Well it had to happen eventually in this podcast, the occurrence of a “regular interval” podcast.  I know all you listeners out there are kind of pissed at me for getting these things out in the haphazard bullshit manner that I do, but thanks to the help of Renee, and her wild skills to pull this crap together using the magical wonder of garageband, we have managed to do another podcast!  They happen at 10:30, and without the aid of any real lubricating drinks of any kind, but … I love listening to them.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Renee mentions way too many links for me to input directly into this post, so I shall just list them at the end.  Please comment, and please enjoy.  Without comments we feel like we’re talking into nothing!  PS: All the links are from a rant Renee and I had at the end, and one I want to continue, but when that music starts, it starts and we end … I think it’s a great topic, and we shall revisit it!



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  1. peggy/baltimore Says:

    LOVE LOVE the podcast. New listener, and I LOVE it. I’m going back and listening to some of the older ones now. Great voices (the two of you).

  2. kay Yang Says:

    thinking of something snide to say … wait for it … wait for it … can’t think of anything, these podcasts are good! I wasn’t sure how Renee was going to play out, but this is a great pairing. Lord help us! I must say I love how Eric reins Joanna in when she goes on and on and on, and I noticed that he does the same thing to Renee! LOVING THAT! He’s right to do it too, this is a really short podcast! Perfect for my drive into work though so keep it the SAME time! OMFG ERIC I LOVE the back end music. I Shazamed it! Adam Levin?! That song was great, last week’s was great! (I miss Jeremy too!!! 🙁

  3. victor Says:

    HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Renee you need to stop talking over Eric! Eric is far more interesting, which is probably why this is his podcast! Eric, I was so with you with the whole black culture argument. Why do McDonald’s only have racially separate commercials? I love this podcast no matter who is with Eric! Renee, I actually do like you, but don’t talk over Eric, he has great things to say!

  4. Renee Says:

    You guys are right. When I do these, I need to be more of a Robin to Eric’s Howard, or an Ed to Eric’s Johnny. 🙂

    Thanks for listening, everyone!

  5. cam Mitchell Says:

    okay loved the podcast, as for Renee talking over Eric, that was probably because they weren’t in the same place!!!! God people are idiots!!! Great podcast! Renee you rock!!!

  6. Administrator Says:

    I almost NEVER comment on my own site, but before things get out of hand, and everyone starts commenting on comments, let me please tell you all, that you have no idea the logistics that go into a podcast. It looks as if we’re just talking to each other, but in reality it’s so different than that! If it appears that Renee talks over me (and I listened to the podcast and I never heard that) it’s only because we have no IDEA what each other is doing, being that we’re in two different places and neither of us want dead air! Probably the same reason someone else is going to comment how I’m taking over HER! Now that that’s out of way, let the comments begin!

  7. Sam Fenton Says:

    Okay okay! Great listen keep it up! The discussion about race was engaging. I come down with Eric, I think we’re less sensitive but Renee made a compelling argument. I too scanned the last song. You sold them two singles! Renee you DO have a great voice. Thanks Guys

  8. Lipstick Lady Says:

    So, how far behind am I? Far enough that you probably already have a great file-transfer system down by now, but if not, here’s a couple I’ve used:

    They both have free services that run slower than the paid service, but I’ve never had a problem using the free one … just run it in the background.

    As Renée said, offers a little help with pronunciation. Here’s a link for “crepe:”

    The rest of my notes make NO FREAKING SENSE at this point, but I’ll weigh in on the question of “Do friends lie point-blank?” Yes. Yes, they do. If they feel like they have to, like to keep a secret. Everybody lies if they feel like they have to. But your truest friends won’t feel like they have to.

    It was a great podcast, and I enjoyed it! I am just overbusy this month. Miss you guys!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  9. Rosie Says:

    I’ve developed a habit of turning on the TV before I go to sleep. It helps drown out my thoughts and quiet my mind by listening to someone droning on about something that I’m not really interested in. However, it’s not exactly conducive to my husband getting to sleep. So two nights ago I decided to try something different. I put on my headphones and listened to my first podcast. My best friend IRL happens to be Lipstick Lady. She’s been telling me about your podcast for a long time, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

    FAIL. It was so interesting that I listened to the whole thing and ended up going to sleep even later than usual!

    Now I have to return and listen to all of your podcasts. Thanks a lot.

    Sleepless in Wisconsin

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