Well, as well as an impending Renee-Cast coming soon, my friend Mal and I have decided to do a podcast about being single.  We are both what you can call “professional singles” being that we have both been single FOREVER.  Listeners of this podcast know all about me, but Mal is one of my “old-school” friends who has been my friend for 25+ years, so you know that we know each-other’s … well lets just say we’re out of punches to pull; we’ve tired of them long ago.  If you have any questions about being single … post them below, and listen for the podcast early next week.  The Renee-cast … SOON I promise, and Joanna can kiss my ass, because she flaked on me last weekend (although I say that lovingly since I know the fan base she’s got out there will kill me).

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  1. Vanessa Vancour Says:

    Make sure you specifically mention the challenges or fun of dating in Reno – where there is only one degree of separation among people!

  2. kay Yang Says:

    Kay here. Baby you need to comment on all those awful cliches, don’t worry, you’ll find someone, you find someone when you’re not looking. PLEASE Eric you NEED to comment on this, I used to HATE HATE HATE this crap! I’m glad you got another fellow traveler from UCI (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by old school?!) And someone who’s single! I have a feeling that Joanna has no clue what it’s like to be single long term like you. GREAT show idea. Thanks for continuing to provide my Eric fix. Here’s to the MAL-CAST! 🙂 (what will you be drinking?)

  3. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    is mal a girl or a boy?

  4. terry Says:

    Okay I don’t want to know about sex, in the sense of when, but I want to know WHAT?! How kinky could you get and how soon?! I leave the details of this question to you Eric.

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