Okay I know it’s been a long time, and I know I owe each and every one of my loyal listeners as to why I haven’t been on lately, but guess what?!  I just don’t have the energy to do it right now.  I do go into it during this podcast, this go around .. With Renee!  Enjoy.

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  1. Jake Says:

    Speechless! I can’t believe you’re back? For reals? I’ll listen later

  2. kay Yang Says:

    I would LOVE to watch Eric in IMPROV!!! This was a really nice mellow podcast. It was a very easy listen. This isn’t passive aggressive or anything, but Joanna tends to be more active, and Jeremy tends to be more over the top, whereas these podcast with renee just seem to be … wonderful! I love your vibe. You’re just two people who seem to have this really incredible mutual respect for each other! Bravo you guys. Keep them coming!

  3. kelly Says:

    Okay two things. First I love Renee. Are you guys still doing this remotely? Second please keep the content up! Eric csn you write more?! You guys are both so talented.

  4. Lipstick Lady Says:

    I listened to this podcast THE VERY DAY it came out, and man, have I missed your podcasts! Hope you will be able to do another one soon, the both of you, and maybe a three-way with Joanna? I think that’d be cool.

    You guys covered a lot of ground (as usual)! Let me see if I can answer the questions you assigned to me. 😉 (While it’s true that I don’t research stuff as much as I used to on account of most people don’t give a shit, I am happy to research for YOU!)

    The asteroid that’s going to not-hit the Earth in 2034 (or thereabouts) is named Apophis. You can read more about it here: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/01/31/repeat-after-me-apophis-is-not-a-danger/

    By the way, if you looooove asteroids, check this one out: http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/05/world/space-asteroid/index.html?hpt=hp_c3 Passing by on February 15 this year! Why is this one not in the doomsday news? Your guess is as good as mine, but perhaps because it doesn’t have a kick-ass name like Apophis. This one is rather boringly dubbed “2012 DA14.”

    As far as magnetic poles “suddenly” switching, it’s not unusual in the Earth’s history, according to NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012-poleReversal.html Except for the whole “sudden” bit, which seems like it’s damn near impossible. (As far as my pea brain can determine after reading so much sciencey stuff, anyway.)

    The next disaster? Tune in to “Doomsday Preppers” and hope you’ve been warned by the ghost of a dead prepper so you’re advised against the sneak attack by a COMET, of all things. (There are many others. MANY. OTHERS. Supervolcano, anyone? I think not enough people take Xanax, but that’s just me.)

    I’ll have to come back to talk smack about writers and their many moods. For now, all I can say is, Eric, it sounds like you already know my thoughts on the subject … <3

  5. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Hey! I came back to post a few more comments on one podcast and found another one is up and running! SWEET! Starting download NOW!

    From this last podcast, I did forget one assignment point … the opposite of “diverse.” My first thought was “homogeneous,” but I suppose that’s more of a term you’d use in chemistry than in a subdivision. So here’s a few other options for the opposite of “diverse:” alike, identical, conformist, uniform, same, consistent, and boring. 😉

    Another thing: writers as moody observers (combining two of your observations, that writers are observers and that writers/artists tend to be more feeling-focused, prone to depression or at least moodiness) … yes. YES. I couldn’t agree more, really. Eric specifically said, “Artists want to feel everything until it gets out of hand.” I think this is true. Not that we want it to get out of hand, but we do want to experience the emotions of situations, or we’re just that sort of way, and involve ourselves in feelings until, well, I guess we don’t know where the freakin’ riptides are, and we get pulled under? Maybe. Hard to say if the pull came first or the venturing into deep water or if they just coexist together (to use one of Eric’s favorite words, “coexist,” heheh). Ahem.

    Just one more thing: the Newtown shooting? I think you can find horrific events throughout history, but you can’t find so much massive, pervasive coverage and discussion of them until recent times. Think about how often you saw a news report about the shooting on television … or heard it on the radio, caught a glimpse of a newspaper headline, heard people talking about it in a store. I can’t find the link right now (I know, how lame is that? some research guru I am) but I read somewhere that at some level, the brain processes these repeat coverages as *different events* even though they are about the same thing, and you know they’re about the same thing at a logical level. This is why, I think, in the middle of a media blitz, it’s pretty common to feel overwhelmed, like the world is TOTALLY going to hell, etc. At some basic level, having seen images of horror repeatedly, we’re “feeling” the problem is pervasive, even though statistically it’s not (and that’s not to minimize ANY shooting; they’re all horrible).

    And on that happy note! Signing off, until your next podcast! The one I have already downloaded, that is!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  6. Renee Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    We are still doing these remotely, but I think we are better now at not talking over each other.

    This was a podcast where we didn’t have any planned topic. I wanted to get caught up with Eric and hear about his improv experience.

    Eric is one of those people with whom it’s so much fun to discuss just about anything. I’ve always enjoyed getting his take on things, even if I don’t always agree. Which reminds me, I need to go comment on Podcast 49, because I completely disagree with something he said in that one.

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