Well we’re getting set for another Podcast here in the near future … a couple questions would be cool … and if you can include some Murder, Marry, Fuck’s for us … we’d appreciate it. ┬áJer and I also plan to play an on-air “I never” game … You want to contribute it, it’s all about you guys.

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  1. kay Yang Says:

    I never got pissed off at the host of a party and went into the bathroom and peed a little in their conditioner.


    Jeremy: Hairy Arm Pits Girl, Angry Former Lesbian, Bea Arthur.

    Eric: Jeremy, Joanna, Renee

    Oh I’m going to LOVE this podcast! Do it my babies!

  2. Misty Says:

    MMK: 4Jer- Kim/Klohe/kourtney

    4Eric- Henry cavil / Brandon Routh / Tom Welling

    I never made out with a girl

    I never touched a boob.

  3. tammy B. Says:

    I’ve never seen Glee. And how’s this one for you guys: for Jeremy: Rosanne Barr, Margret Cho, Jeanie Garfollo

    For Eric: Ross, Chandler, Joey.

  4. vicky Says:

    Damn! I wanted to do the Superman thing!!!!! Okay off the cuff boys, I’ve never touched a dildo … and

    Jeremy: Alice, Florence, Florida

    Eric: Hannity, O’Reily, Limbaugh

  5. cam Mitchell Says:

    I’ve never made out with Eric … or Joanna … or Jeremy.

    And marry/fuck/kill:

    Michelle Bachman / Sarah Palin / Hillary Clinton

    Obama / George W. Bush / Bill Clinton.

  6. Gordon Says:

    I dig these questions, but the pressure to be funny! OMG! Okay I’ve never had sex with more than one person in a 24 hour period. And the Marry Murder Fucks: Eric gets BSG’s: Apollo, Helo, Crashdown … Jer: Leia, Amadala, Anikin’s mother.

  7. Mary Mary Says:

    Funny the things that move you to comment. I have to say I love the podcast, I wish they were more regular. Okay, how about MMF: for the sexy Jeremy: Chrissy, Cindy, or Terri, and for the not so sexy because he’s not straight: Mr. Roper, Mr. Ferley, or Larry. I was in a three’s company mood tonight. Come knock on my door! The best I never I could think of, but I hazard to think how wasted you guys are going to be after this show, is I never brushed my boyfriend’s hair (girlfriend of you Jeremy!) By the way, this podcast proves all the good ones are married or gay!

  8. vicky Says:

    Okay I love this. I never walk around my house naked for no reason (some how I think Jeremy won’t be drinking on this one).

    Marry Murder Fuck: Both of you guys … Luke, Han, or Vader. Why is everyone giving Eric and Jeremy gender specific MMF’s?

  9. big Fan from Austin Says:

    great questions! Okay Eric: Mr. Defazio, Mr. C, or Al.

    Jeremy: Laverne, Mrs. Babbish, the big Ragoo.

    (sorry watching you know what today)

    I never pierced anything vital.

  10. xxx from NYC Says:

    eric: the fat guy from King of Queens, the fat guy from Superbad, the mexican guy from Napoleon dynamite

    Jeremy: the fat chick from The Brides Maids, the fat chick from Sister Act, or the fat chick from Hairspray …

    Okay boys, I never had a three way.

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