Well I’m back, without Joanna, this time (but don’t worry, she’ll be back tomorrow) and with Jeremy … Had a great time with this one, hope everyone thinks it’s half as cool as I do … thanks … (oh and for the Tacie-ites out there; she’s promised to do another one soon).

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  1. jake Says:

    At first I thought Joanna was REALLY underwater. took me a couple seconds to realize that you were hanging with someone else. DUDE! GREAT PODCAST! Jeremy got game! Pirates suck! Hilter=Osama, doesn’t matter how many people you kill or how many kids or wives you have, murderers are dicks! LOLOLOLOLOL, all my friends say the same thing about burning man, “you have to experience yourself. I’m convinced they issue you a supply of acid myself, and you know what I say to that? BRING IT ON! I shall see you and Jeremy there this year! We can burn and do a podcast! Kick ass podcast, writing this on my phone, so if there are a bunch of spelling errors, get over it. Jake

  2. John (NYC) Says:

    First time comment here. Listening for awhile though. Where did you find Jeremy?! Great chemistry! First off, right on with the 3d glasses, made for the kiddies. Thor sucked! Pirates sucked! 3d is stupid waste of five bucks! Guys should’t work as topless dancers either! I just wanted to say enjoyed the podcast! And I’ll go to burning man if you go Eric, and issue me the week’s mushrooms the day before! Great parenting talk, hard being a parent, nice having friends who get it! Just so you know Jeremy, your marriage is in the minority, hold on to that girl!

  3. Big Fat Tire Says:

    WTF?! Who is Jeremy and what have you done with Joanna?! EXCELLENT chemistry, I must second! This podcast was the coolest! Hey Osama fucking evil! But enough with the Hilter compares already!!!!!!! BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pussy much Eric! GO! Experience the damn thing already! The sound was much better. Renee kicks ass!

  4. Angel Gomez Says:

    I laughed for an hour about your fear of being stuck in nazi germany with a circumcision! Most excellent choice of Jeremy! His voice isn’t as sexy as joanna’s, but he didnt sound under water either! I could tell from the minute I heard Jeremy he partook of the burning man!

  5. wyo Says:

    You seem to have a lot of great friends … and all good at making great podcasts! Very, very cool. 🙂

    Good going on IDing Daisy Duke’s real last name (Bach) but her first name isn’t Barbara—it’s Catherine. I don’t get the Jessica Simpson thing, either.

    I am not sure if evil is truly on a scale, but FWIW, it did occur to me that it is LEGALLY on a scale (different “degrees” of murder). But once you get into thousands of murders, good grief, it’s all just flat-out heinous.

    Science fiction (LOVE) does have rules, and they usually jive with what is known of science (well, to a degree, anyway); fantasy is less restrictive. But whatever, right? You definitely know what’s good! 😉

    Daycare can be a sore subject … but I can’t just shut up about it, alas. I was the primary wage-earner and sole source of health insurance when my daughter was younger and it really was not an option for me not to work; it’s great when people can organize their lives so that they don’t have to avail themselves of daycare but even with willing extended family, it’s not as simple as it’s often presented, hence my need to rant even though I told myself I wouldn’t. Oh well, people don’t have to read it! By the way, $900/month? OUCH. We paid less than half that much. Of course, my kid is practically a teenager now. But I digress.

    I laughed out loud about the circumcision/time travel issue. Not something I’d personally considered! I guess I’d say just keep your pants on; that should keep you pretty safe.

    Really enjoy your podcasts … though I am also checking out some of Renée’s voice-work on my commutes now … competition, oh my!

  6. kay Yang Says:

    who the fuck is Jeremy and what did he do with Joanna?! After I got over my initial shock (I don’t handle change very well), I listened and you guys are great! Places never to visit, Jeremy, thailand! They make food with mice and shoes! It’s not a night out at your favorite Thai restaurant, trust me! Oh to go to burning man! I will make it one day and I trust when I do Jeremy (who sounds hot, by the way), will hand me my schrooms! Baby Kay needs her drugs if I’m going to be in a desert with thousands of drunk naked people! I guess being the resident podcast bitch I must say I did not miss Joanna, but I will if she continues her hiatus, so don’t screw with it! Saw that you had a tacie-cast coming up, please don’t spend the hour kissing her ass, and laughing like an idiot! She wasn’t that funny! I would like to see where this goes with you guys, my husband, who usually gets all pissed off when I play your podcasts in the car, was pleasantly surprised, and smiled or laughed the entire time. Good job you guys. He don’t like anyone! I’m a little sad, because I was just SO happy to see you had another podcast up. Keep it up, and Eric, work on your potty mouth!

  7. cam Mitchell Says:

    WHO THE FUCK IS JEREMY?! I f-ing love this guy! Jeremy YOU are the man! BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!! Eric you’re a pussy, go to Burning Man, walk around naked, use up some of that personal training money! Fuck this podcast was great!!!! Pirates suckeddddddddddddddd!

  8. Tony Says:

    Evil is Evil is Evil. Great show you guys, first one I listened to, but will be coming back. Refreshing to hear a guy want to raise his own kids, bravo!

  9. Renee Says:

    Great podcast! Excellent job, Jeremy!

    I was laughing about the circumcision worry too. In all the pro vs. con circumcision debates I’ve read, (And I’ve read a lot. It’s can be a big issue for parents of boys.) that’s one angle I’ve never seen brought up before!

    My kindergarten teacher was a man. Mr. Olson. I loved him! He seemed old to me, but I’m guessing now that he was in his late 20s or early 30s. Does that double standard bother you guys?

    Here’s a really creepy story about a female kindergarten teacher and how people inherently trust her: http://www.castmacabre.org/2011/01/cm31-ashputtle-by-peter-straub.html

    Oh and you’re right, Eric, the voice work I’m doing is because of you! I doubt I would have thought to get into podcasting if I hadn’t heard that first UPND! (Actually, it was the third UPND, but it was the first one I listened to.)

  10. Joanna Says:

    Great DuDECAST Jeremy and Eric! Loved it and think that it was great to mix up the energy. I know that if I am unable to podcast that Jeremy can smoothly take over the helm. Rock on brothers!!!

  11. Lon Says:

    First off, Eric is right on the money, Thailand sucks! Second, good for you Mr Mom! Fuck that car compant, let Terri go out and work! Third groovy vibe, I’ll be listening, so don’t fuck this up.

  12. gerry Says:

    Okay first off, this podcast kicked some serious ass! At first I was thinking, what the hell happened to Joanna, because you guys really didn’t mention her. Was she dead, was she just gone? I was glad to read that she was coming back. First off, you guys have some really good chemistry, I will be very interested to see how good this thing could get. Your first time out was worthy of coming back for sure! I really did love Renee’s podcasts, so I’m not surprised to hear that she’s got a ton of voice work. She has a great voice! You guys hit on the money with just about EVERYTHING, it was like hanging out with my buddies talking, and the multitude of crap you come up with with talk about. What a crazy family that Duke family, huh? Another show I watched lately, that I thought was great when I was a kid was 21 Jump Street, and it SUCKEDDDDDDD! What a piece of shit show! When is the next Jer-Cast? and when is the next Tacie-Cast? I like them all!

  13. gerry Says:

    oh, and chill out Lipstick about the daycare thing, we all do what we can do, if Jeremy can stay home and watch his kid, more the better for him! Stay out of the delorian if you’re afraid of time travel is all I can say, or don’t slingshot around the sun! (which makes no sense at all!) And Joanna’s comment was a little off for my taste, did anyone think the same thing?

  14. wyo (aka, Lipstick) Says:

    Gerry, I *am* chilled out! You shoulda heard me 10 years ago when I was a real nut. 🙂 Seriously, you are right on with “we all do what we can” and that is enough said about that, for sure.

  15. Joanna Says:

    Wtf jerry?!? What comment was “off”? Please enlighten

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