Well we’re drinking Greyhounds and talking about educations, and tattoos, and at one point I found a baby shoe!  Enjoy!

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  1. kay Yang Says:

    Wish I were sorry about my last post, and thanks Eric for defending me. I wouldn’t have thought you of all people would have come to my defense, if just on principle. I think Eric was right, I think that girls make decisions based on their hearts, and guys based on their dicks. so I guess we even out! Oh so much to write about this podcast. I took a swig of beer every time Eric said Like or By The Way, and didn’t get a buzz until I figure that you get way more if you do it every time Joanna says it! Pot calling kettle! Oh don’t worry too much, you guys are great, and keep up the working on your voice Eric, it’s working and noted. I think you guys are great! Joanna do what you want, and take what you can get out of life. In the end, the journey will weigh as heavy as the destination, or so my old Chinese grandfather would have been proud to write on a fortune cookie! Your rant on the literacy thing in your paper, right on! Oh how I love your sound issues! Luckily I was uninterested in Joanna’s rant about her gun toting self. Your guys rock, but now I have nothing to listen to in the car tomorrow!

  2. ben V. Tampa Fl Says:

    A couple comments, first off, thanks for working on your “vocal ticks” you’re not quite there yet, but as I was hyperaware of your ticks, I hadn’t noticed Joanna’s ticks, she says “like” a lot as well! Right on the money about education, I’m a teacher, and it sucks! I would comment on more, but I just agreed with everything, good luck with the radio thing, I think you guys would do well!

  3. Joanna Says:

    I think my vocal ticks include using the F***bomb too much, so I will work on replacing that word with something more creative and more “ladylike”. I have always kind of had a potty-mouth–hanging with my brothers a little too much. Perhaps my “likes” seemed more apparent this podcast cause Eric sure worked hard on not saying like. I am proud of him!! Kay, thanks for the input on U of H even if it did piss my daughter off. I just like to give her as much info as possible. She will ultimately do what she wants since she will be paying for her education herself. Live and learn, right? A hui ho ya’ll

  4. wyo Says:

    A “tramp stamp” is traditionally a tattoo located on the small of the back. God, that’s all I can remember … yeah, left my notes downstairs again. Tomorrow, mayhaps, I shall remember them …

    Love from Lipstick Lady

    ps Oh, BY THE WAY, Eric, if you had READ my comments from the last podcast, you would have noticed that I fully copped to the fact that someone near and dear to me works for the State of Wisconsin (not, however, for a union therein), hence my interest in the situation there.

  5. Administrator Says:

    I always read your comments! I actually read everyone’s comments, it’s just that I don’t moderate them anymore. I LOVE comments, they make me feel popular.

  6. jake Says:

    I still don’t know why girls get tramp stamps, especially when that’s what they’re called! It’s like guys getting a pussy patch! hahahahahahah. Eric good job on the “likes.” It would have been a great drinking game! Wait a minute, you don’t read the comments?! that sucks!

  7. tammy B. Says:

    Let me add my thanks for the getting rid of the “vocal ticks!” Joanna said it hurt her feelings that I’d like to hear a podcast with just Eric, has she ever heard one?! I miss them. I knew they were transcribed, but it makes sense you wouldn’t have said like all the time if they were written down! I enjoyed this podcast, it was interesting, and to be frank, I have a problem with Joanna “steps” on Eric, but not the other way around. Don’t know what that means. I love you Joanna, don’t worry this isn’t a nasty comment! Don’t delete!

  8. wyo Says:

    FTR, I don’t have a tramp stamp but I don’t see the issue with them. People get tattoos for many reasons, and sometimes no reason at all, but if they’re getting them for the sole reason of “looking good” for anyone other than themselves, it’s the wrong reason, period. As far as tats and piercings looking bad on old folks, well, who said you had to look? 🙂

    Joanna, DEAR GOD, the sound of a piercing gun should NOT be something you hear, EVER. Even for ear piercings, seek out a professional piercer who uses hollow needles … less invasive on the tissue, can be sterilized completely, and NO SOUND. I got infections every time I got an ear piercing with a gun, but when I got my navel pierced (something that takes ~9 months to heal), NO PROBLEM. It’s the needle more than anything that makes the difference. Just FYI!

    Regarding proficiency in math being at all related to NOT being a serial killer, I have one word for you: UNABOMBER

    It’s rare, but yes, chicken pox causes deaths, and in children, too. Source: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/varicella/dis-faqs-gen.htm

    You guys have GOT to figure out the sound! I mean, the echo effect is kinda sexy for a little while, but then it just gets weird.

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  9. Renee Says:

    Hi guys!

    *The picture looks great!

    *Yes, work on the sound.

    *Don’t take voice lessons. You don’t want to sound like some generic announcer man.

    *My first thought about the calculus serial killer was the Unabomber as well.

    Joanna- Can you talk with people who’ve chosen those professions and find out what they like/don’t like about them? As for how long it takes, my mom started a PhD program at 40 and ended up being a college professor for 11 years. She loved it. However, based on what you said about what you want to do, I think you’d get more out of being a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant than you would an MD. But talk to the people who do those jobs and see what they think. In another life, I would have loved to become a nurse-midwife–that’s an option too!

    Eric- it’s so sweet that you were trying to protect me from the “we prefer Eric” comments. I’m not surprised that you got those comments. Your UPNDs are awesome! I wish you hadn’t lied about it when I asked you, though.

    It’s great that the podcasts are coming so regularly now! Keep it up!

  10. Big Fan from Austin Says:

    I don’t know why everyone keeps telling you your sound sucks, it’s not so bad. I would like you guys to talk about your lives more, and less about issues, but I know that’s personal. Your podcasts work better when you guys get personal. Your chemistry gets better every podcast.

  11. Joe, Iowa Says:

    LOL, you have to make sure you’re toilet is flushed! I agree with your rant about education! Good job you guys, but please work on the sound, it sounds like you guys are in a echo chamber!

  12. Gerry Says:

    What class are you taking that assigns such a project, Joanna? I’m beginning to get Eric’s frustration about education in your state! A career aptitude test would provide you with much needed information, and I suggest you take such a test. Forget all the douchey advice you get from the likes of Renee or anyone else. You guys NEED TO WORK ON YOUR SOUND! What the hell is going on there?! Other than that huge rag, I enjoyed the podcast, as usual. Glad you’re doing it more regularly, and I”ll try to comment on it more regularly since know how hard it is to talk into the wilderness. Oh and Eric, good job on working on those “vocal ticks” and I agree with the someone who commented earlier, now if only Joanna would do the same! Without your thousand likes and by the ways, Joanna’s likes shined like the sun!

  13. Renee Says:

    Talking to people who work in the careers one is considering is douchey advice?

  14. Administrator Says:

    someone insisted I no longer edit comments! 🙂 I don’t think your advice was douchey! LOL

  15. Kay Yang Says:

    I don’t think it’s douchey to talk to people about their careers, I like this site because I’m the only bitch, can we please keep it that way!?

  16. Joanna Says:

    The class I am taking is Educational Psychology and it has been incredible. I am currently working on narrowing down my career focus. We will discuss on the next podcast the possibilities. Eric and his pal Jeremy will hopefully fine-tune the sound tonight and we will be get together sometime this week for another podcast. Kay, thank you for being this site’s “bitch”. Your doing a great job! Kidding.

  17. Administrator Says:

    I was feeling like shit today, so the sound is still gonna suck tomorrow!

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