I’ve been working on our podcast logo for a while now … so this is a work in progress, and the FIRST picture ever to be on this podcast (I feel like USAToday)

yay us!

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  1. tammy B. Says:

    wow you guys are attractive! where’s the video podcast!? I had no idea from that awful picture eric used to have up!

  2. kay Yang Says:

    There’s that handsome face I remember! Joanna you’re beautiful, I’m not sure why i’m surprised, but you always expect people to not measure up to their voices!

  3. wyo Says:

    Nice!! You both look great!

  4. jessie Callon Says:

    Wow, this is what you guys look like?! Very cool, it’s good to finally put a face to the voices.

  5. abby Drake Says:

    GREAT LOOKING COUPLE! And an equally great logo for your podcast. Glad to hear you more regularly!

  6. Brandon from TX Says:

    Great first picture! good to put faces with the voices. Joanna, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! (too bad I’m married … to a guy! 🙂 As for your podcast, please work on the sound! Good content, bad sound.

  7. Big Fan from Austin Says:

    I pictured Eric’s hair much longer, and much blonder, but DAMN. Why are all the good ones gay?! Avid listener for a couple months now, not quite caught up, so don’t know who Lipstick Lady is, or have heard any of Renee’s podcasts, but I shall. Glad to hear Joanna is packing some, and that she’s not one of “those” women who just become victims. Joanna you are EXACTLY what I pictured you to be (and that’s a good thing!) Keep up the good work, and good luck in the future

  8. Gerry Says:

    You guys are great looking! You look like brother and sister. I’m glad I finally know what you guys look like.

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