Yeah you read that right … Renee’s back!  Let me say first off, before I hear a slew of comments, I got the message from the first five seconds of her podcast, and you WILL be hearing an UPND podcast from me in the future (once this one has had time to digest in my hearts and minds).  I love the podcasts I do with Jer and Joanna, but she’s right, it’s cathartic  to do these.  The only thing missing, no assignment for Lipstick Lady, so she’ll end up just getting to enjoy this one.

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  1. Kay yang Says:

    Wow! The writer in me wanted to love this, but I didn’t! I forgot how boring these podcasts used to be. Renee you seriously have a great voice though, much success in your voice work, yOull do well

  2. vicky Says:

    Who’s Renee and where have you been hiding her? Very different podcast, so I went back and downloaded a couple of Eric’s old podcasts, OMG, what a difference, and who is that guy?! Renee’s right Eric is different with Joanna, different with Jeremy, and SOOOO different by himself! What a change in personality! I’m not saying it’s good or it’s bad, but it’s certainly different. Love your voice Renee, and wish you great success on your career! I think you’re wonderful, and I I’d like to hear more from you. I think you should have given Lipstick Lady something to do though! 🙂

  3. big Fan from Austin Says:

    Okay what have you done with Jeremy and Eric’s podcast. I too had never bothered to look back on the podcasts over the years (and shit if it hasn’t been years!) I’m not a writer Renee, but you were right, Eric is a way different with different people, and not the same person AT ALL on his own. I listened to the one I’m assuming was about Jeremy’s brother, and DAMN. I cried my eyes out listening to it. Renee, you have a heck of a sexy voice, although you might want to stay away from cussing, just doesn’t suit you. I loved this podcast, and I’m going back to listen to some more of yours. Someone said it was boring? I thought it wasn’t long enough. don’t take this the wrong way, but this isn’t the last of Jeremy and Eric is it? those guys are funny.

  4. big Fan from Austin Says:

    oh and everyone is right, it’s not a podcast without assigning the Lipstick Lady something!

  5. gerry Says:

    I remember Renee! Good to hear from you! Not your usual podcast, huh? Last week’s cracked me up, maybe you guys shouldn’t drink so much before a podcast! Much success to you Renee, you have a great voice!

  6. wyo, aka Lipstick Lady Says:

    What ya’ll don’t realize is that Renée was one of the beta readers for the novel I finished this summer … she DID give me assignments, all over the manuscript! 😉 Thanks for the support, though! I like my assignments (well, not that last one from Eric)!

    (Renée, I haven’t even had time to look through all of your comments yet, but here’s a big, public THANK YOU for your careful review of my novel!)

    I thought this was a very good podcast! About the comments from people who wanted you to “answer all the questions” in your novel, though, I’d be interested to hear if you really think that’s necessary (in the first book as a standalone, or in the series, even). In my opinion, real life doesn’t answer all the questions, so I don’t necessarily think that stories should, either. But I know some people who argue that stories need to answer the questions, to avoid ambiguity as well as to provide a more satisfying form of escapism (I guess we don’t want our stories to be “too” believable?). Anyway, that just struck me.

    As for the “shoulds?” My therapist says not to use that word. “Should” just adds guilt and stress. Do what you can, every day, but don’t say to yourself, “I should …” You get more done if you just do stuff.

    (Note: I think this is great advice, and someday, I hope to be able to follow it myself.)

    Anyway, I liked a return to the writing topic! I also like the tag-team, question-answer, ramble podcasts. And the thoughtful podcasts, and the … well, hell, I like them all!

    Carry on …

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  7. Renee Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Well, thanks, everyone except Kay!

    Kidding! Thanks to Kay too. 🙂

    If I end up dong another UPND, I will make a point to assign something to my dear friend LL. Actually, I’m going to ask her to give me some feedback on a couple of stories, so maybe I’ll keep my requests independent of the podcast.

    And Eric, please do another podcast with Jeremy or Joanna soon so that people don’t think I killed your podcast. We want to hear you!!

  8. Victor Says:

    Need I say how much I enjoyed this podcast, thanks Renee’, now on to ERIC AND JEREMY!!!!!!!! Where the hell are those guys?!

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