The “Mal-Cast” didn’t work out to well, but just for you guys, my loyal listeners … I have managed to get Renee to do another podcast (and by managed, she put it together, edited, and put the ENTIRE thing together).  We had a list of topics to talk about, and I’m talking MAJOR show prep.  Renee was bringing Health Care to the table, and I had a multitude of other topics on cue, but we ended up talking about gay marriage, education, teachers, and the 80’s.  This is by far the BEST podcast we’ve done.  I’m seriously thinking we’re getting into the groove of the podcast,.  Thanks for listening, and I hope I’ll get some links up soon of things we mentioned.

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  1. kay Yang Says:

    I’m going to say it first, Eric I LOVE YOU. Renee, I LOVE YOU! This WAS the best podcast of the two of you, not quite as funny as a Jer-Cast, and not quite as comfortable as a Joanna-Cast, but you guys are settling very well into each other. I loved the “teacher” exchange, where you guys really started to go politely at each other, then Eric said something like, “of course you’re saying that, read the script.” and then it changed for Eric. I hope it changed for good, and I HOPE that Renee saw the writing on the wall and realized that it’s okay to disagree, and it’s way more fun to listen to! I love this podcast a lot, and that’s saying something. You guys need to keep this ball rolling. Eric PLEASE keep writing, and posting. I love your short stories, and I don’t say this enough, but you have talent, I just need you to develop it more. It’s not refined yet. You need to keep doing these podcasts, and you need you need to do them ore often. Renee, you shine. I love your voice and your point of view. Wow, this was a very positive post. Thanks guys!

  2. gordon Says:

    I thought Renee’s explanation about gay marriage and what she said to her kid was a cop-out. I saw a picture of that Taylor kid wearing a tee shirt that said ‘some dudes marry” I thought it was brilliant. I’m not sure why straight people ride the line the way they do. I agree, this is the best podcast the two of you guys have done. I’m going to also virtually paste Kay’s whole comment, because I agree with everything she says. I’m on Renee’s side about the teachers.

  3. Renee Says:

    Kay? Are you feeling okay? You’re not acting like yourself.. 😉 Thanks, though! We had fun and we’re going to try to do another one soon.

    Gordon- Not sure what you mean about cop out. Maybe Eric does. I’m sure he’ll tell me next time we podcast! Thanks for listening and commenting!

  4. jake Says:

    I’m not sure what anyone was talking about Renee copping out? I thought she gave a very good answer. i wish MY parents were as cool. I have to admit I was a huge homophobe until I started listening to Eric’s podcasts. I agree with Kay, this was the best podcast that Eric and Renee have recored, but it’s not the best podcast that Eric has recored, but it’s really close. It’s really cool to see how HARD it is to do a podcast that’s actually worth listening to. I think the end of this podcast got Renee engaged, and I’m looking forward to hearing MORE (which is WHEN, Exactly?!) I agree with Eric, I don’t know any teachers who have been worth a fuck until I started college last year. I’m young and I’m here to tell you, Renee, that I’m a sponge, really. I love to learn, but teachers are more interested in agenda building, and jamming THEIR views down my neck that it’s anti-learning. I watch TV shows about science and space and I think, how come my teachers were so focused on BULLSHIT and not this interesting stuff. I watch the history channel and I think, why am I not exposed to THIS history? I think there are more teachers like that chick in South Carolina than you seem to realize, Renee. I just graduated high school last year and I’m here to tell you, that if it weren’t for memorizing answers to lame tests, and math, I’d be dumb. I wish my teachers wanted thoughtful answers like my college professors, and didn’t just want me to regurgitate their views back to them. A bunch of podcasts ago, Eric asked the question, where are all these teachers of the year coming from, I can’t name even one teacher I would nominate, and I agreed and still do. Renee, if you have young children, I feel sorry for them because you’re trusting people who just took the job because they wanted summers off! Those are not role models. Oh, please keep these podcasts THIS engaging, I was arguing with both of you the entire run of this. I can’t believe either of you guys are in your forties, you are both so current. Shout out for another Jer-cast! and another Joanna-cast. I dig them all, but I’m loving these too!

  5. abby Drake Says:

    Yes I’m still out here listening. Thank goodness for Renee’s quick wit and intelligence! Bravo, Renee, for being such a strong and independent person! I had a many wonderful teachers growing up I can hardly count them all. It is a noble profession, that does not get it’s due. I’m so happy Renee “read the script” as Eric so arrogantly put it! Where would he be without teachers? Dare I say, how could he voice his opinions without a teacher?

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