Well as far as I could tell, we have a serious sound issue, but you can hear it fine … we talk about wine, politics, and Joanna’s insecurity.  Well worth a listen

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  1. Renee Says:

    Where the heck is everyone?

    Here’s another article for you all to peruse about the budget problems and a solution that’s not being proposed: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/04/08-4

    Eric- I’m so excited that you have a new UPND written! Can’t wait to hear it. I’ll get going on mine.

    Joanna- I hope you can keep your house.

    Oh and I love Lipstick (aka, Wyo) too!

  2. wyo Says:

    Wow, guys, I *loved* this podcast! Any conversation that carries serious topics while still being entertaining enough to make me LOL at times is MY FAVORITE. Thanks. 🙂

    I do like wine, but I have a very limited wine repetoire … I only like the sweet stuff. People have told me I need to “cultivate my palate” to appreciate reds and such, but BY GOLLY I don’t need the approval of people like that! I like what I like, and I like to buy sweet wines like Rieslings with fancy or funny labels and that is that.

    Speaking of approval (smooth segue there, eh?), I think you’re on to something big with respect to acceptance versus approval. While I am not, myself, a Statistifier™, I do tend to something of a Generalizifier (did Eric trademark that, too?), so let me say this: most people want approval but what they need is acceptance. Approval is easy, really … it’s something you can give or have given; if you’ve got it to give, away it goes (EASY!). Acceptance, on the other hand, can be hard, because it makes you look at what you believe and may make you question why you believe it. And then you have to decide if you can accept something you may not agree with (for whatever reason). Acceptance means we are cared for in spite of the crap we carry with us (and we all have it; it’s called being human). Approval just means someone agrees with us.

    (Of course, I’m not specifically commenting on Joanna’s situation and approval can be very reassuring so it’s great in that way. Also not saying that acceptance is good by nature, ’cause we certainly don’t want to accept something about somebody else that’s truly harmful. I’m just generalizifying.)

    But as a former statistician (shut up, I know, I am embarrassed to admit it, too) I feel constrained to add that correlation is not the same as causation, and just because 100% of murderers drink water does not mean that drinking water causes homicide. Put that in your statistifying pipe and smoke it. You know, just for people who like to throw random numbers out at you.

    This is long enough already. But one more thing, quick, for Joanna: I’m sorry for what you’re going through, potentially losing your house. How you talked about it really made it clear how much you love that space. But with your ability to open yourself intuitively and find your way in life trusting in that intuition, you should consider (just consider) the prospect that maybe there is MORE out there for you … a space that you would love even more and make it even more *your own.* Whatever happens, though, YOU will be okay. Just remember that a home is what you make of it, and that is the real reason why your home is awesome (and why it can be awesome no matter where you go).

    Did I say one more thing? I lied. Whatever, no one HAS to read this. 🙂 One more thing for realies this time, for Eric … is THIS what you were looking for candy-wise? http://www.amazon.com/Tootsie-Roll-Company-Charleston-Strawberry/dp/B000EBIARK

    Hope so … it’s IN STOCK and I am here to help. 😉 More later (for all those insomniacs out there who are bored by long-winded comments and therefore only able to sleep through my valiant efforts).

    Love from Lipstick Lady (you know I love you guys, Eric, Joanna, and Renée!)

  3. gerry Says:

    what no one ever says is how the biggest distraction while driving IS CHILDREN! 157 bucks is too much, you’re right Eric. Can you guys please work on your sound?! Joanna is all echo-y the entire podcast! I didn’t know this about the Navy, interesting fact, Eric. This was a great podcast, you guys didn’t have to kowtow down to the jerking off topic! Joanna good job at keeping the cackling down to minimum! Someone wrote that you guys take advice to head not to heart, that is so true. I’m also glad that you guys keep getting back on point from time to time. Good job guys, I enjoyed this podcast ALOT. Keep them coming, and keep them coming more regularly, it really helps to KNOW they’re coming, so I can schedule my time accordingly. Just so you know, the best part of this podcast is when you said that you AND Renee are going to do another podcast! I really can’t wait, I’m an amateur brilliant writer myself, and I love to hear you guys talk about writing. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys, and what about a Renne/Eric podcast about writing? Think about it guys! (Maybe Renee could help your sound out!)

  4. Kay Yang Says:

    Why IS it that ALL massage people can read your aura?! Good point about children being the biggest distraction of all. Joanna I love that you chant! This was a very interesting podcast all around. You guys are just getting better and better. I know I have the traditional role on this blog as being the resident bitch but I hope you get your house back too Joanna! Times are tough, and I would love to hear a little good news in the rubble from time to time. As for my advice to you, because that is what my official job is here, my advice to both of you guys is to make money from this podcast, and market the damn thing! If you can’t do it yourselves, then find someone who does that kind of work and hire them! I listen to EVERY FUCKING PODCAST and I love them all! (oh, BTW :), I am LOVING the news of a return of Renee, and a new Unpublishednotdead Podcast from Eric, just saying, and somehow I think that Renee’s behind it so thanks Renee!, I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!) So make money from this damn thing, but of course you guys are going to have to do something about the sound, it’s awful! it sounds like you guys are in a glass or something. Can I make a suggestion? Get someone to monitor your sound as it’s happening. I don’t know if that will throw off your mojo or anything, but get used to it. Okay no bitchy comments for today, but maybe in a couple days when I have time to let the podcast simmer.

  5. Abby Drake Says:

    Your definition of friendship is so wonderful Eric! I will keep that next to my heart. I was so glad to hear of the news of your return to your regular podcast. I will listen. I didn’t know what you meant by switching teams? I didn’t know that was possible. I think that says a lot about who you are Eric, you love from someplace different than the rest of us. Good luck in your future endeavors, my children love your podcasts. (ps, my prayers with your friend who lost his family in the plane accident, what a tragic event, and I hope he finds some peace)

  6. Tammy B. Says:

    here here to Eric’s definition of friendship! I could use a couple friends like that. I have a ton of friends who think if I don’t follow their advice I am somehow dissing them. You guys never said that kids were a distraction in your podcast? did you? Well if you didn’t, they ARE! My kids are moving around, and I’m surprised I haven’t been in more accidents. Texing while driving is dumb though, so don’t do it! Eric I can’t wait for your new unpublishednotdead podcast! I too am sure Renee guilted you into it. I can’t wait to hear Renee’s podcast as well! I have a lot to look forward to in the future (phew). Oh work on your damn sound, Joanna sounds like she’s coming to us from the bottom of the sea! I hope you get to keep your house, Joanna, but if not, you’ll be fine, don’t worry, you’re a survivor! I too am glad you guys are more regular. Okay enough for now, I’m off to the grocery store, bye, Tammy

  7. Joanna Says:

    Mahalo for all the good vibes about my house. If I am meant to keep it, it will happen and the US Government will truly back their website: MakingHomeAffordable.gov—we will see. If not, I really loved the affirmations that I will be okay and that wherever I am is where home is. I couldn’t agree more. I have lived all over this country, but for the last 15 years here in Reno and so this feels like my home as much as Pennsylvania does. I just want to be able to be free to express my artistic side. I love art and color and white walls just don’t work for me. I love my house, but I also am Buddhist in my philosophies and less truly is more. I really don’t want the burdens of a house, just enough space for my babies and maybe a partner someday. Mahalo again for all the feedback on our podcasts. We will eventually get this sound problem under control, I promise!

  8. jake Says:

    great podcast.

  9. big Fan from Austin Says:

    Two things, KIDS are the biggest distractors in a car, FOR SURE! Second thing, Starbucks blueberry muffins! I hope you get to stay in your house Joanna, and I have just been downloading Upublishednotdead podcasts from this site, and I am now looking forward to listening to another one as well. I would like to see more posting on the site, Eric. The sound SUCKS. Joanna sounds like she’s in a tin can when she’s talking, or underwater, which ever, it’s annoying. I love the content, work on the sound.

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