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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    are you guys getting better? I really enjoyed listening to this week. It seems Eric has taken a cue from Adam C. and begun ranting. It’s so great to hear you guys regularly. It’s hard to listen to a podcast that isn’t on every week at least. I knew this was going to be a great time when Eric went in on Joanna’s clothes when it started! I have to say I appreciate Joanna’s good form, and her ability to take a joke. It’s a good trait, and it’s obvious by Eric’s laughter you guys have a great time doing the podcast, so keep it up, it’s great to listen to you guys. So in closing, more Eric rants, I missed them. I also miss the postings online. You’re a talented writer, Eric, and I would like to read more of your material. Good job again! BTW (LOL), I want an assignment. I’m an expert in bullshit, next week assign me something! Good work on your vocal ticks, and no drinking games this week!

  2. tammy B. Says:

    I always wonder if there’s something wrong with you Eric! You may want to talk to someone about not wanting to be with anyone. Maybe talk to us, your devoted fans in the virtual world! Joanna I agree with Kay, your ability to take a joke is commendable. If someone told me I was dressed like a hooker, they’d get a hook … A right hook! I really enjoyed this podcast, you guys seemed to have a good time doing it too. I’m glad they’re more regular, but this one was a really long time. keep it up!

  3. Jake Says:

    A couple years ago I started listening to this obscure guy rant about writing. You’ve come a long way my friend. Your podcasts are getting better, and even Joanna is less annoying these days! I’m glad you’ve both got the personality that takes criticism to mind and not to heart. It’s making you both better podcasters! I’d hate it if you guys get a radio show I’d not get to hear you guys anymore, and they’d cut you off at the balls!

  4. gerry Says:

    Another great podcast. I highly doubt that Eric is fat, but go to another trainer if this one sucks. I seem to recall a podcast way in the past where someone asked you what you did for a living, and when you told them they told you how great it was that you had all the time to think, and you got all offended. Well it’s obvious to me that you’re not among the average working class person. I certainly can not afford a trainer! Eat better, that’s all I can say!

  5. Joanna Says:

    Yes, I can take a joke! When you grow up as the youngest of six children and when your brothers are your best friends, that particular skill comes in handy when encountering a sarcastic wit like ERIC!! I don’t know how he gets away with it, but it’s constant! One never knows what makes relationships work, bit ours definitely does. Eric and I have way too much fun with this and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. It’s actually sunny and blue skies today–smells like skiing to me! Mt. Rose here I come. Aloha

  6. wyo Says:

    GREAT podcast … entertaining all the way, though I do hope Eric feels better soon! Vicodin can be fun, but not for the long haul.

    BeliefNet is a good source of info on religion. Here are two links:


    I wasn’t really that familiar with Christian Science, so it was interesting reading. There seem to be some similarities between the two, although Scientologists really don’t have anything to do with Christianity, so that would probably be your biggest division betwixt the two (Scientology was founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard—a science fiction author … not, IMO, a very good one—and gods or God is optional in this belief system). Christian Scientists seem to have some issues with homosexuality (as in, they think it needs to be “healed,” whatever that means), so you may not want to go there, unless you’re looking to start, say, a Reformed Christian Science (New Christian Science?). Both of these faiths seem to have some issues with modern medicine as a general rule (not that there’s anything wrong with that PER SE, although if you ask me, there might be, depending on how far they take it).

    Let me know which way you decide go. Neither of these paths is particularly mainstream, but don’t let that or the fact that Tom Cruise is batshit crazy unduly influence you, okay? 😉

    I am rather taken with my new title! OFFICIAL bullshit researcher … yes, I like it! I don’t know about wanting to be famous, but I do think everyone wants to be *heard* so from that POV, I’m with you.

    The rest has to wait. Monday has sucketh mightily (with the exception of getting to listen to your podcast) so I gotta try to catch my Zzzzs … back soon (that’s BS to you).

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  7. Joanna Says:

    How wonderful to have two experts on bullshit among our commentors! Kay and Lipstick, get ready, cause Eric and I will have plenty for you to do!

  8. Harold from Austin Says:

    I’m not sure any religious would have you Eric! You guys were ON FIRE this week! I loved this podcast, i’ve been recommending it to everyone, and know in my heart you’ll both move onto better things and forget about all your loyal listeners. I read all the comments about Joanna’s ability to a joke and although I’m sure as we’re not sitting there watching her reactions, it’s so good to hear two friends who can say anything to each other. This is just a fun show to listen to, and this week especially. From the first second when Eric asked Joanna why she was dressed as a hooker, I knew this was going to be a great podcast! Eric two things, first off, the pain killer thing … this is the second mention of painkillers in your podcast, please keep it in check, and second, I’m sure you’re not fat! God I love you both, and whoever said Joanna was annoying, fuck you! (that’s in Joanna lingo!)

  9. kay Yang Says:

    Joanna: I don’t want to be the bullshit researcher (I defer to the articulate, and ever so charming Lipstick Lady, having gone back so far I know why she’s called that even!), I think my area of expertise shall be advice guru! Eric (especially) and you need my sage advice from time to time, and I shall endeavor to expel it when ever possible. 😉 I just listened again, you guys were great this week! Please stay regular, and Joanna keep an eye on Eric, he did a whole podcast about his love of pain killers, and now I’m worried! I wanted to tell you guys I think your podcasts about your lives are much better than when you try to do topics. Eric’s rants are funnier than hell, and (those of us who know him personally) have seen this in action) I love it when he cracks himself up (which he does often). Joanna I must say I used to not like your podcasts with Eric, but now I have to say, you’ve sold me! I couldn’t imagine you not being there, you’ve become far less careful as the podcasts have progressed! Someone wrote that they were glad you guys took criticism to head and not to heart, that was so well said I wanted to repeat it. Later Gators!

  10. wyo Says:

    Kay … you’re slipping, that didn’t sound bitchy AT ALL! 😉

    Sorry to post and run (AGAIN) but my comment took so long to post last night that I wanna see if it’s going to go faster today before I get too far into my usual long-windedness. I mean, articulate charm. 🙂

    Love from Lipstick Lady

  11. big Fan from Austin Says:

    another great podcast. don’t be a science – anything! I hope you’re not serious!

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