I’m completely plagiarizing here, but you get the general picture … Ladies (or guys) Jeremy and I are here to answer your relationship questions … you can post a comment, or email to kael@unpublishednotdead.com … We’ll answer anything in our next podcast … although Jeremy wants people to ask science questions (which you are all welcomed to do, btw). ¬†Nothing is off limits, you can ask us anything from relationship questions to sex questions … anything! ¬†And we promise to give you two guys opinions … mine being one of a complete asshole sometimes … sign your name, don’t sign your name, your choice … but tune in and listen, it should be cool.

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  1. C.F. Says:

    I have 2 questions…
    What do men REALLY want in a woman? (very cliche I know, but a classic)
    If you sleep with a guy early in a relationship will he think of you as a slut or a fun and openminded person?

  2. Not Beth Says:

    Hey guys, this is a science / relationship / sex question. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years now, and he’s yet to give me an orgasm. Is it me? Are we just not compatible? I’ve had orgasms with former boyfriends, and his ex-girlfriend thinks he’s the bomb (seriously). Any suggestions you guys would have would be appreciated.

  3. Not Beth Says:

    Oh, Jeremy what do you think about this Saturn moon that looks like the death star? and hey, where the hell is Joanna?

  4. Vicky Says:

    along the lines of CF’s question, I think you guys can answer these two together, what do you guys think of online dating, and if I’m just looking to get off, does that make a slut or just really smart?

  5. Someone Else Says:

    What do you do when you are dating a really nice guy and things get romantic and then intimate and you discover that his unit is only like 3″ fully aroused. In all other ways, a great guy.

  6. Tammy B. Says:

    Okay guys, here’s one for you. I’ve got two guys on tow. One is this great guy, lots of wonderful cash, but smells bad and has a bit (and by bit I mean huge) soft white hairy belly. The other is this truck driver who winds into town once or twice a month, drop dead gorgeous, Russell Crowe look-a-like, but has the personality of a … truck driver, but is oh so much fun between the sheets! I’m 38, twice married, two kids, both over 18 (thank god). So Give me a heads up, I want to continue to do both, but I feel if either finds out about the other I’m a two time loser, but one is no good without the other. Great conversation, great dinners, great vacations, but bad sex and strictly lights off, and the other no conversation, Chili’s (that I pay for), but great in the sack. I’m at your mercy guys, I trust you both (which is dumb because both of you are always a bit drunk while doing this podcast). Tammy

  7. No One Says:

    Okay, I’m 34, and I just got a divorce from the biggest asshole in the world. I’ve been friends with this guy since high school, when he had a mad crush on me, but I didn’t really want anyone to do with it then, because frankly he just wasn’t that attractive. I’m over that stage in my life and we’re both single, what do you think?

  8. Julie Says:

    Okay you guys, I meet this guy online, and we decide to have dinner. We close down the place, and then afterwards, we go back to my house, and … fill in the blank … and then the next day I get a text saying thanks, and after that nothing. Am I an idiot, or is he a dick?

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