bring you … the “OLD WIVES’ TALE” (Source: https://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/oldwise.html) Sorry, Eric.

    And from the same source, a different error … “TWO TO TANGO” (Source: http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/tangle.html)

    Here’s a link for underage alcohol consumption laws; the short answer is that it varies by state, but a lot of states DO allow parents to provide alcohol to their OWN kids, particularly in on private property: http://drinkingage.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=002591

    LOVE what Eric’s friend Carmen said (about getting older and finding the level of cool not so important as the level of good), and also what his college prof said (about giving everyone a name and a story … GREAT way to build empathy).

    About people’s reactions to “coming out” … in all fairness, you gotta know that some people won’t know what to say. The awareness I had of homosexuality growing up was, frankly, NIL. When I met my first openly gay person (at work), I was terrified that I would do or say something offensive just because, well, I was a dork. Thankfully, I eventually got over THAT phase of dorkiness, and it’s been a great thing … we have this way of segregating people in our society, though, I think, that leads to us sadly overlooking the fact that whatever our differences, we are all JUST PEOPLE. In worrying about how to treat the gay guy I met at work, I overlooked that. It’s another aspect of the “give everyone a name and a story” thing. Once I got to know the guy, the fact that he was gay was just a part of who he was … just like everyone, there’s way more to us than our sexuality. But when sexuality is “front and center” (so to speak, and it IS when someone “comes out”), you know, it’s right there. So I’d say, forgive us idiots who may not be able to think on our feet … I think most people are all, “Oh, okay” in their heads, but we want to say something better than that. And sometimes that comes out stupid.

    MATH PROWESS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I made this note during your podcast. I do not recall the context, which is sad. Because I wasn’t EVEN drinking!

    A six year old sneaking kisses is IN NO WAY sexual assault. At the same time, it’s a good opportunity to explain to the kid that he should ask first, kiss second. Not because HE did anything wrong, but because of the world in which we live. Sad, but that’s the way it is, I think. Also, it’s quite possible the girl’s mom is a complete overreacting ditz, BUT. It’s also possible she suffered some kind of attack in her own past. This is not to excuse her overreaction, but I could certainly see something like that explaining it.

    (I take things to extremes. You are going to be sorry you told me about that “name and a story” thing.)

    About the many kids question … having just been enlightened (IN DETAIL) as to the Catholic teachings on the subject, may I suggest that the “get sterilized” idea is perhaps not the best. I mean, *I* agree with you, but if the dude is Catholic (probably some other religions as well), it just may not be within the realm of possibility for him. In which case, I offer this follow-up: NFP isn’t the most awesome method, but it IS allowed by Catholic teaching, and DUDE, your wife needs a brush-up on the practice. And if that doesn’t work for you? You maybe need to quit having sex in all but the least-likely times of the month, if you catch my drift.

    (This is why I should not try to answer such questions. EVEN WORSE advice from Lipstick Lady. SORRY!)

    Okay, that is it, and I have shit to do. Until next time!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  14. wyo Says:

    ps In listening to the podcast, I understand now that “Oh, okay!” really is far more brilliant than it sounded in my head the first time I thought it. And I hope more and more parents whose kids come out to them will go ahead and just say that. With a hug. ‘Cause hugs are always good.

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