Hello my beautiful babies … sorry about the lag time, but summer is upon us, and … fuck that! ┬áHere is a new podcast for you to listen to. ┬áStay tuned to this blog because next week’s podcast is going to involve you!

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  1. wyo Says:

    You guys … I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS! I have to listen again tomorrow, though. Today, I didn’t take the best notes and all I remembered was I had to look up Biff singing. Is this the one you remembered? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwY5o2fsG7Y

  2. jake Says:

    Glad you’re back!!!! Good to get Jeremy back on the mic. I was going to get you that link with Biff, but Lipstick beat me to it. What’s this help you need? I’m intrigued. Keep them coming, I’m going back to school next week.

  3. Kay Yang Says:

    this is the fuck you joanna podcast?! Does Joanna know this?! You’re absolutely right about kids, both of you guys. My daughter was a holy terror when she was younger, and now she’s not holy anymore, she’s just a terror! OH MY GOD, I love you guys! The opening cracked me up, and please tell me the official artist of the Unpublishednotdead Podcast is Kenny Loggins! I was sooooo happy when I heard I’m Alright! Highway to the Dangerzone next PLEASE! Good job you guys, keep it up.

  4. wyo Says:

    Okay, I’m still behind, but here’s the five permanent members of the Security Council for ya: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States. (Source: http://www.un.org/sc/members.asp) Check out the rest of the members at the link!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  5. gerry Says:

    good luck with that world government. I think Eric is right, Jeremy is WRONG! The UN are cronies and ANY world government will be based on a USA model, local -federal! That is if there would ever be a world government. I love the Murray stories! Now a new aspect to Murray! OBSESSION! and BLUE HAIR! How could you not know about the Mendelbaum! You’re a loser Jeremy! No gay twang today Eric, you sounded great. How can we help you for next week?! I’m all about helping you! Good job you guys, keep it up! I’m going to try Longboards today! They should give you a buck! I loved how Jer’s tax law analogy turned out to be a discussion on Eric’s table!

  6. harold from Austin Says:

    the fuck Joanna podcast?! I think that was uncalled for. Joanna rocks! this podcast rocked, btw, I was drinking a longboard as you were podcasting … EXCELLENT! How are we gonna help you for next week? I’m just glad there will be a next week, this was a very long pause in action. BTW, Eric, for someone who NEVER has anything to talk about, you sure talk alot! Jer you need to record one of those Straight but not Narrow videos, you’re a fucking inspiration dude! http://www.wearesbnn.com/ The chemistry between you guys is on fire! How about a Joanna/Jeremy/Eric podcast in the near future! Late

  7. theo Says:

    Great podcast, again! I’m not sure about his fuck Joanna aspect of it, but oh well. I’m pretty sure that Eric’s right on just about everything, any world government WILL be based on the USA, and it’s not a dirty word to be a republican. I’m not sure why that ever happened. Thanks for the video with Biff, Lipstick, I loved it! Please be more regular about these things, once a week is all we ask people!

  8. Joanna Says:

    Aloha listeners! I hope to resume podcasting with Eric in the near future. The summer has been very full getting my daughter ready for college. My leg of this journey is almost over as I sit overlooking Waikiki Bay eating a Dawn Patrol omelette with Kai. I have much to share of the past few months. Can’t wait to get back to the mic with E. A hui ho and Aloha!

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