Back in the original days of this podcast I used to have a lot of control over the comments for this podcast.  As it progressed, over the last four years, a lot of you have commented so much I no longer have the option of moderating them.  I used to edit out comments that were foul and awful so that my friends who do this podcast won’t be inhibited to do it.  I got a lot of shit from Renee for doing that, and so I have kept a hands-off approach.  I just want everyone to know, this is MY podcast, and if you want to say ANYTHING about me, please do so; I have a thick skin and I put myself out there for this very reason.  I have learned so much from the positive comments and even more from the negative ones.

Can I ask one favor, for which I won’t be able to do anything about?  When I podcast with a friend, can you please keep it to yourself things that don’t sit right with you?  I’m sure Renee comes on this site from time to time, and she will chime in with her views (which will probably be she’s fair game), but as for Jeremy, Joanna, and Tacie and anyone else who contributes to my podcast, can you please be kind?  I had to delete a comment the other day, and it killed me!

Now in summary, with me, shoot, aim, kill … I don’t care.  I’m here for the long haul and I want your feedback, but my friends, please just remember they’re just having a drink and talking into a mic for an hour with a friend!  Take that into account when making any comments please!

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  1. jake Says:

    right on!

  2. Renee Says:

    I love how you stick up for your friends, Eric! (But just to remind you, my problem wasn’t that you deleted the comment about me, it was that you said you hadn’t when I asked.)

    Anyway, it’s your blog and you can decide what gets posted. I’d probably delete mean comments about my friends on my blog too. And people can be brutal on the internet. That’s something else we can talk about sometime, if you want. Have you heard about “The Author’s Big Mistake”?

  3. Red Ross Says:

    Good post! I think it’s very brave of your friends to do the podcast cause you rip on them sometimes. But we should all try and be kinder in our lives, period!

  4. Abby Drake Says:

    I noticed it was my comment that was deleted. Looking back at what I remember writing (because I can’t read it) my comments may have been misunderstood and for that I’m sorry. I most certainly am entertained by your podcast although I do tend to disagree a lot! This time I perhaps disagreed too strongly.

  5. victor Says:

    HERE HERE! I will continue to bag on YOU and leave the innocent bystander out of it! I can not imagine ANYONE bagging on Joanna?! I thought the last podcast was great; worthy of another listen! Keep it up Eric, I will only say mean things about you from now on, Joanna, Renee, Jeremy will be off limits!

  6. gordon Says:

    where are the podcasts?!

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