Okay it’s been forever since I’ve been across the mic from Joanna … but YEAH WE’RE back!  We talk from everything from the double standard of the Courage to the Lech … please comment we’re insecure.

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  1. kay Yang Says:

    interesting podcast. While I enjoyed hearing Joanna again, there was quite more cackling this go around then I remembered. I think there are a lot of people who use Whole Foods as a dating place, but of course, Eric is totally unaware. I do believe he is unaware, in case you’re wondering about this. I also think that Eric is the bigger catch over Joanna. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with him; he’s funny, he’s charming, and he’s good looking. He’s the trifecta in dating. No offense Joanna, but yeah I’m going to have to give Eric this one. I was glad to hear you both again and please do some more! Joanna you’re a delight.

  2. Dee Dee (Dallas) Says:

    Who’s the bigger catch?! Eric!!!!! Amazing writer, funny, great voice. Joanna if I went for girls I’d consider you. Loved the vibe this time! Next podcast give us whole podcast and not after you guys talk! Double Standard for for sure the song from GB was That Summer, and I never thought about this topic good call!

  3. jake Says:

    yeah the song is That Summer. Interesting topic about the double standard, what about Mary Joe Latorno, or even the Amy Fisher thing, where she clearly was the aggressor and shot someone, and the husband got all the bad press. I can think of a thousand more incidents. Bigger catch? Joanna, hands down! Her daughter Kai even more so :). Eric you seem like a nice guy, but Joanna’s got the sexy voice on you every time. Hey there was a bit more Joanna Kackle this podcast than normal. I’ll take Joanna Kackle over no Joanna any day! Keep’em coming bitches!

  4. big Fan from Austin Says:

    There a lot of “Joanna-Kackle” in this podcast! is that what we’re calling it? Bigger catch? Eric. if there has to be a reason, because he’s a cool guy, and I’m digging him these days. Oh and loved the bit about joanna getting louder and slower. two in a row!

  5. Joanna Says:

    Thanks Jake for the support!!! I don’t think I am conscious of my “Cackle”, so it may be a nervous tick–who knows?! All I know is that I have fun every time Eric and I get together because we aways seem to discover something new about ourselves, our awareness and about each other. Mahalo brother E for providing this venue!

  6. Gerry Says:

    The bigger catch, well that would have to be Eric, for sure. Joanna’s got a man. I really liked this podcast people. I enjoy them all but this vib is great. Keep them coming and I’ll keep listening.

  7. vicky (Maryland) Says:

    I was listening to this podcast and was equally engaged by the “newlywed game” part. I thought your guys exchange on the whole “high maintenance” vs ” unworthy” was wonderful and hit close to home. I thought I would sob as I was listening to this. You guys are so REAL! I love that Joanna brings HERSELF to this podcast. I can’t imagine how hard it is to do that. You can always tell that people on this podcast hold back, except for her. I think it’s hard for her to get something over on Eric. I’m not sure why they are so sync, but I think sometimes Joanna should pay Eric for this level of therapy! Joanna THIS is why I love you so much! I don’t cry too often during things I listen to, but this one hit so close to home, and it was because of you, Joanna! I love you so much!

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