Well evidently the same problems which follow Joanna and me around also plague Renee and I … SOUND!  I’m hopeful the content is good this time around, but both of us lost track several times during the podcast and to be honest, I’m not sure how clever we were!  We did talk about Energy, and conservation.  We also talked a bit AROUND writing, and other stuff that may or not made it to the podcast!  Have fun, please comment, and enjoy!

Here are some of the links we mentioned on this podcasts (and I’m going to get some of the other ones from Renee but this is a good start)  …

The bummer music at the end (please support the band, they rock)


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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    Tough being parent these days, huh Renee!? I loved this podcast and didn’t really notice there was a sound issue. Eric I HATE it when people ask me to read their SHIT. I feel your pain!! Renee, I have to wonder how “harsh” you ever were! Although as these podcasts progress you are changing girl! You don’t seem as nice to me as you did before! Near the end of the podcast you seemed downright annoyed … There was a lot of Tacie-isms going on at the end where she wasn’t aware that nodding wasn’t a good way to do a podcast! LOVED the song at the end! downloaded it!

  2. Lipstick Lady Says:

    I have to agree with Renée, I really thought you replaced the podcast where you dropped my name with an edited version. I think this because I believe Renée asked me if it was something SHE said that made you edit the podcast, and I was all, HAHA, no, this time it was totally ME!

    The question of anonymity on the Internet is a good one. I’m revisiting it, myself, because I am doing more writing under my real name and it’s kind of a pain to maintain two separate identities (as Eric/Kael well knows). 🙂 But remembering the stalker incident … ugh, that gets me thinking again. I was lucky in a way; it never got to the point of being more than harassment, but ya know, harassment is kind of more than enough, and you DON’T know what other people are capable of. It’s not an Internet problem, but maybe the Internet makes it easier for some people to be creepy, I dunno.

    I let people tag themselves in photos, too, by the way. 😉

    I SO agree with you about how more people think they can write than illustrate (for example). It can be very frustrating to try to work with people like this. It happens with everything, I think, but I do think it happens more with writing.

    If fusion should become the power source of the future, I certainly don’t think that makes wind and solar “bullshit.” Wind has been used on farms for a long time to draw water from wells, for instance, and solar has applications for small-time use, too. My parents have a remote cabin and use solar to power the lights, computer, phones, etc. Very handy for their situation and I’m sure many others.

    U.S. Total Crude Oil Imports by Country of Origin: (Eric is right on!)

    Fracking and earthquakes: (Renée’s got this one!)

    I am APPALLED that it’s been 36 years since Viking landed on Mars. Holy smokes. How did I get so old?? Ahem. Anyway, a couple of links for you on the life on Mars thing and why they didn’t put the pieces together back in the day (some people did, though, according to the second article):

    Yeah, and we’re under a tornado watch, so I’ll be back later if possible …

  3. Renee Says:

    Thanks, Kay. I spent a couple of hours going through the audio clipping out all of our worst pops and heavy breathing sounds. We were both using different microphones and didn’t realize all that they were picking up! I got sick of editing out the pops on my “mmm, hmm”s at the end so I just took them all the way out; that’s why there were those times when Eric was talking with no response from me!

    As for being not as nice, I’m definitely not as self-conscious now, and that’s what’s coming across. I’m never “harsh” when critiquing, but as Eric said, I do say what I think. 🙂

    And I hear you on modern parenting! Lots of new issues to worry about!

  4. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Whew, made it! A few more things: (the book Eric mentioned)

    Not everyone who shoots someone is arrested. I think it’s called “Castle Doctrine,” and so if you feel threatened (etc, various legal definitions and terms go here), you can shoot an intruder in your home and feel pretty secure that you won’t go to jail for it (as long as you meet all the appropriate conditions). Of course, George Zimmerman wasn’t IN HIS HOME, but from what I read online, it may be a variation of Castle Doctrine that’s coming into play here. The Wikipedia page seems to indicate as much, specifying “no duty to retreat, regardless of where the attack occurred:

    More specifics on Florida:

    So I guess the question here is, WAS George Zimmerman attacked? I’m afraid I haven’t been following the story closely, either. :\

    With regard to Eric’s full-podcast debut, I have to say, NEVER have I heard the word “Police!” uttered with greater resonance or realism. Well done! *throws roses* 😀

    Annnnnd the Romney thing. Ann Rosen’s words were poorly chosen, no matter which side you’re on. But IN CONTEXT, her words are less inflammatory to stay-at-home moms (or work-outside-the-home moms, for that matter). They’re just poorly-chosen words:

    I agree with this summary:

    “Rosen was not attacking SAHMs. She was merely trying to point out that it’s probably not the wisest decision for a wealthy candidate to rely on his privileged spouse to provide guidance on issues that face typical American women who are employed outside the home earning a paycheck that is essential to the economic survival of their families.”


    The thing is, whether it’s a mountain or a molehill here, it’s been intentionally inflammatory and divisive. Haven’t we got enough shit that divides us as a people? Can’t we stick to the issues that matter and try to make some progress that is useful for all people instead of point fingers and say, “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!!” in a Cartman-level whine? And don’t any of these “political analysts” have a REAL JOB? 😉

    Enough out of me. You know I loved this podcast ’cause there’s SO much to think about and talk about! I did notice the sound issues but I know you guys will work them out (it wasn’t that bad anyway). Power to the podcast people!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  5. Gordon Says:

    I like the podcasts these days, but there’s something about Eric that’s off, which I’m sure we’ll hear about eventually! No questions this time? I’m going to right ahead and comment on Renee “editing” out things. I think this podcast works because of the LACK of editing. There have been times when Eric and Joanna or Jeremy crack themselves up so much there is five minutes of laughing. Is that good editing? I would say no, but is that a good podcast? I say a resounding YES. I too downloaded the song at the end of the podcast. I didn’t see the link till the next day so I got it off my phone. I also stuck on that parenting issue which I think did not get very much play in this podcast. I think you guys could have spoken for hours about this. I find it hard to parent in these days of Facebook and the internet. I would have been interested in the “rest” of this conversation. I also feel that Eric is wrong about the energy thing. I think that if fusion does get off the ground, and I agree with him on that, it does not mean that all this green energy will have been useless. GREAT podcast again. I’m glad Renee is getting into the swing and feeling less inhibited, it makes for good listening. DON’T EDIT the mistakes! Renee you have a great voice!

  6. Administrator Says:

    I would say it’s good editing to edit out the heavy breathing and the drinking sounds! 🙂 (Renee can’t get a break!)

  7. Renee Says:

    So weird that my last comment show’s up after LL’s. When I posted, Kay’s was the only one up there.

    Anyway, thank you LL, for the links and for remembering the editing incident. I’d forgotten that I’d asked you about it! Besides tending to think everything is about me, I think I wondered because Eric and Joanna were talking about me, then there was this weird glitch, and then they were on a different topic. 🙂 I’m amazed about Canada being such a big source of our oil. Why are we mucking around in the Middle East then? They’re contribution has to be significant, I’d think, even if it’s not the biggest. xoxo

    Gordon- Thanks for listening! Don’t worry! I didn’t edit out any mistakes or any content. We had a lot of times when one of us was talking and the other one was breathing heavily into the microphone. So I edited out the breathing. I also took out some of the “pops”: bursts of breath that make a loud, staticky sound.

    And I don’t think anything is “off” about Eric, either. Hmm…

  8. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Sometimes my comments don’t show up for days. I tend to think the sheer mass of words causes a black-hole like effect as my babbling collapses in on itself, but then, something magic happens and it appears. (Could be bad magic, could be good magic, depending on your perspective. RELATIVITY!)

  9. Lipstick Lady Says:

    SEE? That one posted right away!

  10. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    Tough job being a parent, that podcast could have gone on forever! Bring that up next podcast! Great job the two of you. Digging the vib!

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