Okay since it worked so well last time Jer and I are asking questions AGAIN for our next podcast.  Now mind you, the LAST people in the world I’d ever ask advice from is Jer and myself, but WTF … huh?  Ask us anything, but if you got kid questions or sci-fi questions you’ll go to the top of the list!  And by Sci-Fi I think we’re taking Star Trek or Star Wars or other such popular franchises, since I know nothing about Stargate, or anything else, although I am a big fan of Battlestar Galactica or Lord of the Rings … anything you want to ask is open game.

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  1. tammy B. Says:

    okay boys, lets see if you can give me some insight, my brother’s girlfriend had a baby about three years ago, and come to find out the baby isn’t his. I’m kind of pissed off, being a woman I know that unless you’re tricking at the bus stop, you know, pretty much, who the father of your child is. I have been Aunt Tammy for three years, and even before. My brother never had a clue that he wasn’t the little boy’s father. Now that I know that he’s not the father, although I don’t want to hurt this innocent little boy, I also don’t want to have anything to do with him either, mainly because of her. So am I still Aunt Tammy, or should I fade away so I don’t have to deal with the bitch anymore! You guys decide, I will take whatever advice you dispense. I’m at your mercy!

  2. Jake Says:

    What do you think about George Lucas constantly changing Star Wars, first adding Jabba to the New Hope, and then having Han shoot Quedo SECOND, only after he was shot!? WTF?! Are these classics, or should he be allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants?!

    Oh and here’s a kid question for you, my little brother is 16 (I’m 19) wants to come visit me in college, but he’s a bit of a dork, and I don’t want anyone to know he’s my brother. What say you guys about that?!

  3. gerry Says:

    when is it okay to let kids drink a little wine with dinner?! My two sons are 16 and 18, and I don’t see anything wrong with them drinking a glass of wine with dinner, but my wife says otherwise. It’s a constant battle between us. I’m not sure it’s worth arguing about, but you guys wanted kid questions, there you go!

  4. gerry Says:

    oh Sci Fi question, Eric, would you rather be a Cylon or a Human in BSG?! if you watch the show you KNOW why i’m asking that. I await your answer

  5. vicky Says:

    With all of this talk about bullying in school, I have come to find out that my 13 year old son is a bully. Now look at me, I listen to this podcast, of course originally because it was about writing, but I’ve kept on listening, even though I know that Eric is a homosexual, so I clearly have nothing against your people. I’ve tried to tell my son that it’s none of his business if someone is a homosexual, and that it’s God’s job to do what ever he’s going to do, but I still get calls from the school saying that he’s a bully. What, if anything, can you guys do to advice me on this?!

  6. gordon Says:

    how much TV should a kid be allowed to watch. He’s 10. thanks

  7. cam Mitchell Says:

    Okay, if your 15 year old kid tells you he’s gay, what do you say to him?!

  8. xxx from NYC Says:

    Here’s a Sci-Fi question(s) for you boys:

    1) What the hell is up with Starship Troopers?! Is it a gay thing?!

    2) Who the fuck was Sypher Diaz?!

    3) would you have taken the red pill or the blue pill on the Matrix!!!!

  9. dog the bounty hunter! Says:

    I got twin 12 year olds, boy and a girl. My wife says we need to talk to them about sex. I don’t want to, I learned it off the streets, want to give the kid a playboy and tell him to figure things out, I mean it’s not rocket science. Jeremy are you going to sit your kid down and explain sex to him?! Eric if you had kids what would you tell them? My wife listens to this podcast so be nice and don’t make me look like an asshole.

  10. ryan from atlanta Says:

    I have a 5 year old boy. I want him to play sports, is that a bad thing?! I want to start him off early because truth is, the earlier you develop those kinds of reflexes and coordination the better you can be, my wife says hold on, let him pick his own life. I just really want you guys to agree with me, so don’t get too fancy, just say Ryan you’re right and move onto the next question. Come on, I’m right, right?!

  11. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    Jeremy: why are guys so damn fascinated with breasts?! I’m nursing right now, and my husband doesn’t seem to understand that they’re sensitive! Part two: Jeremy how long would you say a guy will tolerate breast feeding?! I mean my husband says I can do it for as long as I want, but he’s getting a little pissed off, and it’s only been 16 months. (eric can chime in, but I really want a straight guy’s point of view)

  12. Angel Gomez Says:

    I have a question for you two clowns! I can’t get my 10 year old boy to wash his hands after he number ones , how important is it anyways?! I mean how germ ridden is his penis really?! (there’s your science question Jeremy!).

  13. Mama from Texas Says:

    Okay guys: my six year old son likes to kiss little girls … Mostly it’s cute but there’s a mother in my sons preschool class who’s accusing him of sexual assault, seriously! It’s a big deal, what do you guys think?! I’ve had to find another preschool that’s miles from my work! Am I an idiot for not taking this seriously?!

  14. Frank Duncan Says:

    I have seven kids and my wife is pregnant … Again! I REALLY don’t want another one! Advise the best way to get her to give it uP! (FYI, I might have been able to afford two!)

  15. Misty Says:

    Bill or chris?! Just saying

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