Yes, you heard right!  Now this wasn’t easy to arrange, trust me.  Renee and I live in different areas, and my tech knowledge, being what it is, barely gets a podcast out there with Jeremy, Joanna, or Tacie sitting right across from me.  A lot of questions are probably being asked right now, first, WHAT WILL THE PODCAST BE ABOUT?  Well I’ll be about writing, of course!  To spice up the mix, I have also decided to field relationship problem questions, which Renee, with her ultimate wisdom, will chime in to see if we can’t solve some of your problems.  Now remember this disclaimer, the LAST person I would ask for help with relationship issues is myself, and I’m pretty sure Renee isn’t gonna say she’s any better, so please use our advice for entertainment purposes ONLY.  With that said, please comment below with your questions.  They can be about anything.  Remember Renee is a published writer, and a podcaster, so any questions you have about any of that will be fair game.  The second question you should be asking will we both be drinking the famous Coconut Vodka and Limeaid drink?  I’m not sure we can do a podcast without it, but I guess that’ll be up to Renee.  With that said folks, comment below all your writing and relationship questions, and Renee and I will do our best (which is pretty good) to answer them.  (Is it weird that I’m actually nervous about this podcast?!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, but Renee is an actual professional, and my podcast is about drinking and bullish*ting … I may end up turning Renee to the dark side!)

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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    Okay I must say I got a little girl wood over this news! I was waiting anxiously for a Jer-cast, and I am, also, wondering how a podcast can be done without the famous lime aid/coconut vodka drink (which is delicious, btw, and after hearing the news of a Renee/Kael/Eric podcast, well I’m all agasp! Okay guys. As a long time listener, I know you both went to the Squaw Valley writer’s workshop (you know I’m a long time listener for knowing that!) I’m wondering if you guys ever went back, and would you recommend it. It’s pricey, and I’m just an amateur writer, unpublished, and proud of it, if you will. I actually do have a relationship problem too. If you can’t believe someone this perfect could have such a thing, but it happened over the holidays, and I never noticed it before, but my husband’s family has atrosious table manners. I mean they make noises, they reach over me for food, one brother actually hit me in the nose reaching for some salt. It REALLY bothers me, and I NEED to do something because I can’t do another holiday with these animals! Please don’t tell me to deal with it! Renee I look to you for your sage advice, Eric is going to tell me something crude. Okay guys, you’re on! I’m looking forward to it, don’t let me down!

  2. big Fan from Austin Says:

    thank god for RSS feed or I would have never known about anything. Eric is very bad about updating his blog, and he’s going to lose readers! I’m a writer, and my worse problem is coming up with characters who are different from each other. They always seem to be some incarnation of myself. I’ve read many of Eric’s stories, and a couple chapters of Renee’s book, and you have both been very successful with this matter. Please give me some advice. I have no relationship questions, things are going pretty well on my end for once. Thanks in advance.

  3. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    good thing I have a the rss feed for this site, or I would have given up on this site a long time ago. I’d like to ask a couple things, first off when is Joanna coming back? The last podcast with you guys was stressed, and it felt like you guys were going through something. Is that true? Second my spouse has been without a job for over a year, until recently when he got a job in Oregon. I’m sure you can tell from my online name that I’m from NYC and proud of it. I’m wondering should I move to be with him, although I love my life here. My writing question would be how much advice do you take from other’s and how much weigh do you apply to other’s criticism. I’m in this place right now where I”m not sure I can accept other’s advice. HELP!

  4. cam Mitchell Says:

    I just don’t know when you find time to write a WHOLE book!!!! How do you find the time?! How do you both get inspired, Renee you for a whole book, Eric for ALL those short stories! Where do the ideas come from?! Advice about relationship? Maybe later, I have to think about it; he listens to the podcast too, not sure I want to bring it up. I’m very excited for you guys to podcast together! It’s like the biggest event in this site’s history! (well maybe not, but it’s big! Next thing you know there will be a lipstick-cast!)

  5. Terry Says:

    and worlds collide! Okay first off, I for one can’t wait for this “event” and dare I say it’s about time?! To help you guys along, I have always found that writing is solitary, but lately I have discovered the glory of collaboration with my work. How do you guys feel about this topic, and do you collaborate with anyone with your respective works. I do, in fact, have a relationship issue, and let me tell you something, Eric is the LAST person in the world I’d ever ask advice of, so no stress. My father had an affair years and years ago, and that “encounter” left me with a sibling. I would ilke to meet them, but it dawns on me, they have never sought out to meet me. It has been 30 years. What say you two about this? Should I seek them out? Should I just live my life? I’d be interested to hear your comments, and I shall be very interested to hear your podcast, it should be EPIC!

  6. Rish Outfield Says:

    I was having a conversation yesterday about incorporating personal experiences and conversations into fiction, and my friend suggested one not do that (especially if it’s your significant other who inspired the addition), since it can make somebody upset to hear their words spoken by a secret agent or ex-wife or mad dictator in a story. Any thoughts on this?

  7. jake Says:

    I was going to ask a very similar question, about using real things in stories. I’m always afraid to use real events and real people in stories because I feel like it’s cheating. I’ve been keeping a dream diary, what do you guys feel about that? And women, can’t shoot ’em, huh? I don’t want a girlfriend, I think I’m too young (I’m 19), what do I say to the girls who think I’m an asshole for not wanting to “nest?” I mean I’m 19! Did I mention that?! What the hell am I going to do?! Get MARRIED?!

  8. Dennis from Los Angeles Says:

    What have you done with Joanna?! First writing question:
    How important is grammar? Is there such a thing as poetic license in writing stories?
    Relationship: what do you think I should think when my girlfriend just asked me to start wearing condoms? We’ve been together for about two years now! I think it’s weird.

  9. Tammy B. Says:

    Again thank god for RSS feed! I would have never heard about this; I gave up on you a long time ago, you had a string of GREAT podcasts, and then nothing, not even any short stories or anything! So tell a fan, WHEN is this podcast actually going to take place?! I have a relationship question, since I’m not a writer. Do you guys think “friends with benefits” ever work out?

  10. gerry Says:

    I almost wet myself over this news! Will Renee be enjoying the famous coconut vodka with lime-aid drink, or will we have to wait for another Jer-cast? Renee, I would ask you, specifically, because we both know the answer Eric would give, but do you have any formal training in voice work? I don’t have any relationship questions, but it’s genius to ask them, Eric, because it will fill out the time for everyone. I’m looking forward to this, and an expiation of how technically this was done. I’m really looking forward to see how this chemistry plays itself out. AND I echo the sentiments of a pervious commenter, I felt a lot of tension with Joanna in that last podcast and she hasn’t’ been back since. I’m wondering what the state of that is, and PLEASE lets give Jeremy another go at it! He’s brilliant!

  11. Zander Cruise Says:

    Wait?! Why are you and Joanna fighting?! Let’s get you two kids back together !

  12. Xxx from NYC Says:

    WHEN IS THIS BIG EVENT HAPPENING? ! Hey I’m not a writer, but you mentioned that Renee was a professional, but you didn’t mention you were. What are you if you’re not a professional, Eric? I throughly enjoy your show with Joanna, Jeremy, Tacie, and now Renee (I will enjoy it). I think you’re selling yourself short. I’m looking forward to this one, because both you and Renee have such strong personalities. Lets bring it on people! The girls in my office think that Eric is cute.

  13. Renee Says:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the questions. We’re recording tomorrow, night so if you have any more, ask now!

  14. kelly Says:

    Okay, interesting topics. I’ve listed to all the podcasts so far, so this one should be very intersting. Listen I have a ton of writing questions, but the one HAS to be to Eric: where on earth do you come up with this stuff? I really loved the story about the Irish boy on the bus. The scar story was one of my favorites. I actually printed that one out. Renee, I’m going to voice everyone else here, and ask you what training do you have to do podcasts? I love your voice! As for relationship questions, I don’t have any. I wish I were a mess that I would turn to ERIC of all people, to solve my relationship questions! Wishing you guys the best on a very anticipated podcast! It’s about time! (I do miss Joanna though, where is she?!)

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