Well we’re on a roll, and it looks like I’m going to be able to get Renee to do another podcast with me!  As always, if you have any questions of us, be they relationship, kid, family, and writing questions … just ask us.  If you think you’d like to hear Renee’s (or my) opinion on any kind of issues, be it political or entertainment, just let us know.  I’m only giving you guys a day, so make them good!

9 Responses

  1. Kay Yang Says:

    Is Obama half black, or half white?

  2. Sam Fenton Says:

    Interesting no topics! Okay I’ll bite. Do you think it’s possible that people change sexualities? Possible for gay to straight or straight to gay?! I’d like Renee’s opinion on this especially. Writing question for you two: how often do you read something and say ugh?!

  3. Jake Says:

    Hey! Comment on this: bullies, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them!

  4. Haley James Scott Says:

    Get podcast! Okay you two, I loved the rant on racism last time, wondering if either of you know what’s going on in LA? they impound cars of licensed drivers for 30 days. It’s state law and LA says its racist. Opinion?! Second. The one of the reasons all these sex cases happened was because the schools had high ratios of immigrants, who didn’t want to come forward … School district racist? Please get to my questions.

  5. Sammy from Houston Says:

    Do you think the Hunger Games is going to be a good movie, and along that same thought, do you think popular and non popular literature is being written for the screen in mind?! Do you think it’s a back door for Writers to gain some kind of fame? Do either of you think this is a good thing?!

  6. Rena frank Says:

    Do you guys have any guilty pleasures? Tv, movies, bands? I’m especially interested in Renee’s responce, I have a feeling all of eric’s life is a guilty pleasure!!!

  7. Kay yang Says: Thought you guys could have some fun with this.

  8. Kay yang Says:

    AND … I just read online that Glee is the #8 selling digital artist of all time. This sickens me, curious what you think about it (I’m Kay from NYC now boys and girls!)

  9. TNT Says:

    I read this today and I’m dying to hear your opinions! I got this rss feed today and been thinking about this all day. Just so you guys know I love the podcast! Thanks for answering my question last week, you help! Here’s the link:

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