Well Joanna’s back … enjoy

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  1. jake Says:

    Where’s Jeremy?!

  2. Texas Ted Says:

    I’ve now listened twice, the first time last week, and I’ve got a question for you guys, is this a podcast with Jeremy and Eric, or Joanna and Eric? Joanna sounds sexy! She is a bit of a hippie though, huh? Jeremy I want to party with you man! Joanna I want to party with you, but in a different way! Guys are visual, I wish girls would understand that, and Eric’s right, I never thought about the lesbian thing, what the hell are they attracted to?! Gay guys are attracted to guys, and lesbians are attracted to 12 year old boys! LOL! That’s so f’ing true! Eric you’ve got a future somewhere in the big wide media world, make up your mind of what you want to do, this podcast was ill-conceived, perhaps you should do a little preparation before you pour the vodka!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Glad to see Joanna’s back! First things first, you’re so right about the cues we give our girls rather than our boys. I wonder who they would be if we called them smart and wonderful rather than beautiful and pretty? Oh Joanna, do you forever get picked on by Eric?! Is that your lot?! Well you take it like a trooper! Lesbians are always a mystery to me as well. What are they attracted to? That is such a great question! On a side note, where the hell is Renee’s podcast, and where the hell is Eric’s Unpublishednotdead podcast? He teases for it all the time, but I never see it! Once a week is all I need Joanna, so don’t stress. Live your life, and come tell us about it from time to time! I second the notion that Eric has a future in media somewhere, and if he looks like Thor, I think perhaps his talents are wasted on THIS!!!!!! I want to see a shirtless picture, and perhaps one of the goodies (Joanna get on that!)

  4. Kay Yang Says:

    I can’t believe how good the sound was today! Joanna you have NEVER sounded better! Okay a couple points, I can’t believe that Eric never listens to his own podcasts!!!!! Some of them are great! First off, you and Joanna have GREAT chemistry. Eric has never sounded so sexy either. I’m not sure why Joanna was “butt-hurt” about the Jeremy Podcast, it WAS great, and I think that’s great for Eric. He has so much to offer the world, I would think Joanna would be happy that this podcast is somewhat taking off. I also think that Eric has a future in the media in some day, and being that I already know what he looks like, I can tell you from experience, he is very sexy, and if I were Joanna I would be sneaking a peek at his goodies as well. With that said, a couple things, I want to meet Lipstick Lady, I LOVE LOVE her, how about a podcast with her! And it is a little sad that Joanna idolized Daisy Duke! The final smallville sucked! The best Lois Lane WAS Erica Durance! I’m wondering how Amy Adams is going to be. Joanna I love you but I’m glad Eric pulls you back to the podcast from time to time, you do tend to blabber on about things! LOL, I love you baby! Don’t be pissed, I say it with love! And guys are visual, nothing truer has ever been said!

    I’m glad to see Joanna back, but I would like to hear another Jeremy-Cast as well, does my loyalty to Joanna come into question with that statement? Go Doc Brown! I’m so happy for you Joanna! Once a week is fine!

  5. Abby Drake Says:

    I’m not sure why people were so enamored with Jeremy? He seemed like a nice man, but this podcast will always be Joanna and Eric’s warm and loving relationship to me. I’m shocked at you Joanna for idolizing Daisy Duke, I thought so much more from you! You are the liberated new-age woman Joanna! You inspire ME Joanna! (you wear whatever hat you want! and congratulations on doing so well in school too, kudos to you Joanna on this new chapter of your life!) Next time you get in front of the mic, Joanna, I want to hear who you are really inspired by! I must say that the sound was a lot better this time around. If Jeremy helped at all with that, I’m glad he was around. I also have been reading that people think that Eric has a future in the media in some way, I have always thought I was listening to the beginning of something. Abby

  6. Joanna Says:

    Hey Abby,

    Daisy Duke is just ONE of my idols. I think what I liked about her was her attitude and her ability to be one of the boys but still sexy and confident as her own woman which I feel I can relate to. Some of my female role models include Karen “Isak” Dinesen (Blixen), the Danish writer who wrote “Out of Africa” (my favorite movie) , Bri Maya Tiwari, Ayurvedic Swami who cured herself from Cancer, Cindy Ross, Author and Artist and friend who has authored several books, hiked all over the world and writes about it.
    I loved my class and am sorry its over, but I did really well and will continue the momentum. I have to teach a class this June, so I will be on the other side of desk. Thanks for your comments everybody–keep them coming!

  7. brian T. Says:

    You’re right, four year old don’t say anything that is worth quoting! OMG, this chick is a total attention whore! Great to see Joanna back, and sorry not to hear Jeremy!

  8. victor Says:

    Jeremy – Jeremy – Jeremy – Jeremy – Jeremy!!!!!!!!! (good to hear you Joanna!)

  9. Renee Says:

    The sushi quote was genuine, in case you were wondering. As for the 4-year-old, if he’s heard that sort of thing a lot from his mom, that she’s sad to be leaving him to go to work, etc., then I can imagine him parroting it back somehow, but “my heart breaked” does sound too Cosbyish to be believable.

    I have to call you out Eric, however. First you complain that people focus too much on little girls’ beauty, and then you say that people should always look their best, women especially–because men are visual. Maybe that’s why people focus so much on appearance, because they think it’s super important. I don’t know exactly how I see this issue. On the one hand, I do feel more confident when I think I’m looking good, on the other hand, the times in my life where I’ve focused on my appearance have been some of my lowest. So I guess I think we should try to feel good about how we look, but not obsess about it. It’s so fleeting. Even the super-gorgeous will get old, after all.

    Tammy- I’m a slacker, but I’m also waiting for Eric to do his! Last time I did an Unpublishednotdead, he said he had one almost ready too, and it never came out.

    However, if you guys want to hear a mini-UPND from me, I just recorded a short story of mine called “Reprieve”. You can hear it at NewFictionWriters.com: http://newfictionwriters.com/content/reprieve-re-chambliss

    After the story, they asked me record a “story behind the story” explaining where the story came from. It felt like I was recording a podcast for Kael. The good old days! So you can hear me there.

    Great podcast, as usual, guys!

  10. wyo Says:

    Renée hit on something I wanted to say, too … sounds like you want to have it both ways, girls gotta look nice but it’s a shame how we over-focus on “pretty.” I’m not disagreeing with either statement, but I think the balance is much harder than you make it sound, particularly when you take into account how food has more than just a nutritional component (for some people more than for others, like with eating disorders). “Oh, you’re fat, eat less and exercise.” Yes, true, but at the same time, it’s oversimplification … plenty of people have psychological battles to fight before they can get there, and then eating less and exercising can become their own addictions.

    (Which is not to say that wearing sloppy sweatpants out and about is a good thing, or that we can’t all run a comb through our hair before so doing.)

    But geez, you know what? Sometimes it’s fine to NOT GIVE A FUCK about how we look. I honestly could care less at work (I mean, I’m neatly dressed and all; I’m taking showers and stuff). At home is where I figure I should make a serious effort … THOSE are the people I care about. But some days I spend the entire day in pajamas, too. We call that “telecommuting.” 😉

    But I digress. Other comments, in no particular order:

    Joanna! Congrats on your “A”! Keep up the good work; you ROCK!

    Eric, I cannot comment about the pot/cologne issue because I am as pure as the driven snow. well, okay, NOT NOW, but I was in high school! My husband, however, supports your theory, for whatever that’s worth!

    I thought my four year old child said the CUTEST shit (she’s older now). It really is hilarious what they come up with, and sometimes adorable, too. They’re little sponges, soaking up what they hear (Renée pointed this out, too) and then giving it back not-quite-right. Which is why it’s awesome! But people make shit up, too; you know this person you were talking about, so you are probably right when it comes to her.

    The illusion of control … VERY deep stuff! I liked it. Going to think on it more, though. ‘Cause you know I’d like to argue with you. 😉

    I have no idea what Little League costs, but if you think society has no interest in how kids are brought up, then why not push for elimination of the public school system entirely? If parents ought to be held financially responsible for the kids they crank out, then why not insist on private schools? Why do you have to pay for schools at all, as a non-kid-haver? Just sayin’ …

    Let’s see (checking my notes) … oh yes. One more thing. Catherine Bach seems to have had her own weight issues on and off over the years, but the photo on Wikipedia still looks pretty good (she’s in her mid-50s, after all). Take a look! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_Bach

    Love hearing regular podcasts, guys … please keep going!!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  11. Administrator Says:

    I have to go back on the tape, but I believe I said you should always look your best, that means your individual best, whatever that is! I’m not saying that everyone is thin and beautiful and we are, but I do think that no matter what you look like you should always put your best foot forward! Or at least that’s what I meant!

  12. wyo Says:

    Eric, you did say just that. I agree with it, and I understand it. But you also said something about if a woman’s “disgusting,” the man might not be able to get it up (paraphrasing) because men are visual, etc. What I’m trying to get at is I think a lot of people confuse “individual best” with “thin and beautiful.” There’s some kind of disconnection in the brain between what we can be and what we think we SHOULD be and it creates more problems than it solves, kind of like how you were talking about how little girls get called “pretty” more than “creative” or “smart” or other things. There’s an expectation that we (individually) must be more than we can be, and I think it ends up making a lot of people think they’re less than they are. If that makes sense … it’s not like it’s anybody’s fault, but it does seem to be a systemic societal thing, IMO. Just rambling. You know how it goes. 😉

  13. dog the bounty hunter! Says:

    damn Joanna! I’m so glad you fixed the f-ing sound, because Joanna is sounding FINE! Love the podcast.

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