So let me say two things, first off, the new Unpublishnotdead Podcast is on it’s way … Second, this podcast rocks, again!  We talk about everything from parenting, to panhandling … from square cars to douche bag policemen.  From marketing to Whole Foods.  Enjoy.

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  1. Gerry Says:

    good job you guys, glad to see joanna’s escape from the tank!

  2. wyo Says:

    You had me LOL many a time during this podcast (and BY THE WAY, I love the new name!) … not just where you offered the ridiculous notion that I would have any idea what it meant to “temper” eggs! (On the bright side, I do know how to Google with the best of ’em.)

    Sounds like your biggest problem in the tempering process is PATIENCE. Go abysmally slow … from what I gather, the trick is to raise the temperature of the eggs really slowly and that’s what keeps them from cooking. So if they cook, you’re going too fast.

    Here’s a couple of links; you can find videos on YouTube, too, if you are so inclined:



    More later!

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  3. Abby Drake Says:

    Eric, you temper eggs, by adding them very slowly to your cream. the slower the better. I often use a table spoon to do it. Good luck with your ice cream. If you make something good, please post on your site. Great name, the Fauxpod! I’ll be looking forward to more.

  4. Renee Says:

    Love “Fauxpod”! That’s perfect!

    Eric- I’m thrilled that a new Kael/Eric UPND is imminent; I will get mine done soon; and I’m SO sorry for questioning your interest in writing or writing podcasts. I’m not sure why I might have thought that…

    Joanna- I’m visiting the Big Island this week and am loving it. :o)

  5. Joanna Says:

    There are so many wonderful places you must go if you have time! Uncle Roberts Kava Bar in Kalapana, Warm Pond between Kalapana and Pahoa on the Puna side.I will message you on Facebook

  6. Brian T. Says:

    I haven’t listened in a while, mainly because I didn’t even know you guys were still podcasting. I suggest you guys upload your podcast on the same day every week, so that I know it’s coming. I too hate the douches who drive square cars, and in general hybrid cars as well. They are so pleased with themselves it’s annoying. I wish I could go through and comment on each and every thing you guys spoke about, but frankly I don’t have the time. You guys had me laughing though.

  7. Brian T. Says:


  8. wyo Says:

    Okay, I suppose you haven’t done another post yet because YOU HAVE A LIFE. Well, I don’t have that problem (ha ha, no really, I spend too much time in my car and that’s when I listen to your podcasts) so since there isn’t anything new (NO PRESSURE, well, maybe a little), I listened to this one again. And now I’m going to comment again.

    (Everyone who thinks, or rather KNOWS, I’m long-winded can feel free to skip. Whatever. Nobody’s MAKING you read comments.)

    Joanna, the Honda Element DOES look like a pregnant roller skate! Love that metaphor.

    I don’t want to be a bitch, BUT you both sounded like you were underwater for most of this podcast. That being said (apologies to Renée for that phrase), I laughed so much when Joanna was describing how hard it is to podcast under water!

    Streets change names around here, too. And in at least two other places I’ve lived. It is SO annoying! Apparently crack-smoking abounds in whatever occupation is charged with naming streets.

    GOOD GOD, white zinfandel? Eric, my darling. You wound me. I wouldn’t touch white zin … it’s not sweet enough.

    If you have more cooking issues, may I suggest you check with Abby … she seemed to know the answer without looking it up! I recently failed at hard-boiling eggs, so … umm. Enough said there.

    Oh, and did you make the ice cream yet? Was it delish? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Charity and bullshit. Let me give you my opinion (like you care): some charities ARE bullshit. Some are great. That’s why you pick and choose which ones you donate to. And it’s not all about money, for shit’s sake. The Red Cross takes blood, you know. Just for random example. Which I would totally endorse except I haven’t been in to donate lately and now I’m feeling guilty so. Next topic!

    Totally agree that the downfall of the U.S. … nay, of THE WORLD … is going to be marketing people. Oy. The stories I could tell? Well, they’d get me reprimanded for sure and possibly would even get me fired. So nevermind. But you are totally right.

    Now. About this “smokey, easy” description of my blog … wow, thanks! What were YOU smoking when you thought of that? 😉 Just kidding. But you should know, there is no link to my blog off your blog. That’s okay because I have been such a slacker on blogging lately. Hopefully I’ll get over that soon (but probably not, ’cause other writing projects are continuing to interfere).

    But this is long enough, don’t you think? Maybe … maybe not. I could always listen to this podcast AGAIN tomorrow! 😉

  9. Administrator Says:

    lipstick … Thursday Joanna and I sat down, recorded a podcast, and then for some reason, it didn’t record … levels looked great, and it looks like there’s sound, but there is none … I’ll work on it, but I HATE THE SOUND THING!

  10. wyo Says:

    Whoa! A lost podcast? That sucks!! You have Gremlins in your computer, I think …

    Love from Lipstick Lady

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