Okay here’s what’s going on … My site CRASHED big time, and right now I’m picking up the pieces. I managed, before I took the site down, to save all the posts, but the comments are all gone. I’d love it if you like this site, if you could go back and repost, but I understand if you don’t … I too have no time. The podcast are still available on Itunes, but right now you’ll have to go to Itunes and search them out. Luckily the podcasts on this site were saved since they were uploaded to a third party site, BUT I haven’t had time to link the them up to this site.  I also have no links up, so as time rolls on I shall put up all the previous tags as well as a couple other sites I’ve been watching.  I’ve got tons to say, but to be honest, it sucks when your site is working so poorly that half the time you try to put anything up it loses the content.  It’s soooo discouraging.  So bare with me for a while, and in a little while this site will be up and running again. I love all the personal emails I’ve been getting asking about my health, and my drug status (lol), because I did mention my love of pain killers my last podcast, but the truth is I only had thirty, and they’re all gone now! I’m drug free, and could probably argue I was before as well.  I did slip and fall on the ice and hurt my leg and fractured my hand, which also had an affect on my posting (it sucks to type with a broken hand, trust me!)  The other good news is that now that the site has crashed, I uploaded a new homepage, and it is now able to be subscribed to … just hit the RSS button on the page, and it’s easily done.  I know you couldn’t do that before, and it was hard to fix being that I was in ongoing danger of the site crashing at all times.  Thanks for the support again, and keep reading I’ve got a couple stories I’m working on, and as always, my guts need somewhere to run and hide. … Eric

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  1. Jake Says:

    Glad you’re back bud, but take a look at the last bunch of posts, they’re all about you’re coming back, and they’re years old. You never really return. Lets hope this time it’s not a lark. I’ve gone on to reading other blogs. I’ll subscribe, so lets see how that turns out. later

  2. Administrator Says:

    You’re right, my friend, my last bunch of posts were about posting more! I suck and I’m sorry. I spoke at length with Joanna last night, and our podcasts will eventually become a weekly thing, and we’re working on a way for people to call in, so stay tuned, because I’d love to hear from you (although Renee is the slated first guest, of course!)

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