Feb 27

Well we’re on a roll, and it looks like I’m going to be able to get Renee to do another podcast with me!  As always, if you have any questions of us, be they relationship, kid, family, and writing questions … just ask us.  If you think you’d like to hear Renee’s (or my) opinion on any kind of issues, be it political or entertainment, just let us know.  I’m only giving you guys a day, so make them good!

Feb 19

Well it had to happen eventually in this podcast, the occurrence of a “regular interval” podcast.  I know all you listeners out there are kind of pissed at me for getting these things out in the haphazard bullshit manner that I do, but thanks to the help of Renee, and her wild skills to pull this crap together using the magical wonder of garageband, we have managed to do another podcast!  They happen at 10:30, and without the aid of any real lubricating drinks of any kind, but … I love listening to them.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Renee mentions way too many links for me to input directly into this post, so I shall just list them at the end.  Please comment, and please enjoy.  Without comments we feel like we’re talking into nothing!  PS: All the links are from a rant Renee and I had at the end, and one I want to continue, but when that music starts, it starts and we end … I think it’s a great topic, and we shall revisit it!






Jan 25

You know for all the bitching I did about this (not to you guys, but to everyone else), it turned out REALLY well.  I listened to it and I can’t tell you if we were in the same room or not!  So a couple show notes.  First, we didn’t get to all the questions, but in the next podcast we shall, for sure.  I’m not sure if Lipstick got an assignment for this podcast, but I seem to remember something.  We mentioned a couple of our cohorts in the podcast world, one of them was “The Dunesteff Audio Fiction Magazine” (hitting that should take you there.  Renee also mentioned a short story duo, and that link should show up by hitting this link “Short Story Duo that Renee Mentioned”  (oh by the way that was called the Drabblecast … Enjoy our podcast, comment below, AND please support podcasters in general and hit their links … oh and follow me on twitter at @unpubnotdead … I only have 12 now, but you guys can make it 14 or something higher!

Jan 16

Yes, you heard right!  Now this wasn’t easy to arrange, trust me.  Renee and I live in different areas, and my tech knowledge, being what it is, barely gets a podcast out there with Jeremy, Joanna, or Tacie sitting right across from me.  A lot of questions are probably being asked right now, first, WHAT WILL THE PODCAST BE ABOUT?  Well I’ll be about writing, of course!  To spice up the mix, I have also decided to field relationship problem questions, which Renee, with her ultimate wisdom, will chime in to see if we can’t solve some of your problems.  Now remember this disclaimer, the LAST person I would ask for help with relationship issues is myself, and I’m pretty sure Renee isn’t gonna say she’s any better, so please use our advice for entertainment purposes ONLY.  With that said, please comment below with your questions.  They can be about anything.  Remember Renee is a published writer, and a podcaster, so any questions you have about any of that will be fair game.  The second question you should be asking will we both be drinking the famous Coconut Vodka and Limeaid drink?  I’m not sure we can do a podcast without it, but I guess that’ll be up to Renee.  With that said folks, comment below all your writing and relationship questions, and Renee and I will do our best (which is pretty good) to answer them.  (Is it weird that I’m actually nervous about this podcast?!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, but Renee is an actual professional, and my podcast is about drinking and bullish*ting … I may end up turning Renee to the dark side!)

Oct 8
Henry Cavil sporting a beard

Yeah, Henry Cavil, Superman, Man of Steel, sporting a beard, but not the kind a gay gay wants to see

Yeah if only this were a picture of Henry Cavil with some awful Kardashian on his arm or something, but it’s actually Superman with a beard.  I got called on this whole rant last night how about I’m not attracted to straight guys, when my friend asked me about my obsession with Henry Cavil.  I’m not sure I have an answer for this, other than I don’t really know him.  I’ll think about it and write more later …

Oct 5

Yeah you read that right … Renee’s back!  Let me say first off, before I hear a slew of comments, I got the message from the first five seconds of her podcast, and you WILL be hearing an UPND podcast from me in the future (once this one has had time to digest in my hearts and minds).  I love the podcasts I do with Jer and Joanna, but she’s right, it’s cathartic  to do these.  The only thing missing, no assignment for Lipstick Lady, so she’ll end up just getting to enjoy this one.

Oct 2

I have to be honest, I’m not much for this Twittering … but as people who are my friends on Facebook could account, my posts are generally not boring … so if you’re into things like this, you can follow me on Twitter at “unpubnotdead”  I just got a new iPad that publishes to both Facebook and Twitter … I’ll get better at posting, but right now it’s like MySpace and I have no friends!!!!  Not even Tom is my friend on Twitter!

Oct 2

This is an f-ing milestone, so everyone should take heed.  I have to be honest, I don’t really listen to the podcasts until way after I put them up.  This one is no exception.  This should explain why sometimes the sound is off, or the it’s static-filled.  This seems like an awful thing to do, and probably not very cool, but I’m telling you, if I listened to the podcasts before I put them up, I probably wouldn’t put them up.  Jer and I went out to Extream Pizza for dinner tonight, and had some beers that must have been 100 percent alcohol, and thus the podcast is a little … well we’re wasted!  We had this list of things to talk about, but we ended up doing the Marry/Murder/F*cks the entire time.  It’s probably funny, so enjoy.  Next week I’m going to sync up the titles of the podcasts and the titles of the things you’re downloading.  As always, comment on www.unpublishednotdead.com … thanks for listening and tell a friend.

Sep 22

Well we’re getting set for another Podcast here in the near future … a couple questions would be cool … and if you can include some Murder, Marry, Fuck’s for us … we’d appreciate it.  Jer and I also plan to play an on-air “I never” game … You want to contribute it, it’s all about you guys.

Sep 16

Here's a picture of Jeremy and Me and Burning Man

ever wonder what Jer and I look like … here’s a picture we took at Burning Man … Enjoy!

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