Well Joanna is back, and she’s brought her daughter along for the ride.  Now I almost wasn’t going to publish this podcast, because to be frank, I always feel a little guilty that the sound is off, and this certainly is.  The mic that we use during the podast is a headset mic, so it works perfect if you’re wearing it, but Joanna and Kai were sharing it, and I think the sound is a bit off because of it.  I listened to this podcast, and I have to be honest, it’s rough, but it’s fresh, and fun to listen to.  We wanted to dive into what kids liked and didn’t like but in the end, we ended up with Joanna on the couch talking about why she hated Christmas and all holidays.  We find out if girls really like Zac Effron, and One Direction, and it’s just a good time.  If you want to comment please do.  Thanks for listening.

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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    WOW Joanna, you DO NOT look good in this podcast. I would love to have this hanging over my head to listen to get in touch with myself. I think you are so incredibly brave to let Eric release this. A couple things, Kai seems lovely. I was glad Eric didn’t let her rant endlessly though. Eric was spot on, as always. Joanna I think you are going to want to wait a month and listen to this podcast, and how it makes you look when you talk about holidays. I loved Eric’s thing about experimenting with not looking good. Eric, news flash, you’re NOT as good looking as you think! (although you do seem like you would be a kick ass person to sleep with at least once, let me know if you have any interest in switching teams for a night). I’m in love with this podcast, but this one was my favorite so far, and mostly because Joanna lost her cool.

  2. kelly Says:

    Haven’t listened to a lot of these woot Renee. That being said: WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I’m debating if I like the geniune and honest debate with R or this free for all. I agreed with the last poster J does not come off well in this podcast and it really makes for good listening! I think Eric was joking about thinking hes too good looking but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless. Second that Kai seems lovely! Best word to describe her

  3. Joanna Says:

    Interesting comments about not “looking good”. All three of us had great fun with this podcast and hopefully Kai will join us again. She IS lovely and I am very proud of her. We are very close and am glad we got to share this experience together.

  4. jake Says:

    AMEN on the return of Joanna! This is what I’ve been missing. My roommate thinks Joanna has a hell of a sexy voice, but Kai (Is that spelled right?) OH BABY! I could have listened to her all night! Okay I dug this podcast. Eric with the unapproachable thing killed me, and the whole “what do you believe in?” discussion was awesome. I love you guys! Just so you know, Eric, we DON’T love One Direction. We like REAL music, sometimes you put it at the end of your podcast! Joanna not sure why people said you were schooled? You are a worthy adversary tp Eric, who is ALWAYS fucking with you! You hold your own. But what else did you think your biggest fan was going to say?! Keep trucking people!

  5. jake Says:

    oh with the whole “I made them I should get to see them” discussion, my mom walks in on me ALL THE TIME, and I know she made these sticks and berries, but hell I’ve taken care of them for 19 years, and when she says, “I used to change your diapers! I’m thinking, oh did I have a fat one with hair back then too?! You can’t say that to your mom though! Welcome back Joanna!

  6. jake Says:

    Kai, you ever get to Idaho?

  7. Kai Says:

    WOW Kay you really do not look good being so judgmental towards a person you do not know. My mother does look good inside and out. Don’t worry about how MommaJ “looks” when telling the truth. You look like a complete ninnyhammer. O and thanks for saying im lovely <3

  8. Kai Says:

    ooo and Jake I am very flattered 😉

  9. Renee Says:

    I didn’t understand the Joanna doesn’t look good, comments either. Holidays are stressful for a lot of people.

    It was great to hear Joanna again and to hear Kai. 🙂 I think it’s terrific that you guys have such a close relationship.

    Eric, I was talking back to my ipod as I listened. The only dictators are from the left? What about fascists? Young people today don’t care about politics? What about the Occupy movement? We have a lot to talk about next time!

  10. Administrator Says:

    LOL! Every podcast invites another one! That’s why this is so much fun!

  11. victor Says:

    what the fuck is everyone talking about Joanna not looking good? Okay I must say this podcast tapped into something personal with Joanna, but it made her MORE likable and not less so. I agree with Kai, who says that Joanna is beautiful inside and out. We tend to forget that we ALL have those things that set us off. I loved Eric’s blog entry about being kind to the people who do the podcast with him. I think it’s awful that you put these things out there, for free, and people feel they can insult you.

  12. kay Yang Says:

    obviously my comment wasn’t deleted, which means someone said something worse than ME! Hey Unpublishednotdead People, I’M THE BITCH IN THIS STORY! I’m almost insulted that someone tried to take that away from me! Joanna you know I listen to these podcasts because I love Eric, but also because I love his friends, you are a great person, and I have enjoyed “getting to know you” over the past couple years. Please don’t let me or anyone else get you down. I could be kinder, but it would just be fake. I love you guys and don’t you ever forget it!

  13. Joanna Says:

    Kay, your comment about being “kinder but would be fake”can also be applied to my answering Eric’s question about how I feel about holidays. I could have lied and said everything is peachy at the holidays, but unfortunately, that is the farthest thing from the truth. I started a different holiday tradition after my ex and I split up and it actually has grown into a worthy celebration involving live music at the casa, luau-inspired grinds and libations for all who dare to celebrate just “being”. My winter celebration is somewhat like Seinfeld’s George Costanza’s “Festivus”, but mine is simply called “Rutabaga”. We are “Rutabagans” for the day –don’t ask why, it just is.

  14. Administrator Says:

    no Kay, your comment didn’t get deleted, and much like the lost podcast we shall someday release, Joanna and I shall discuss the “lost” comment. Which actually didn’t have anything to do with Joanna’s holiday rant, which I guess I’ve heard SOOOO many times I just didn’t pay attention to when I was sitting there listening during the actual podcast, cause I didn’t see the controversy! I think someone picks up on a topic and then people go off!

  15. kay Yang Says:

    Joanna you must please admit to losing that famous cool you are so famous for?! I’m not sure I said anything that wasn’t true?! Of course this comment string has gotten out of hand with bullshit! The fact is I LOVED this podcast. I love your guy’s vibe, and I think the whole Eric putting on glasses to make him more approachable was a great topic I would love to hear more about. As you guys must have been briefed on, I’m a friend of Eric’s from college, and I think between his long blonde hair, swimmers build and had lack of any real modesty (which is why I find it odd that he cries out about nudity all the time, that skinny bitch was ALWAYS wearing clothes too small, tank tops, shirtless at the Union during the summer, and I don’t think I EVER saw him wearing a pair of shoes. I dare say he was hot but so wonderful in the fact that he zero clue because what’s hot to girls is not hot to his straight guy friends. My boyfriend now husband, says that he would have described Eric as average good looks, no body, and a weird sense of humor) I hardly think anyone ever thought he was smart or serious in any way. I must say when I saw him graduating with honors I was SHOCKED! I would assume that people like him have a huge issue with being taken seriously . I think it’s a great topic, and I loved his take on it. I think there is a lot of exchange with looks and perception. I think this whole topic is great.

  16. gordon Says:

    shave your ass!

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