It hasn’t even been a week, and we’re back … take a deep breath and get used to the new Joanna and Eric who will probably be with you on a more regular basis, and if you listen, you’ll hear Joanna actually say she’s gonna blog as well!  As always you can listen on Itunes, or listen here … either way thanks!

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  1. gerry Says:

    I busted a gut when Eric described the perfect sex toy! Totally funny again this week. The businesses who dropped the ball, love that whole rant. I do think that both Eric and Joanna both need to work on their voices, Eric needs to quit saying “like” every other word, and … well Joanna doesn’t need to do anything. I suppose both Joanna and Renee are sacred cows so to speak when it comes to this podcast, but if it makes Eric feel better, I tune in for him. I’d like to hear more podcasts with just him, they are really deep and insightful. Keep up the good work you two.

  2. kay Yang Says:

    OMFG, the penis sex toy thing! Joanna you walked right into that girlfriend! I would have so much fun calling into your podcast, so make it so ASAP! Okay you’re right about all the companies who drop the ball, here’s one for you that didn’t … Pizza Hut. They were mostly a sit-down place, and when Dominos came out they shifted their business to a delivery one. People DO have too much time on their hands, and I agree, Joanna should work on her voice, while Eric’s is very sexy! Oh, I’m from Hawaii, in case you’re wondering. I count as one, but my husband and I listen on our way to work, so that’s two in case you’re counting. Your podcasts are getting better, trust me you guys are better than most on-air people now. I loved the music you played at the beginning of the podcast, what was it? Joanna you have the best job in America. I would love to do a podcast with Eric. I know how hard it is to do a podcast and not hear any feedback, so I hope this helps you guys to keep going. Kay.

  3. victor Says:

    I’m in the middle as well. (Side note, I’m from Texas). My wife never changed her name, so I guess she was a bit ahead of you Joanna. I’m glad you’re happy Joanna, I feel like I know you! I can’t say that Eric has a sexy voice, but I must say I think I’ve been following his podcasts since the beginning (well not from the beginning, but I have listened to them all) and I like his voice. It’s a very comfortable voice, and as a writer, I relate to many of the things he says. I never thought he was gay, but he did come out in one of the first podcasts he did, so I guess I always knew. My brother is gay, so I know how he feels when someone tells him he sounds gay, it’s not an easy thing to hear. Not only do straight people have a prejudice against that, but so do gay people. I never thought you sounded gay, Eric, but I think you do gay people a service by not being a “gay” podcast. I think you make a bold statement when you bill this as a writer’s podcast first! I forgot about all those companies who went out of business because they ran down the curve, good observation. I like that your podcast is the same length every time, so run out the clock and save it for next time, it’s a good thing. Joanna I have a bit of a crush on you, good thing I live in Texas and am married or I’d be asking for your number!

  4. wyo Says:

    I think taking things personally and caring about something strongly are a thin line apart. Also, taking things personally is kind of normal … we’re stuck inside ourselves (so to speak) and in that sense, everything does revolve around each of us, for us. Taking a step back from our usual viewpoint is the only thing that makes not taking it personally possible.

    (After a glass of wine … no, just kidding.)

    I still can’t believe you also went to UCI, Eric … I spent one summer there. Great place! Who doesn’t love Peter the Anteater?

    Here’s some useless info for you: the difference between a meteor, meteorite, and meteroid. A meteoroid is a smallish chunk of rock in space, a meteor is what you see when it hits Earth’s atmosphere and shoots across the sky, and a meteorite is what it is if enough survives to hit the ground. Yes, I really am this boring in real life, too. 😉

    OH OH OH! I can’t believe you screwed it up! “Its five-year mission, to explore new life and new civilizations!” Dude, really. It’s STAR TREK!

    Love it … you guys cover so much ground and it’s a fun, free-ranging conversation. Always a good listen! Thanks.

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