Well Joanna’s back, we got some sex questions which Joanna answers … badly … enjoy!

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  1. kay Yang Says:

    Sorry Joanna, I didn’t see your post until … well I didn’t see it till you mentioned it in your podcast, TODAY! Great podcast, as usual! I must say I was almost as mad as Eric was when he talked about there being no talk about his being straight until he showed up with a straight friend, and although I’m a huge culprit, I felt bad, and I agree with him. We all wear many hats, and to saddle someone with just one is just nonsense, and I’m sorry. I was, however, intrigued with his assertion that he had been in love three times, and who the people were, so very interesting! Now onto Joanna and her AWFUL advice. I’m in shock that Jeremy and Eric, the boys, gave better advice than YOU! You were off your game, girlfriend! Another great podcast, as usual. I’ll have a question for you, I’ll make sure I email it.

  2. not Beth Says:

    Joanna’s BACK!!!!! Loved the chemistry with you guys. GREAT podcast, and I wish I had asked a question! Joanna was great answering these questions, why would anyone say she did it badly?! (ERIC!!!!) The interaction between you guys is brilliant. I must second Kay’s comment about how no one questioned ERic’s sexuality until he did a podcast with a straight guy. As if gay guys can’t have straight friends?! That is stupid! It was an interesting moment in this podcast history when Joanna said she thought she found someone when she met Eric, and how she questioned her marriage. Can I hazard a guess that your marriage was in trouble before she met Eric or she never would have thought such a think. I love your podcast, all of them because they’re real and honest, and I feel I always have something to add as you’re talking. I feel like I’m engaged with you guys when you’re talking. Joanna so glad to hear your voice and know that you’re doing well! I wanted to comment on Abby’s comment about the whole god thing, but I think everything has been said! Much luck, Not Beth!

  3. tammy B. Says:

    not used to this many podcasts, I hope it’s the shape of things to come! I wanted to say that I loved Eric’s reaction to the notion that he may not be gay just because he had a straight friend who he seemed to get along with. I think we all enlightened people need to rethink our selves, because that’s exactly the reason I thought he might be straight. Joanna’s right though, when I listened to the first podcast, all those years ago, I thought I had found my match as well. Joanna, glad to hear you’re back on a more regular basis, the show wasn’t the same without you!

  4. sam from NYC (baby!) Says:

    I’ve listened three times now, I’m moved by Eric’s speech about sexuality, and I’m floored by Joanna! I love you Joanna! You’re the greatest. I’ve only listened to the all boy podcasts until this one, and I LOVE YOU! You’re the best! kisses from NYC!

  5. Renee Says:

    Great to hear a Joanna podcast! How is your daughter doing? I agree about not being able to be as up front with your thoughts when you’re a mom. Nice that you have Eric and this podcast when you can be blunt! 🙂

  6. Renee Says:

    Ooh! He’s stopped moderating me!

  7. wyo Says:

    Sorry for the delay, my dears!

    Kinsey scale … it runs 0–6, so there are seven options (count ’em out) unless you count “Asexual” or “Non-sexual” which is denoted by an “X” and that would be your 8th option. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale)

    There seems to be some disagreement over whether the FCC can regulate channels on basic cable, but I couldn’t find any reliable sources that contended that it really could (just crap like “Ask.com,” which is kind of lame, because ANY yahoo can and does answer stuff there). Here’s one of the better articles I found on the subject: http://www.slate.com/id/2095398/

    I haven’t seen Tosh.O and forgot what I was supposed to look up other than, can “Comedy Central” be regulated by the FCC and I think the answer is “no,” but it may be a bit of a gray area.

    I wanted to comment on the subject of why people ask for advice instead of just talking to whoever they’re dealing with. Honestly, if you’ve got one single person in your life who you can talk to about ANYTHING *and* they will respond REASONABLY about ANYTHING, you are fucking lucky. I think most of us have our topics that are hot-button and especially living with someone, it’s frequently easier to work around an issue than to push, shove, or bulldoze your way through it. Also, conversation in real life, I have to say, more often than not is a monologue. We think we’ve made a point, but ask the other party, and … NO. So I just think advice can help a person move in the right direction, and if that direction is, SORRY, but you really do have to make a conversation happen, even if you have to bang your head against a brick wall repeatedly in the course of that conversation, then the advice was worth getting.

    Or, I could be talking out of my ass. Some days are like that!

    On the subject of giving religious offense (and mind you, I’m totally with you on this topic), it wasn’t just the Harry Potter comment that could have set some folks off in your earlier podcast. There was also an insinuation that Jesus could have been gay. But either way, religion is a huge part of some people’s lives, and it remains one of those difficult-to-discuss topics. PEOPLE NEED ADVICE! 😉

    Besides, though, if everyone was rationally and reasonably discussing stuff with friends and partners, who would come to you for advice? DON’T ENCOURAGE TALKING.

    I forgot whatever else I was going to say. Apologies! And I’m still a podcast behind … which I kind of love. It’s a treat to look forward to on the commute after the long weekend!

    Hope you are all having a good holiday!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  8. jake Says:

    smoke a joint?! Your advice was smoke a joint?! Jeremy and Eric give much better advice, Joanna, best stick to the regular podcasts, they’re much better!

  9. jake Says:

    oh, sensitive parts of a guy’s body Joanna?! Eric was right, you should have a sit down with him because you were ALL wrong!!!! Love you though, keep them coming! Joanna … is your daughter as hot as you?! I’m 6-2, brown hair, blue eyes, I weigh about 170 lbs, and I play soccer and swim. I’m 19, and if she’s a younger version of you I’d be all over that action!!!! Because you’re hot for someone my mom’s age! LOLOLOLOL, just kidding, my mom’s older than you!!!!!

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