Aloha listeners! I hope to resume podcasting with Eric in the near future. The summer has been very full getting my daughter ready for college. My leg of this journey is almost over as I sit overlooking Waikiki Bay eating a Dawn Patrol omelette with Kai. I have much to share of the past few months. Can’t wait to get back to the mic with E. A hui ho and Aloha!


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  1. Abby Drake Says:

    Joanna the boys are out of control without you there as their guide. Have a wonderful vacation, you deserve it! Miss your guidance. Be well.

  2. Tammy B. Says:

    Joanna, come back soon! Eric called me a dumb whore on his last podcast! We girls need you! These boys are cracking me up though. What can you do, you can’t live with them, you can’t shoot them?! BTW, I want the straight dope from you in the next podcast, Eric is NOT gay (gay guys don’t talk like him!). I’m not sure what game you guys are playing with listeners, but you are on your honor to spill the next podcast! Promise Joanna!

  3. Tony from Boston Says:

    I’ve been listening to you guys for a while now, and Joanna you’re sorely missed! With that said, you found a worthy replacement, but the guy’s advice could have used your touch in the last podcast. thanks for the good times Joanna, and have a wonderful vacation.

  4. Angel Gomez Says:

    I miss you Joanna! Aloha!

  5. Angel Gomez Says:

    I too would like to know yes or no on if eric’s gay or not! I wouldnt care, but now it seems like a gimmick because he does not seem gay at all.

  6. vicky Says:

    I was sooooo glad to read this post!!!!!!!!! Joanna you are missed and loved! I must say I do love the boys though! I want it ALL! Joanna have a WONDERFUL vacation and come back to us PLEASE! Eric you are now committed to doing three podcasts a week, one with Jeremy, one with Joanna and please squeeze in Tacie too! I must concur with Tammy’s comment about Eric’s sexuality being a joke. Is it some inside joke I don’t get? I just listened to his podcast with Jeremy again, and I laughed so HARD, and there is no way this guy is gay. Please, Joanna, for your devoted fans, spill the beans! Gay guys are usually not so … well lets just say Eric is not very sensitive! We are all counting on you Joanna! Come home safely!

  7. gerry Says:

    I’ll bite, is this gay thing a running inside joke? After listening to the last podcast I’m leaning towards him being straight. He and Jeremy are on fire, they are so fucking funny (which is so funny you’ll laugh while fucking!)

  8. Joanna Says:

    Listeners, Eric IS gay! Believe me, it was a shock for me when he told me because when I met him I thought to myself that I had just met my match! He and I are born on the same day. He came in for a massage appt back in 2003 and I thought he was super hot, funny, witty and said aloud what I was thinking. A few months of massage appointments went by and he told me he was gay. I was so flabbergasted because I have had many gay guy friends in my life, but you could totally tell they were gay. I wouldn’t have known unless he told me. We have been friends ever since. I can’t wait to get back to podcasting on a regular basis. I leave on a red-eye to come back to Reno tomorrow night. I think I can leave knowing my daughter Kai is settled and ready to begin this amazing journey of adulthood. She has already had her first run-in with Campus security, so she has been officially initiated!!!

  9. Kay Yang Says:

    You were in Hawaii?! We should have met up for a drink or something! (any friend of Eric’s!) Okay, about this gay thing being a joke, I’m going to be doing some non-stalking investigating on my own! I went to college with Eric, although we weren’t good friends, his admission on this podcast that he was gay was a total shock to me! I could swear that there’s a story behind the story here. When I read the posts saying that this was some inside joke I was thinking, okay that makes sense! Joanna I anxiously await your return to the airwaves, and I agree with the two podcasts a week thing.

  10. Renee Says:

    I didn’t think he was gay when I met him, either, but it came up during our writing workshop. (One of the stories we read had a gay character that didn’t ring true to Eric and he told us all then.) I guess that just proves stereotypes aren’t 100% accurate! (Duh!)

    Glad it all went well, moving her in, Joanna!

  11. Joanna Says:

    Kay, I still have until 9:00 pm tonight if you are free. Go to my website link and shoot me an email with your number. Would love to meet you for a cocktail! Especially today. The countdown begins. Plus I need a recommendation for a bofyshop cause someone hit my rental car and a few scratches need fixing!

  12. Cam Mitchell Says:

    Wait a god-damned minute?! Is the whole gay thing a lame inside joke?! Speaking about multiple podcasts, how come I’ve yet to hear the Renee/Eric Podcast?! It was promised months ago! I’m gonna be pretty pissed if it turns out that this whole time Eric duped us into believing he was gay, but after the last podcast I was both very attracted to him and also thinking there is NO way this guy is a fag! The static was KILLING me, but his voice was so damn sexy, what the hell is going on over there with the sound?! I love you Joanna, but if they stop the Jeremy podcasts I’m gonna revolt! I’d also be in the market for a solo Eric podcast like they used to be, they were very personal and I really enjoyed them! I’ve said enough. Cam, which is my real name by the way, and I’m really gay …

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