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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    OMFG! What was up with all the echoing sound shit on this podcast?! FIX IT! I was laughing this entire podcast, if you guys could just fix the sound you’d have me! Love IT! I don’t think you ARE allowed to like a page if you’ve never seen the show, Joanna! FACE WHORE! I’m using that in the future! Don’t worry Joanna, I think I have a 30 day cycle as well. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard when eric says he thinks you’re always menstruating! I had to put the damn podcast on pause and laugh. Thank you Eric! I needed to laugh!

  2. Kay Yang Says:

    How come no one ever puts projects on me? I listen and comment every damn week, Eric! don’t make me come over there!

  3. wyo Says:

    Eric, Eric, Eric … I wasn’t dinging you on the change from “no man” to “no one” in the Star Trek intro bit! I was chastising you for ENTIRELY FORGETTING (I’m yelling, sorry) what came after “mission.” And if you listened to your own podcasts, you’d know that. 😉

    Much more to say, but I’ll have to come back tomorrow to say it. Gotta go get caught up on the situation in Wisconsin next (also, my notes are downstairs and I am too damn lazy to go get them right now … what? I’ve already got my wine!).

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  4. Jake Says:

    What was up with the sound on this podcast? This was your funniest podcast to date! I don’t know if it’s you or Joanna’s reactions to your heartless attacks. I don’t think Facebook will ever go away, mainly because EVERYONE my age is on it. Myspace was stupid! I never thought about it, but I think that Myspace was too hard too, and you had to know stupid computer language in order to change anything! I didn’t know that Eric worked in the entertainment industry!

  5. Terry Says:

    I love that you guys are always drinking during your podcasts. I want all those people to break up on Big Love too! Eric was right! As well as the by the ways, Eric could stop saying like as well. I must say I don’t know any gay people, and I always thought I would uncomfortable with it, and this is the first time you’ve been so open about being gay, and you know something, I didn’t even notice it until the end of the rant. I may be evolving! Eric you are my first gay friend, and I now know I just don’t care about the issue. Thanks man!

  6. Joanna Says:

    I agree, the sound needs some heavy duty attention . . . ERIC!!! Would this constitute a job for twig and berries only?!?! Eric has the machinery and the know-how, so I will defer this task to him. As for me menstruating 30 days of the month, F U Eric!!! I am actually quite sweet and agreeable for 27 days at least. I should have a “moon hut” built in my backyard for the remaining days, but until then . . Get OVA it E! Kay, I will give you a project. I think you are over in Hawaii, yeah? Let me know the vibe at U of H in Manoa these days. My daughter, Kai is going to go to school there in September and I would like a current read on the safety of the campus and cultural activities. If your not in Hawaii, find out anyway! I am up at Sierra Hotsprings in California working this weekend and I fully intend on putting some actual show prep in for next podcast. Watch out E!!

  7. wyo Says:

    Yes, you CAN add a Facebook page without seeing the show it represents. Should you? That’s another question entirely! 😉

    I keep hearing people say they don’t look at Facebook profiles and I don’t get it. I look at them! Maybe I’m just especially nosy?

    Turning trust on and off and is it a defect—I’m sure others could see it as a defect, but that’s probably simplistic. Because if it’s serving you as self-defense (which it may be), then it’s not a defect to YOU, it’s a benefit. So I guess I’d say it depends on why it’s happening and also on your point of view.

    How does one become the “other” man or woman in a relationship? Good question. I don’t know that people set out to do that, but it’s hard enough to find someone you connect to, much less someone really special, right? That and this idea that I think we all secretly cherish—that we are the exception to the rules (i.e., things will work out for ME even though I know deep down that these things end badly the vast majority of the time … plus they hurt everyone involved).

    That first friend on “MySpace” is/was Tom Anderson. I only know ’cause I Googled it, though. But check it; he’s not an automatic add anymore: http://techcrunch.com/2010/02/12/tom-has-finally-reached-his-myspace-friend-limit/

    There ya go. Love from Lipstick Lady

  8. wyo Says:

    *Warning for those who are sick of “the Wisconsin thing” … I’m going to talk about it now. Not that you’re still reading MY comment anyway, ARE YOU?*

    Disclaimer: Someone very near and dear to me works for the State of Wisconsin, which is why I’m so up on the topic. Also, if anyone wants to write me off as biased on account of that, feel free, but I am not arguing on account of this one person, thankyouverymuch, as this person’s job is *NOT EVEN* one of those represented by a union.

    The idea that the Democrats in Wisconsin are “an extreme minority” is not so much accurate. I keep hearing about this “firm mandate” that Wisconsin voters sent their representatives in the latest election, particularly with the election of Governor Walker, but I hardly think that a win secured by only 52 percent of the vote (to 47 percent for the Democrat candidate) is firm, much less a mandate. Republicans do control Wisconsin’s Assembly and Senate, and Governor Walker is also a Republican, but if these people could get over themselves a little—and yes, I’d say the same thing to Democrats, were they in power, AND I HAVE—they would realize that once elected, they represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE in their state. Not only the ones who voted for them or funded their campaigns.

    Also, call me idealistic, but I do not and cannot respect people who flat-out refuse to compromise on ANYTHING, which is what Governor Walker has repeatedly done. I’ve known people like this, but generally they are in the range of two to four years old. What is Governor Walker’s excuse? He’s older than I am, for shit’s sake.

    As for the unions, I am not as well-versed on them as I should be. But in the absence of the free-market “controls” that influence pay and benefits (as the public sector is), how ARE those supposed to be regulated? By the same fair-minded folks who want to be able to dictate wages without any representation of the workers whatsoever? You know, from what I do know of unions, they are a far from perfect system, but they DO exist, at least in some cases, as a check against unfair practices by an employer to their employees, and that’s important.

    Just one more thing (and no, I’m not mad, I’m just presenting another viewpoint … I reserve my anger for those I see purposefully ignoring other viewpoints, and that’s certainly not the case here): some occupations in some areas currently require employees to belong to a union. I don’t agree with this, but I submit that it does remove the “unions are for losers who can’t get a real job” idea from the equation. Public school teachers in Wisconsin must belong to a union, for example. Yes, there are rotten teachers, but there are also wonderful teachers. The existence of bad and good cases within any given group says nothing at all about the group as a whole … well, nothing, I guess, other than it’s made up of human beings … bad, good, and the full spectrum of in-between.

    But enough about Wisconsin. What do you all think of Harry Reid’s recent speech to the Nevada legislature to outlaw prostitution? I think you may have touched on this, but from what I’ve read, the debate is still going on in Nevada … is it?

  9. brian T. Says:

    WTF happened to the sound?! You guys need to get your shit together! As for content, I laughed my ass off. Are you guys telling me that Eric’s attacks aren’t prepared before the show? I find that hard to believe! I wanted to hear about Joanna’s gun, but alas she didn’t spend any time talking about it at all. Good job, great podcast, and I’ll be listening for the next one. Thank you for making them more consistent!

  10. victor Says:

    I had to agree with the last comment, I find it hard to believe that Eric’s attacks aren’t prepared! OMG, I can’t believe I laughed so hard when he said Joanna was on a continual cycle! As for the guy, dump him! You don’t need that shit! BTW, not so bothered by the BTW’s (LOL!) I have to agree with Eric, Unions ARE for losers and teachers! Time to go!

  11. Kay Yang Says:

    Joanna, I’m not a person who can gauge “vibes!” Can’t turn on jukeboxes by hitting them either 🙂 Hey I went to UCI with Eric, I took my education seriously, perhaps you may want to instill that in your daughter. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but UH is not a good school. Name me one program that is respected and I’ll retract. (did Eric tell you I was a bit of a bitch?!)

  12. Joanna Says:

    For inquiring minds who want to know, NONE of our podcast is scripted, pre-planned or well-thought out for that matter. Eric’s ambushes are purely random and spontaneous. He is like having my brother John tooling on me all over again. I guess I am forever the “little sister”, especially cause I am so sensitive and reactive. I am sure Eric takes great pleasure in planning his attacks on me. Kay, thanks for the input on U of H. I think Kai is wanting to go there for nostalgic reasons. My kids are half hawaiian and their grandmother is an alumni and Kai just really wants to be in the islands. What do you think of Hawaii Pacific University? We will discuss my gun on the next podcast as well as many other topics that inquiring minds care about. a hui ho y’all!

  13. Renee Says:

    Who freaked out about Joanna’s commenting last podcast? I was the only one who posted about it and I said it was awesome!

    You guys were terrific. I agree about the sound. I’m no expert, but Eric if you want to toss around some ideas on how to improve it, let me know. That is if you actually read this comment. Maybe I should email you! 😉

    About unions, this little joke sums up the issue for me:

    A public union employee, a tea party activist, and a CEO are sitting at a table. A plate with a dozen cookies sits on the table between them. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies and then turns to the tea partier and says, “Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie!”

    The unions are the current scapegoat. They are a group to focus outrage on, like illegal immigrants. But are they really the primary cause of the problems our society is facing right now? No.

  14. Tammy B Says:

    I’ve been listening a while now, and that is correct, Eric is good with the “likes,” the “by the ways,” and being off the cuff! I would find it very hard to believe that he’s such a dick that he sits and plans his Joanna attacks out for days before! With that said, I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life, or at least for this year! WELCOME BACK Eric, your podcasts were depressing me for a while. Back a couple weeks ago someone accused you of fake tears, but I knew they were real, so I’m glad you’re back to your normal stirring up shit self! I’ve now used too many exclamation marks! I wanted to comment on your being married to the truth essay, and then I forgot about doing it, but that was a great essay. I printed it out; I hope you don’t mind. I would love to hear some more podcasts with just Eric, but I’ll keep listening!

  15. ryan from atlanta Says:

    PTSD is a real thing, and I’m not sure I liked your tone about it. Everything can be abused, but to make light of PTSD is just irresponsible and uneducated, and I feel you owe your audience a huge apology. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can make fun of everything. You should be more sensitive not less sensitive about the soldiers and the like. I’m disappointed with you. You of all people know the seriousness of mental illness, you had a friend kill himself. Not everything is fair game.

  16. Administrator Says:

    I had to look up PTSD to even see what it was, and to be honest I don’t remember talking about it … but I’m an equal opportunity offender. I’ll go back and listen to what I said, but until then, Ryan, you might want to chill out. I have around 150 +/- listeners, I’m certainly not putting a damper on your cause. And on that note, please don’t use my friend Josh’s death as some sort of life lesson I’m supposed to have gathered. Thanks everyone (or at least one person) who thinks that our podcasts are rehearsed or prepared, I probably shouldn’t be proud to say it, but they’re not. In fact the last couple podcasts were done on the fly, without any notice at all. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to say until I open my mouth and say it. Not a good plan, but a plan nonetheless. Renee, you’re right no one commented on Joanna’s virtual participation except for you, it’s a podcast and sometimes we run out of shit to say! I shall contact you soon on the sound issue, but I think I know why we were having the echo-chamber this week, and have thusly fixed it. I, too, got a kick out of myself this week and am dreading this week of retaliation since Joanna has just texted me with a time for this week’s chat. As for Kay being a bitch, I have nothing to say but, DUH!

  17. Ben V. Tampa Fl Says:

    Three things: 1) good podcast, again. I would enjoy a podcast with just Eric again, but in leu of that, I’ll take this. 2) dump the guy Eric, married and not telling anyone = liar. 3) work on the sound.

  18. Joanna Says:

    How about a podcast with just Joanna?

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