Well let me preface this by saying that Jeremy and I are the last people in the world I would ever ask relationship advice from, BUT you asked the questions so we answer them. ย This Q and A thing worked out so well, that keep the questions coming, although Jeremy would like some more science questions, deathstar related or not, and Eric would like some political questions, so ask away …

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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    The static was KILLING me on this!!!!!! I braved through it anyways, and you and Jer are my favorite two people in the world! I think this podcast would have been very added to with Joanna added to the mix …

  2. jessie Callon Says:

    What the fuck is up with you and the sound Eric?!!!!! First off, Kay you’re absolutely right, this podcast could have used Joanna BADLY! Thankfully you said you guys were the worse advice guys! I want Joanna to answer the same questions. That being said, you guys are so fucking rad! I love this podcast, and I hate to say it, I’m a devoted fan! I want more of them! Eric you have such an infectious laugh, I crack up every time you do, I just can’t help it. You and Jer have such a vibe, and let me tell you when you said lets start a turn hot straight guys gay camp I think I laughed for an hour! As for your advice, keep this a regular segment! You guys are brilliant, if not clueless. I’ve turned on a couple friends to this podcast so fix the fucking sound already you guys!

  3. jake Says:

    what’s up with the sound dude?! YOU SUCK!!!! Get on the fucking ball! With that being said, first off, Jer and you have a great vibe. All my friends love you guys!

  4. tammy b. Says:

    I’m a stupid whore?! Okay I’ll buy that. Thanks for the advice you guys! I think I”ll take Eric’s advice and keep doing both … which I think, makes me a smart whore! LOL, I love you guys, keep it up, and FIX THE SOUND! Kenny Loggins RULES!!!!!! Highway to the Dangerzone next PLEASE!

  5. Gerry Says:

    What is up with the sound?! Well great podcast as usual! I agree with the comments that Joanna could have added to the mix, but in leu of that, you guys are great. I agree with everything everyone has said, your laugh is infectious, and this is a very enjoyable podcast to listen to. The guy with the three inch penis?! that’s a damn shame!

  6. Not Beth Says:

    Thanks for answering my question guys! You rock, I laughed my ass off, and it was actually really good advice … the get one on my own and “back” engineer! LOL. Love you guys, and I’ll be doing that this weekend, and I’ll keep you posted! I thought you guys would be jokes, but this was actually good advice.

  7. harold from Austin Says:

    I wouldn’t believed you guys would give good advice, but you did it! Now what?! Keep going!

  8. cam Mitchell Says:

    Danger Zone next! Sounds sucks (been said). Your advice was surprising good. You guys are great, Joanna could have really added to this podcast, where is Joanna?!

  9. Tony from Boston Says:

    I was shocked you guys could give such sound advice! Great podcast if it weren’t for the sound, but I got all the way through because I was so f/ing engaged, and that I can’t turn off the sound sometimes. Good job, and I’ll be listening!

  10. C.F. Says:

    Thanks for answering my question- I feel so much better knowing that I am not a slut!! Most amazing moment- Eric reads Newt Gingrich books??? You never cease to amaze me! Liked the podcast enough that I stopped hearing the static!

  11. Angel Gomez Says:

    I took extensive notes on this podcast! First not only was the static a annoying, Jer’s mic is turned down! If you guys could get your shit together you’d be able to take this thing far! The format thing played well for you guys. Having questions was brillant! Please continue this … Your advice was spot on, both of you! Joanna could have added to the mix, but the vibe between you two is great! Please keep doing them, and id listen to as many as you could do!

  12. victor Says:

    What was up with the sound?! How come other podcasters can do sound, but it seems to allude Eric?! With that said, excellent podcast. My son wears the big headphones, I laughed when it was brought up. I must agree with the other people who commented, having the podcast prepared made a world of difference. Eric seems to do okay without a format, but whomever he’s paired with seems to flounder. I also agree that Joanna could have added to this podcast. Jeremy and Eric are hilarious, and make for a good hour kill, and I’d listen everyday. I’ve even gone back and listened to old Jeremy and Eric podcasts. I’m not sure it can be said that this is Joanna’s podcast anymore since she’s hardly ever there! Keep going.

  13. gordon Says:

    Okay boys, it’s time to get serious about this podcasting thing. First off, the format and prep work paid off. I’ve yet to see anything else on the blog about questions, so I hope this isn’t an isolated incident. Second, I laughed my ass off! Good work you guys, and it all seems so natural for you guys. I was reading elsewhere on this blog that Eric’s sexuality was an inside joke, well it’s not a very good one! I hope that you’re not using someone’s sexuality as a joke! I would feel very hurt if you did.

  14. Cam Mitchell Says:

    where’s the request for questions for this week ERIC (if that’s really who you are!) I fucking want to ask one, which means I’d stop fucking to ask it! You guys make my drive to work fly by. I have this big smile on my face every tuesday. I must agree with other comments on this blog that the whole format thing worked out for you guys very well. having something prepared was the best thing this podcast did since letting Renee record her own! (which doesn’t have the annoying static!!!!!!) Keep up the good work you guys, and I came on today to see if one was up, and nothing was here!

  15. xxx from NYC Says:

    Okay you guys, what the FUCK is up with the static?! Three things, you guys RULED this podcast! Second, where is Joanna? and Third I’m now devoted, and will listen even over static! I love you guys, I’m a gay man from NYC, and I”m not sure if Eric’s gay or not, but for years I’ve been reading how Joanna has a sexy voice, let me tell you guys something, Eric has a killer voice as well! (Jeremy you sound like my little brother, not sexy!)

  16. wyo Says:

    Okay, my dears, sorry to be so slow, this past week just plain kicked my ass!

    First of all, it is a pleasure to listen to a podcast that routinely includes words like “ephemeral,” “qualm,” “paradox,” and “ideology.” The static, not so much …

    Amway IS still around, and by the same name. I would say “check them out at” and then give a link, but I don’t really want to link to that crap.

    Newt Gingrich is on his third wife. Same deal with links, but you can trust me. Promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you start screwing 5 guys a year and keep going from the ages of 18 to 42, you will rack up a total of 120 guys (this assumes no repeats). To get to 200 in that same time-frame, you should up your total to 8-1/3 dudes per year. How you work in that “1/3” is your problem. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Lastly (but not leastly, well, sort of …) there IS, indeed, a penile lengthening surgery. Or so claim a number of plastic surgeons. Here’s a link to one of them: http://www.beverlyhillssurgical.com/

    Okay! I do believe that covers it … looking forward to your next podcast (but then, I always do)!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  17. ryan from atlanta Says:

    GREAT PODCAST! I have to follow the rest of the comments and say having a format really worked for you guys, who would have thought you guys could be so damn insightful?! I would like to know why the biggest idiots could figure out the sounds, but you guys can’t master it? The static was awful! Keep it up, I’ll keep listening!

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