Okay I wanna say that this is our best … well at least it’s Joanna’s best, I have a lot to work on, but I’m getting better.  I’m working on the “likes” and now the evidently the “by the ways,” and hopefully it’s enjoyable … please comment … thanks …

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  1. wyo Says:

    SQUEE! Another podcast? I am in HEAVEN! Also I am way behind on comments … prepare for an onslaught, hopefully tonight I can get all caught up. For now, must go download this latest for my commute! Love from Lipstick Lady

  2. wyo Says:

    As usual, lots of stuff … you make my commute a helluva lot more entertaining, so thanks for that. 🙂

    Perfect date: Just me, at home, with the cats (kid, dog, and husband out fishing or something). What? I’ve been married for nearly 20 years! Alone time IS the perfect date!

    No, “dont” without an apostrophe is NOT a word.

    Joanna! Way to go with the .38! I’m more of a 12-gauge shotgun woman, myself, though.

    Sarah Palin: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, SHE HAS NO CLUE. It takes forever and a day to get a conservative woman up for a national position, and then we get someone who cannot answer policy questions, whores herself out to the media (a reality show, really?) and QUIT HER JOB for no good reason (read her speech … it’s completely whacked). She’s a beautiful woman, truly, and she looks good on camera, but I think she’s a total twit and that’s why I hate her.

    (Well, “hate” may not be the right word. “LOATHE” may be better.)

    “Hot and bothered” about the situation in Wisconsin: You’ve got it partly right. I AM bothered by the union thing. Because it’s COMPLETELY (whoops, sorry, shouting a lot here) obscuring all the other issues raised by and in what is purportedly a “budget repair bill.” For starters, the very amount Wisconsin’s governor says he’s short in his budget is the amount in tax cuts he gave just prior to proposing his budget bill. Oh, there’s a bunch of people not in unions who stand to lose their health care entirely, have you heard about that? What about how Wisconsin’s governor will get the right to sell power plants without opening the sale up for bids? And how the bill was being rushed through the process, and how the Wisconsin governor now says he’ll have to fire 1500 people next week, and NEGLECTS to mention that he pretty much can’t even START with union people, until he fires those pesky non-union people (the ones he’d like to take health care away from) … yeah, I’m hot and bothered, but the union thing is only on the surface. You don’t hardly hear any of the other stuff, and no one seems to care, either.

    In other news … 🙂 You need to decide if it’s “truth” or “honesty” you care about, and how they both relate to reality.

    Oh, and as far as “putting up with shit from people because of wanting human affection so desperately” goes, you definitely have to draw a line in the sand … or shit, as it were. But if you’re going to be around people, you’re going to be putting up with SOME shit. Because everybody’s got it, you know?

    Gawd, some day I’d like to be not QUITE as long-winded. But today’s not gonna be that day. KEEP TALKING! And for goodness sakes, Skype me in one of these days … then people can rag on my voice and annoying mannerisms and you’ll get a break. 😉

  3. jake Says:

    I’d be a far more interesting skype guest than lipstick lady, just so you know. Great podcast again you guys. Joanna is packing?! Love it! Guy’s goal is to get it above the water?! I thought I was the only one! On a serious note, you guys rock, keep up the good work!

  4. jake Says:

    Oh by the way, perfect first date? Pizza, beer, making out … no movie necessary

  5. abby Drake Says:

    I didn’t know that typing all caps meant I was yelling! Who knew that?! I loved your impression of the teenaged girl, Joanna shouldn’t have talked over it. Joanna carries around a gun?! Concealed?! Were you packing your gun when the guy came in? Do you have it all the time?! I don’t know why I was shocked by this. I thought I knew Joanna well. Why aren’t you guys doing a radio show yet?! Eric is so wonderful. Who is Dexter? I would skype you guys as well (I know what skype is too!) Your loving listener, Abby

  6. gerry Says:

    What is the song you play from Bloodhound Gang? I liked the whole podcast, but the only thing I want to comment on was the part at the end about being childlike, and how Eric wasn’t even childlike even as a child. I took that part to heart. I feel like I got old young. Your podcast needs to go on even if you guys do get on the radio. There’s something for everyone here, every week. Take care you guys, and keep it up

  7. Joanna Says:

    Just wanted to comment on the surprise that I pack a .38 and have a CCW. This was a choice of mine and I take it seriously. I am a very strong woman. However, I have been the victim of several assaults by men in my life and I simply am not going to tolerate it any longer. I am sure Eric and I will broach this sensitive subject on a future podcast. Until then, stay warm, happy and free.

  8. Harold from Austin Says:

    I didn’t think I’d ever comment. I won’t be as thoughtful as Lipstick Lady, but … I’ll just dive into it. I wanted to talk about Joanna a bit, because Eric has been doing these podcasts for so long, that people have said everything there is to say about him, and although I don’t think he sounds gay, he does need to work on his “likes” and “by the ways.” Joanna has become more and more interesting as these podcasts progress. She’s becoming more and more three dimensional to me, and I like listening to the progression. I’d love to hear her talk about why she has a gun, and about her divorce if it’s not too painful. I just love her point of view, and I love Eric’s way of getting her to say things she does not want to say, even though her family is listening. Eric says that his podcasts are freedom because none of his friends bother to listen, but Joanna doesn’t have that freedom, I wonder what going to happen in the future with her. I’d like to hear Joanna ask Eric probing questions, instead of him always goating her. Keep up the good work you guys, and I’d like to hear Lipstick lady chime in to your podcasts from time to time as well. It would change things up!

  9. Renee Says:


    Great podcast! I’m so glad you guys are getting together and recording again! :o)

    I agree with Wyo about Sarah Palin. Her looks aren’t the problem. What I dislike the most about her is that she tends to play upon people’s fears and seems to relish being in the public eye above practically everything else. I also disagree with most (all?) of her views. It’s not a jealous girl thing, I swear!

    By the way ;o) as for honesty, I’m a nice person and I don’t want to say anything to hurt people. But if you ask me what you think about your writing, for example, I’m assuming that you want my honest opinion. I’m pretty good at giving feedback in a constructive way, but I’m going to tell you what I really think.

    The controversy point I made with Eric when we talked a couple of weeks ago, was just that I think it’s more interesting when you aren’t constantly agreeing. And you do seem to feel free to express differing opinions, and that makes for great listening. But I don’t think that you should be slamming each other all the time or anything. I love that we can feel the strength of your friendship through how you talk to each other, even when you disagree. I have great friends that I can disagree with. Wyo (Lipstick) is one of them!

    Take care, both of you, and keep up the awesome!


    P.S. Joanna, so cool to see you commenting here!

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