Well tonight we live up to talking about nothing for an hour … please comment if you feel inclined … enjoy.

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  1. wyo Says:

    Well, as far as holiday fights go, I think it’s probably just stress. Good stress or bad stress is still stress, and if you’ve got it, it’s going to show up somehow … plus, holidays have so much more to do, which “side” of the family do you spend the holiday with, money can be an issue, and it just all adds up! I can do further research if you’d like, of course. 😉

    And OH ERIC. I am sorry to tell you, but my husband and I fight a LOT. Well, actually, it’s more like I fight with him. He’s a very calm person and tends more to just play devil’s advocate whereas I take it too personally. However, we balance each other out well in other ways … or so I like to believe. 🙂

    THANKS for making my drive in to work more fun today! Leave it to you two to come up with a catchy topic like MASTURBATION!

    Oh, and speaking of that! I did a little Googling and here are my favorite terms for female masturbation:

    * a night in with the girls
    * auditioning the finger puppets
    * checking for squirrels
    * coming into your own
    * dialing the rotary phone
    * fingerpainting
    * hitchhiking south
    * manual override
    * paddling the pink canoe
    * petting the pussy cat
    * riding the unicycle
    * spelunking
    * tiptoe through the twolips
    * tossing pink salad
    * trolling the bermuda triangle
    * washing your fingers
    * Jilling off

    “Verbing the noun,” of course, is always open to new terminology! 😉

    Have a good one, you two.

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  2. wyo Says:

    Many more female masturbation terms here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090424212956AAeMoFi

    And here: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/9318178.html


  3. kay Yang Says:

    OMFG! You should not have anything to talk about more often you guys! I couldn’t believe how great this podcast was … AGAIN! You guys are on fire! Keep’em coming.

  4. big Fan from Austin Says:

    Another great show you guys. Your style is getting better and better. How did Eric’s moving around work out for you guys? Have you guys ever thought of doing a video podcast? I discovered jerking off too, felt like a genius!

  5. Tammy B. Says:

    You used to smoke?! I never would have guessed! LOL, I loved this podcast, it wasn’t at all stupid! You guys are too hard on yourselves! You’re so right about the cooler people go outside to smoke! LOL! You were so right on the money about that! What’s up with echo shit on your podcast all the time! Masturbation is a great topic, and I don’t trust people who don’t drink either! God I just love you guys!

  6. Joanna Says:

    Thank you Lipstick Lady once again for your efforts on finding new lingo for my favorite subject!

  7. gerry Says:

    Will I be the first to say I like the show better when you guys are ALITTLE prepared?! Okay good show, and a good listen, and you guys have the timing down perfectly, an hour is all anyone can take of Joanna’s cackling, but come on, masturbation? You guys actuality talked about jerking off? Okay I liked it, and I hate to admit it but you guys have hooked me on your little show, but JERKING OFF?! No politics, but no masturbation! I think you guys are ready for your close up, keep up the good podcasts, I’ll be listening even though sometime I’m bugged.

  8. Joanna Says:

    Gerry, your comment about my cackling may have actually stung a little! Wow! Didn’t think anyone could do that besides my children! I will make sure to keep it to a dull roar–LOL!!! NOT!!!

  9. Renee Says:

    At least Gerry didn’t call you douchey, Joanna!

    You guys missed me! You realize that Podcast 27 is the only podcast of yours that I haven’t commented on. I listened, though. I’m just busy. And now you both are podcasting so frequently, I can’t keep up!

    I pace when I talk on the phone. I’m not sure how I managed before cordless phones! You also hate me because I almost never drink any more. Fucking migraines!

    As for getting more listeners, if you really want them you need to change the name of the podcast from Unpublishednotdead, because it really doesn’t fit what you guys talk about. And then, I’m sorry to say, get a facebook fan page and a twitter account. There are a lot of podcast listeners out there, but they won’t know about you unless you put yourself out there!

    And you should put yourself out there because I know if you did, you’d get a lot more listeners. I’ve been amazed at the all the listeners you do have, without telling anyone about it!

    One more thing, wealth disparity. I’m convinced that that’s the biggest problem facing our society. Did you know that not only did GE not have to pay any taxes, last year, they received a tax credit? And this is despite being very profitable. There is a much bigger gap between the super rich and the rest of us, than there used to be and we are paying when the ultra wealthy don’t have to. It’s incredibly unfair.

    My assignment for you guys is to read this article:


    And watch this Stephen Colbert video:


    In my opinion, it’s not Democrats and Republicans, it’s wealth disparity and unfair taxation that’s our problem.

    Now will you actually read and watch? Gerry is hoping that you won’t because s/he wants to hear more about masturbation! Feel free to discuss both! (And I can’t believe no one mentioned the classic female masturbation euphemism: flicking the bean!)

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