Well Joanna is back and evidently we WERE in a fight!  We talk about this latest political situation with Obama and Romney.  Then we pick it up with Glee, and then talk about Bullying … We dive into Dexter, and into One Tree Hill … this is a great ride, have fun.  Follow me on twitter @unpubnotdead … give me some love.

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  1. Renee Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to listen!

  2. TNT Says:

    Really like the chemisty with you guys! You’re both right, show prep!!! Is key! That is why Renee and Eric are doing so well! Love you jojo!!!

  3. Kay Yang Says:

    Kay say Joanna IS a bit pretentious! OMFG, I didn’t think I was going to ever MISS Joanna! That cackle was sorely missing from the podcast. Eric you are SUCH A DICK TO HER! Oh how I love my podcasts, I’m not sure who I like more, Jeremy who has that sexy stoner thing, Joanna with her cackle, or Renee who actually prepares for a show and says something. I enjoyed EVERY minute of the show. Thanks so much for coming back even if you and Eric were fighting! I laughed so hard when Eric said that he and Joanna were CURRENTLY in line for Superman, just one of the dumb things that make me laugh.

  4. victor Says:

    the movie that Eric was talking about was “the skin I live in” Joanna, you were missed! loved the podcast.

  5. jake Says:

    thanks for giving me plugs you guys! I’ll be a struggling writer forever, if I’m lucky! I downloaded the song at the end by FUN. I love that band! You should give the download info in your summary. Responding to the comment that Renee said that Eric is the only one who’s entertaining. I think he’s a different person with everyone, and I like all of those people. I got to thinking about the box he was talking about. It’s so interesting how different he is in his own podcast, and in the ones with Jeremy, he’s just a regular guy who I would hang with, and with Joanna he’s like her brother, and with Renee he’s the good friend, and with Tacie he’s suffers from hero worship! Oh my god I laughed so hard about the same thing, that he was CURRENTLY in line for Superman. It was so stupid. I’m backing Romney as well, so no controversy there, Obama is in too far over his head. Keep them coming, I’m listening. Thanks for the compliment, I try.

  6. Joanna Says:

    Recipe for the best fucking Manhattan EVER!!!!

    1 1/2 oz Bulliett Rye
    1/2 oz Cartano Sweet Vermouth
    4-5 dashes See Bros. Old fashioned bitters
    Griotinnes Cherries in Brandied Syrup
    4-5 dashes of the cherry juice
    Pour over ice in a martini shaker
    STIR–DON’T Shake
    or serve over rocks

  7. Red Ross Says:

    New listener, love the show. Reading the comments think everyone is right on! Thanks for a great ride to work!

  8. gerry Says:

    GREAT TIME! I love you guys!

  9. kelly Says:

    I’d like to hear some Kenny logins … Just saying

  10. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Eric, you DID tell me that coconut vodka + Limeade is like masturbation. And you’re right. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😉

    Bear Bile Farming … thank you so much for this disturbing topic! More info:

    About Kirk Cameron, I have to disagree with you, Eric. This dude DOES believe what he’s saying. He’s been saying it FOR YEARS and he’s actively involved in ministry. Check it out: (Kirk has his own segment on the “About” page, and BY THE WAY, he’s all over YouTube with his religious views as well.)

    What I said about atheists (in relation to Kirk Cameron and his anti-gay stuff). I’ll retweet myself right here (as long as that’s alright with you):

    “Marriage was defined by God …” & in YOUR CHURCH, you can go with that definition. #KirkCameron

    He does realize that atheists can have civil marriages and raise kids, doesn’t he? Does he not have a problem with that? #KirkCameron

    Religious freedom goes both ways, you know. So should CIVIL marriage. I don’t care what you do in your church. #KirkCameron #GayMarriage

    I wasn’t trying to detract from the struggle for gay marriage rights. I just think it’s ridiculous to make the religious argument against homosexual marriage. An atheist marriage (e.g., MY marriage) is legal and entirely outside of the church. An atheist marriage, even if it may have certain attributes that Kirk Cameron would find acceptable (you know, a man and a woman in a “marriage”), does NOT have a darn thing to do with GOD. What’s the problem with having the same option available to a man and a man or a woman and a woman? Nobody’s invading any churches or demanding churches perform such a ceremony. It’s a legal arrangement. I just don’t see the issue. LET IT GO, KIRK.

    (Sorry. This gets me kind of riled.)

    Victor already gave you the name of the movie you were talking about (“The Skin I Live In”), but here’s a link:

    Yeah, the shock value thing is way the fuck out of hand. Sorry, but IT SO IS. Wacky.

    Was Rush Limbaugh taken out of context? Hell no. Listen for yourself: (it’s just a short clip, coming back from a commercial break I believe) The argument could be made that Rush was being purposefully inflammatory, because, well, THAT’S WHAT HE DOES, but … he still said what he said. And it was a whole lot of nasty, no joke.

    “War on Women” … I am ambivalent about this term. I don’t think Republicans in general (certainly there are some who would love to go back to the 1950s when women were safely stowed away at home, happily homemaking and cooking with a metric shit-ton of lard in every meal) are about sending women back to the “glorious” pre-sexual-revolution era. I think there’s plenty of Republicans who seriously believe that a woman’s place is in the home and all this evil contraception shit has made things BAD for women (*cough* RICK SANTORUM *cough*). That being said, if I want to take a pill MY DOCTOR prescribed and NOT have 12 babies, it’s nobody’s business but mine and my doctor. And if someone’s trying to take that away from me, however well-intentioned or sincerely held their beliefs may be, it’s war, baby. Damn right.

    Alternatively, think of it this way: there is no more of a “war on women” than there is a “war on Catholics.” (Catholic radio … they’re well-nigh certain of the “war” upon them.)

    I am a little concerned about this idea that Catholic institutions should be able to avoid contraception on a “right of conscience” argument. Where does the line get drawn, then? If Joe Redneck decides his business shouldn’t have to fund maternity leave AT ALL because women shouldn’t be in the workplace when they have kids, can HE invoke this “right of conscience?” Why is it okay for Catholics to say, hey, we don’t want to pay for your contraception when I don’t get to say, hey, I don’t want to pay for healthcare for your six kids? I’m not going to say it’s a slippery slope, because that’s a bullshit argument, but we would need to make some pretty clear distinctions or letting the Catholics out of paying for contraception for non-Catholics is NOT going to be the end of the story. I mean, come on. You know it’s not! Also, contraception isn’t just contraception. Blah, blah, blah. Let’s move on, shall we? Before you ban me for babbling.

    Eric, I liked hearing your opinion on “Roe V. Wade.” Well-considered and thorough.

    As for late-term abortion, read a few stories about these rare situations:

    Okay, the case you were discussing: Tyler Clementi’s suicide, from Rutgers. However, the person being prosecuted, Dharun Ravi, was NOT being prosecuted for driving Tyler to suicide. He was prosecuted for invasion of privacy, which, I think you could pretty much agree with, if not the sentence he received. Here’s some analysis of it:

    No, I’m not done yet. I’ll. Be. BACK.

  11. Administrator Says:

    wow!!!! there was some serious note taking going on here … I’ve pretty much forgotten what we were even taking about!!! So much for my commitment to the show! New one soon though, ugh so tired lately!

  12. Lipstick Lady Says:

    You covered a hell of a lot of ground! Still not through all my notes, I just got tired of typing. 😉 Hope to finish tonight and be all ready and back on track for your next big show!

    By the way, I finally got a recording of my voice. Now I’m trying how to make it sound like it’s not been recording by an 8-year-old kid playing with A VINTAGE TAPE RECORDER. 😛

  13. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Okay, I don’t know what the hell happened, my notes are a mess so I listened again but then the dog went off (he has issues) sooo … I missed it somewhere. Anyway, here’s the first of my last two notes, completely out of context:

    Yes, people have a right to their religious convictions (or lack thereof). But rights are a funny thing … they have a finite reach, and when they reach into someone ELSE’S convictions, Houston, we have a problem.

    (Okay, you got me. My notes said only this: “Right to religious conviction or lack thereof BUT NOT TO BRING YOUR CONVICTION TO ME.” Whatever.)

    Along similar lines, here’s the entirety of my other scribbling:

    “‘Right to work anywhere you want.’ … Not really—you have to get hired first.” I think my point here was that regarding health care benefits, etc, I hear a lot of rhetoric about how people need to just not accept the crappy jobs that don’t have insurance, or don’t pay for contraceptives, or whatever the hell they don’t do well (like, say, overwork people because in this economic environment? they think they CAN). Great idea, and yes, this country was founded by hardworking people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps (what the hell are bootstraps, anyway? LIPSTICK LADY, LOOK IT UP!) and blah blah, go forth, young man, and MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR YOURSELF. But there are not enough jobs, not by a long shot, to satisfy the need and IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY BOOTSTRAPS YOU PULL, not everyone can win at this. SOMEBODY still gotta work as a motel maid, or a convenience store clerk, or a Walmart greeter. So while there is some truth to it, the argument, work harder and do better, is kind of stupid … there’s only a certain number of kickass jobs with great benefits, and there are WAY more people than there are jobs like that.

    Did I have a point? Hard to tell out of context. But obviously I got a LOT out of this podcast! Would love to hear more writing talk, too, though. Or do it, someday. (I still sound like I’m talking into a tunnel. WTF.)

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  14. Lipstick Lady Says:

    Seriously? Bootstraps are just shoelaces? Who knew?

  15. Administrator Says:

    what ever are we going to do on a podcast WITH Lipstick … there will be no one to keep us honest, we can say whatever we want!!!!

  16. Renee Says:

    I’ve got the coconut vodka and a limeade recipe. I’m all set, Eric!

  17. Lipstick Lady Says:

    I am definitely not classy enough … I keep a container of the frozen limeade (Minute Maid?) in my fridge and just scoop some out to taste when I’m mixing up a coconut-vodka-&-limeade drink!

  18. Renee Says:

    It’s not a matter of being classy. The only limeade I could find at the store was organic and $5 for this tiny bottle. I couldn’t do that! So I thought well, there’s got to be a recipe for it somewhere. 🙂 I didn’t think to look in the frozen section…

  19. Administrator Says:

    yeah, they sell the frozen stuff in the frozen section! LOL!

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